Best Method To Get Free SSL Certificate from cPanel For Unlimited Websites

Hey guys, my name is Chandra Kishore Bakshi and today I am doing a review of and I will also do the Installation of Let's Encrypt SSL What is this This is free open source SSL by Let's Encrypt and this is good and secure and they provide a free ssl certificate validity of 90 days but after then it can be renewal at free of cost only if your web hosting provider provides Let's Encrypt SSL in cPanel then it should be renewal You should keep in mind and ask your web hosting provider that they have a Lets Encrypt is Integrated in cPanel and if yes, then it is easy to install SSL certificate and if no, then it would take a time to do it manually which is time consuming work If you are moving or searching a new web hosting provider then you should ask the Let's Encrypt support In let's encrypt You can secure your website through HTTPS and HTTPS is good for Google SEO benefits

If I talk about the difference between Free vs Paid SSL Certificate They are same and provide same security but Let's Encrypt only providing a Domain Validation (DV) SSL certificate While, paid SSL you will get more than domain validation Organization Validation (OV) EV Extended Validation Paid has lots of features compare to free ssl certificates But free ssl certificate has their own benefits You don't have to pay anything But in Paid you have to purchase any SSL certificate Above $10 (Rs650) starting price Then You have to buy the SSL Dedicated IP which cost you around $2-3 (Rs130-200) per month and if you calculate this as a year price, it would cost you around $24-26 (Rs1600) then you have to buy SSL and then Install it and have to do other tasks to finalize the Installation of SSL to your website and this is also happen in Paid SSL certificate But in free SSL certificate I install this on my own WordPress blog because it is easy to Install on SSL on WordPress only you have to spend two minutes of time So let me show you the installation process on my next screen after this short intro

Hey guys, so now I will show you how to install Let's Encrypt SSL on WordPress blog It is easy to install First go to your web hosting cPanel account Then you will find the "Security" tab Under the Security, you will find the Let's Encrypt SSL Now click and open the Let's Encrypt SSL this feature is only present and enabled if your web hosting provider integrated the SSL option Then you can see here a list of domain shows here which you are using on your web hosting then it depends on which domain you want to install SSL certificate So, I have to install on exploregizmoin domain then click on "Issue" link You can see on next page it shows like this Where you would like to install SSL certificate I don't have a mailexploregizmo

in So, I will uncheck it I will install this on explore gizmo WWW and without WWW domain to secure both version of domain Then keep default http-01 then click on "Issue" button You have to wait for a few minutes and now SSL has been installed successfully Now you can close the window, we are done here Now open your wordpress website I have already logged-in and you can see this is my fresh blog nothing has installed so far except theme I am this website for my youtube channel Now, go to plugin -> Add new then search "SSL" then install this plugin named as "Really Simple SSL" Once install, click on Activate button to activate the plugin Now it is installed successfully It is showing, click on this blue button "Go ahead, activate SSL" button Soon it ask you to re-login the admin dashboard Now the SSL is activated You can see on URL now it is showing SSL is installed You can check while clicking on padlock icon They tie-up with the Comodo SSL Now you can use it

Let me show you my Homepage Now it is showing HTTPS in homepage 🙂 You seen, it is so easy to install free SSL certificate I suggest you to use on your website You can use on many websites and it is only valid till 90 days but your web hosting provider can renew it at free of cost So, that's it for this video If you like this video please don't forget to subscribe my channel and I will upload more useful videos in upcoming days So, have a nice DAY, BYE 🙂

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