Best WordPress Theme For Adsense – Admania From ThemeForest

Hi, I would like to thank you for watching this video So, you are looking for the best WordPress theme for your Adsense blog to make more money from the ads, right? Let me tell you the details of this ad-friendly WordPress theme which is recently introduced on the no

1 marketplace for website templates, ThemeForest! It's Admania WordPress theme! It is a trendy theme exclusively designed to fix the Adsense ads and Affiliate banners at the strategic points to improve the click through rate This Adsense ready template has 5 attractive layouts with which you could make a unique blog to stand out from the crowd and gently push your visitors to click the ads Now the question is, where can you place the advertisements with Admania? Well, It has more 10 ad location options for each layout! Let me show you the 1st layout of Admania That’s how the first layout looks like! Now, you might be the thinking the features of this Adsense ready theme! Yes, it has some amazing features and let me tell you one by one! The first one is “Front End Live Editor” You will be able to see the “Edit” option at the ad location

Just click on it and add or edit the ads in any formats You can add the ads in 3 different formats, HTML code, Google responsive ads and Image link ads The second one is “Easy setting options of Admania” Just go to your dashboard > Appearance > Admania theme options and Ad settings You can see the easy ad options, just go through them and customize your ads

Third feature is “Floating Ad & Sticky Ad” options Admania gives you the ability to either float your ads or keep it stick like this! Sticky ad will pop up like this at the bottom right corner obviously result in the higher click through rate The next quality of the theme is, you can remove ads on the specific pages or posts Let me show you how! Just go the “Ad Settings” on your dashboard, click on any Ad and simply remove it It's that simple! These are the main features of this ad-friendly WordPress theme It has other exciting features like fast loading theme, Schema integrated, 1-click auto update, mobile responsive, slider section to display your important blog posts and so on

If you need any assistance in setting up the theme, you can use the detailed documentation provided by the theme developer or you can get help from their support team I hope you like this review and would like to get the best WordPress theme for Adsense niche sites; that is Admania Click the link in the description to get more details of this WordPress theme Thanks for watching this video!

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