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overall team in this video I'm going to show you the brand new milling boss so let's start off with the screen itself and show you what things are on the home screen or the default screen in milling boss the first thing I'm seeing is a blue card and this is where the last subscription list that you created shows that'll be the first thing you see when you open up your new mailing boss dashboard you also see a way to add a subscriber list right on the screen and you see a way to add a new campaign right on the screen we've also got some new menus so let's take a look at the left hand side and we can see that we've got several items in this menu including looking at pricing plans that are available if you want to go over your 10,000 subscribers you can also look at your subscriber list your email campaigns the different templates that are available in the template gallery you can connect a domain and verify it in mailing box right here you can get your API keys you can work with automation and we've even got an integration key the next thing I want to show you is one of my favorite buttons and that is the mailing bus icon right here any time you're working in mailing boss if you want to go right back to the dashboard immediately all you do is click this button and it will reload and take you straight to the dashboard so you can start again at the very beginning in mailing boss we've got a brand new menu at the top of the screen with several different categories this one deals with subscriber list this one deals with email campaigns and email sequences and regular emails and you can even work with custom tags here this item deals with templates in the template gallery and this item deals with automation and segmentation and setting rules for your subscribers so you can segment them we also have your profile information right here and you can click this information to change any of your personal information and any of your default company information this icon will show you your account usage including you're sending quota the number of lists you have the number of campaigns you have and the number of subscribers you have and then the last icon here allows you to log completely out of mailing boss so let's take a look now at how to create your first subscriber list that's pretty easy we can actually do that right here where it says create subscriber list so I'm going to go ahead and type in a subscriber list name and I'm also going to type in a display name and a description once I've got those three fields filled in I'm going to click continue and now I'm going to enter the general data I've already put in the name the display name and the description and the next thing I need to decide is whether the opt-in is going to be single or double I'm gonna choose double and I'm going to also choose a double opt-out that means they have to do two actions to opt-in and two actions to opt-out I'm gonna click Next and here I'm going to decide on the fields that I want inside my subscriber list I want to collect their email and I want to collect their first name if I wanted to add more fields I could add them right here I'm gonna stick with the way it is right now and click Save Changes and now I'm taken into the first email to edit this is the SUBSCRIBE confirmation email I can configure the email the way I want it and then click Save and next and then I'm sent to the page where the subscriber is told they are pending subscribe and this is if there are a double opt-in so I can make any edits that I want to make and then click Save and next the next item is the email for unsubscribe confirmation I can make any edits that I want to make and then click Save and next and then the next email is the welcome email this is the first email that they'll get you can make any edits that you want and then go ahead and click Save and next and now I'm taken to my subscriber list dashboard right here it says that I'm in the current list of new MB list and from here I can see how many subscribers I have how many segments I have how many fields I have I can look at the stock pages and emails I can go to quick links to do quick actions for things that I need to do for my list I can also see the HTML forms I can import and export subscribers I can create a new campaign from the screen and I can create a new sequence from the screen I also have some analytics including subscriber growth campaign growth and delivery versus bounces and unsubscribers growth I have already added my first subscriber list now I can go in and add my first email sequence to add a new email sequence all I have to do is go to this area and choose create new sequence and I'm gonna go ahead and name it and click continue and I'm gonna make sure that the name is correct I'm gonna make sure that the list that it's attached to is correct and I don't have a segment to choose yet but if I did I could choose this segment here I'm gonna click save and edit and now I'm editing the emails that are associated with this email sequence so these each of these email campaigns that I have I need to edit in this sequence and I can choose to edit just this one or I can even add a few more so now I'm adding a couple of emails so that I have a three email sequence and now I can go into each one of these emails and edit them and determine exactly what day that these emails will go out to the subscribers once I've configured all of that then I need to make sure that I activate each email so I'm going to click activate and I'm gonna click activate again and activate again and now I've created all of my emails I've edited them it got the content in there that I want and I've activated them so they're ready for my subscribers so once I've done all that I just click done and now I have information about my email sequence including all of the emails that are there and I get some analytics that will start to fill in once I get subscribers on this list I'm gonna go back to the dashboard and I'm gonna choose to go into my subscriber list the new MB lists do that I just click the overview button and now from here I can do anything else with a list that I want to from this screen this is the subscriber list dashboard so as you can see mailing boss has made it really easy to go from subscriber list to email sequences to email campaigns and then of course you've got the automation here and you've got templates to pull into your emails if you want to make them professional to go back to the dashboard all I do is click the mailing boss icon and I'm right back to the very beginning so that's the new mailing boss brought to you by builder all you

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