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Hi guys Shashank here from Shashankguptanet, welcome to Email Marketing Software tutorial

What is Email Marketing Software? It is a smartest mailer on the earth Yes if you are planning to run a email marketing campaign you can use this software this is one of my favorite email marketing software Why? Because I can send emails by using gmail, yahoo, hotmail, outlook and Aol And another thing why I like this software because it uses webmail it does’nt use smtp servers to send mails so in this video later on I will show you how this particular tool will login into particular mail account and click on compose and it will compose and send an email on your behalf and also why I like this tool because you can create you sending templates to send emails What I mean is that if you have another email id which you want to send email apart from gmail, yahoo, hotmail, outlook and Aol you can create a program of which create an actor and run it into this software

Like if want to send emails using rediff mails I can create template and I can start using rediff mail to send emails and so now lets see what we will learn in this video In this video how to set task, how to set email accounts, how to create email templates, proxy and other settings, open accounts and other reports and add yourself sending template and implement the same You can see this is an interface of Email Marketing Software there you get couple of accounts task, account, template, settings , open account , add yourself sending template Will be creating a task but before that we need to add accounts so first in accounts we will give category name say yahoo as I will use yahoo emails in this so I can import by putting your email account and password here and added or if I have a list of email id and password I can import it using import function As I use yahoo emails in other programs also so I use to import them using proxies otherwise my accounts will get ban

Hence I have kept in a format of email password and proxies So that purpose you need to have your email id your password your proxy username and password this is a format in which you can import your yahoo email ids into this program So now we have added categories like yahoo and we will imports accounts into it I have an account in a txt file which I will import it so I will import accounts and yahoo as you can see my yahoo accounts proxy settings and password imported so this is how you will import your accounts, yahoo accounts for sending mails now we will move and create a template for creating a template first give a name to it I have given a name called doctors

Now here you can create txt template txt file or you can create html file I will create an html template I will click on html Now here you can add image to an emailer I have already written a email I going to send emails to all the doctors telling that I have introduce a patient management software can go to site called tinypiccom and choose a file I will upload this is an image and I will click on upload now Now it will ask me to fill a captcha so I have filled a captcha and now it is uploading the image so this is the html for the website so this is this the code which I need to copy and put it in my mailer so don’t just paste like this go on source code and paste it here so this how your image also get inserted and also your email

You can save this by clicking save template Yes we have forgotten to put subject so I will write the subject patient management software and I will save this now will check couple of settings and then we are ready to send this mail Now lets set the settings you can import proxies here by enable the proxy and import here and bind your proxies with your account and I have already bind my proxies with accounts so that’s why I am not adding and enabling proxy here and for other settings you can do captcha settings in case yahoo email ask for captcha the program will fill it I t will have the manual and death by captcha you can put that This is a folder where program will save cache file so you need to make sure that you will clear it time to time so it takes lot of space and when you are running this program you can come after sometime and check if it is taking place you can clear this This is a debug mode if you want to see the program how its is runninginto your yahoo account clicking on compose and then clicking on compose and filling up the data sending the mail click it if you do not want to see that you can unclick it

I want to see and I want to show you how this program works and I will click and this and run the task As we have our accounts and templates ready so I will create a task and I will click on this I will give a name patient management software, I will use yahoo email ids and the templates called doctors now I need a docs email ids to whom I need to send an email so I have load email ids and I have already scrape email ids so I will us e this email ids Using txt file doctor and open So as you can see you have 30 email ids imported on here I will click on next now in this setting you want send to using cc and bcc so you can choose how many emails you choose to send one login at one login you want to see how many emails so if u want to send it to two people you can make it two if you want to make it 5 you can make it 5 Right now I will keep it one

Wait time between two send you can keep the time as 5sec so at least one mail is send after 5 sec it will start sending another mail if you are not using proxies you can doing proxies you can do the fusing proxies you can live it to one send threads amount how many threads you want to run if you are using more proxies you can increase the number right now I will show the one proxy enable seed email so what this particular option means that you can put your email ids after this program completes sending 100 emails it will send you a email confirming that this program has already send 100 emails Loop to send until all emails are send and enable open mail statistics If you want to enable all this options you can to get more data I do not want to do that hence I will not click on this I will click on last option enable and finish it A task is ready and we will start this by clicking on run task sending all now window will pop up and you can see how this program will log in into your yahoo email account and will compose a mail and send it It has logged in yahoo email

I will click on compose we will put the subject and the data as you can see everything is stopped and now it is sending mail sent You can see your message in sent message So this why I like this software as I have logged in into sending the mail it is not using smtp So the success is more now it is going to send another mails using the different email id now you can see here you can see in the task log visiting yahoo website,log in successful and now it is using another email id in sending it I will minimize it so as you can see it

I personally use this software and I really liked it So I decided to create video tutorials to for this so that you all can use this wonderful tool It is putting up email id subject and matter and sending it Now it will,logged out into this account and it will login into another account so as you can see send successful send successful so far it has used two accounts and now it is successful now I will pause this video as it completes couple of emails and I will come back once it is done to show you the results Ok I am back and the program is still running I will show you a quick task log so far it has completed 16 activities in that all were successful send successful send successful now I have include one of my emails into this and I will just show you I have just receive an email or not so I will just logged in into an account and as you can see that this is an email id that we have use to send and the task log in the second email using this particular account and we have receive this email

So this is how we use this particular software for our email marketing needs and I will share the links from where you can purchase this and you can and you can also get a 20% discount on this and if you have issues running it you can contact me so now I will pause this videos and I will share all other details into this

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