Best WordPress Plugins 2016 | Top 9 Must Have WordPress Plugins

hello there my name is Amar , and today I'm going to tell you the nine fundamental plugins that you should use install in your wordpress so as to get maximum flexibility to your WordPress website so talking about plugins what according to a plug-in is so if I may answer a plugin is anything that adds functionality to your work this website wordpress already is very lightweight and flexible but in order to get user specific things done in WordPress we add specific set of plugins for the same if i may go by the definition plugins out ways to extend and add functionality that already exists in wordpress so if i may share an update with you on jun 1st 2016 they were around party 44,873 plugins in wordpressorg directory so that is a hell lot of plugins to configure and go by so here comes my role I would break it down to set of nine wordpress plugins that are essential for your wordpress website so let's get started page builders what are these? page builders are actually the design tools that we use to build your static web pages on wordpress I'll prefer you to go with divi builder which is widely used nowadays and it's pretty easy to use as a drag-and-drop page builder plugin for WordPress website

it has like 46 modules which you can configure up just by dragging and dropping onto the canvas and its user-specific so users can create their own templates their own headers and it is quite simple to configure it and install it some alternatives you beaver builder, visual composer page builder by site origin you can find them in your search directory and so you can add it easily just by clicking install and configuring it for your website yeah easy to access and bigger so let's head back next is security! security plugins are way more important for your website and Page builders as if you created a wonderful wordpress website what is the use of it if you launched it in the morning and till evening its hacked yes it might happens and have happened with my 1of my clients in the morning they launch the website and competitors or maybe someone else I'm not to allegating someone they hacked the website and that was majorly due to lack of security the three and the best plugins that i know wordfence security plug-in others i may say ithemes security and all in one wordpress security and firewall i personally use all-in-one wordpress security and firewall plugin as it features me with pretty cool stuffs if i may say it offers me – whois lookup blacklisting database security and also provides a complete built a firewall protection for me it has a maybe admin firewall file permission it scans your file it have a lot of a log in log on feature that helps you protect from bruteforce attacks so if i may go further caching many websites we have seen online are slow to respond or maybe they have been like oh my god your website is so slow but design is so beautiful how can you boost it up without losing the design which we have created, caching is a method that is used by wordpress so as to speed up its load up time I would suggest you to use wp rocket it and something some other alternatives are at wp super cache, w3 total cache and wordfence security it has a prebuilt cache inside it so you may use it so SEO the main factor Some seo gurus come now and then and say I'll rank your website on page one so what actually seo does to you as it drags your website onto search results and from their organic traffic flows in but do you know whenever you want to do seo, there are two kinds of seo is an on page and offpage talking about onpage it is about link building making backlinks like link cycles and much more stuff but onpage seo is the prelim factor that determines what your page is about so i would suggest you to use all in one SEO package which i personally use but yoast is somewhat better than all in one SEO pack but it costs free plugin has some limitations which i may say limits your capability to SEO your website to advance level but all in one SEO pack has independence on how we can you actually SEO optimize your website Some others are the SEO framework, SEO Ultimate I may say whenever you encounter PDOS DDOS or any other record on your website many of your data is damaged so you need back up I may say so the best i will say i may say sorry for my words the best backup plugin i may say is back up buddy because it's is the only wordpress plugin that I've used which offers database backups as well as your photographs and XML file mapping back up onto your cloud storage and that is somewhat valuable as you don't have to individually go and set get back up on each day and every week you can set up Cron job and easy to get back ups for your wordpress website talking about next oh sorry the alternatives for backup buddy are updated draft back up wordpress WordPress back up to dropbox and Vaultpress i personally use backup buddy because afterwards it is best for me I can set a cron job and every time a backup is taking it sends me an email notification for the same so next ecommerce we all have used woocomerce or may have heard of it woocommerce is a powerful and extensible ecommerce plugin that helps you sell anything beautifully and in a very flow manner, By flow manner i may say that you can get professional look for your website and your products as well WooCommerce is free but its extensions cost a bit I've seen some on CodeCanyon and a few extensions are also there in wordpress directory Some alternatives I may say are easy Digital downloads Jigo shop and iThemes exchange forms whenever you want to collect information from your user or build your list online you have to pitch a form the best form plug-in which i may say and i personally use for my wordpress website and for my clients website too is gravity forms it is paid but it is way more valuable than the cost it has you can schedule your the forms you can set condition fields which are conditioned fields you can also set in some free plugins too but you don't have a drag and drop visual composer for your forms and moreover you cannot attach your post feeds I have not seeing attachment of post feeds to your gravity forms, i'm sorry on your online website forms and gravity forms features everything you need to know about user and shows it beautifully on the front end to your user some other alternatives i may say are ninja forms which are quite competitive and then contact form seven sliders and galleries Envira gallery is a responsive wordpress gallery plugin that features easy workflows and manage building ;help you manage building WordPress galleries easy so some alternatives i may say because we all know what galleries are and what they can do this Envira Gallery has a good feature that it helps you to show your latest post or the Photographs in a very easy and beautiful flowy manner as it has very beautiful and to your purpose transitions displayed in it like some alternatives is a is solilioquy and meteor slides Spam prevention is again an important topic as we all have requests from various websites that will like my web site visit my website and a lot of backlinks are poundered over on our website each day, so how to tackle that I would suggest to use Akismet which is free but requires api key from akismetcom and is easy to set up some alternatives to it as spam destroyer which is way more awesome and quite competitive to Akismet and next is WP Spam shield that is also quite commendable so some of these plugins are available in the marketplace but you have to download from the main website or some external sources like CodeCanyon or maybe some custom scripts or extensions to that plugins too So that was it and thanks for watching my video Hope you liked it please don't forget to subscribe and like

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