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Do you want to make over $10,000 with your affiliate offer? Then watch this video! Welcome back to The Entrepreneur Shack, my name is Amanda, and if you're new here; hit SUBSCRIBE then the Bell icon for more great videos You're probably here right now because you're looking for the best landing pages for affiliate marketing

am I right? Well, in this video I'll be showing you some of the best traffic sources for affiliate marketing and what goes into making the best landing pages for affiliate marketing If you stay until the very end of this video, I'm gonna tell you how to get a FREE template to my top converting landing page So first, let's talk about traffic sources

One of my absolute favorite traffic sources is solo ads Solo ads, in a nutshell, is email adverts that are sent out to a massive email list I use Udimi for my solo ads I'll drop a link down below if you want to check it out The reason why I like to use solo ads is because I can find people who have a big -targeted- email list, and send my message/offer to those people, who I know are ALREADY interested in that type of thing

So for example, if you want to sell a health supplement, you can search for someone who has a massive health-related email list This way, you're spending towards your direct market and if you love solo ads drop a #SOLO in the comments below My other favorite traffic source has got to be Facebook Ads that connect to a messenger bot Just like solo ads, Facebook ads can be highly targeted it's a little bit more complicated, in my opinion, but the best feature I love about Facebook ads is the ability to connect directly with leads via facebook Messenger This allows you to immediately start the customer journey with an automated bot or process If you want to know more about Messenger bot marketing, I have an entire video playlist on them which I will link to right above And I'm always adding more videos to this list as I get more feedback from people

Give this video a thumbs up if you will try one of these traffic sources or thumbs down if you won't Next, I'm gonna show you what you need to make the best landing pages for affiliate marketing and how to build one in just a few minutes so here we are inside my Builderall platform and I've just gone under Builders >> Drag-and-Drop >> and I'm gonna go under New Site and I'm just gonna choose a template that's pre-built You can start with a blank page but in my opinion It's much faster and easier to just go and grab this one or internet marketing I'm gonna go for opt-in and I'm just gonna pick something really simple Something like this Because what you want to do is you want to be able to grab the person's email So actually let's grab this guy right here

Edit So as you can see Builderall has a ton of different templates that you can work off of and you can adjust them to your liking and to your message But basically the best affiliate landing page is one that matches your advertisement So the reason why I went through solo ads and Facebook messenger Advertising in the first place, is because I want you to be able to have targeted traffic So when they get here, they expect whatever you're trying to sell to them

So for example, let's say you were doing something with a business opportunity "Get my sweet biz opp below" and then "Just enter your email get started"

So now all you have to do is (I don't even need a logo, I can just delete that) I just need their email, right? So I will configure this and what I want is, I want to attach this to my Mailing software So what I'm going to do is I'm actually just gonna delete that really quick and I'm gonna add in an opt-in form (not a contact form) So I'm just gonna add in a really simple opt-in and I'm going to configure that Right-click >> configure >> and I'm going to choose the built-in >> MailingBoss Because in Builderall, they give you an email autoresponder so you can build email lists

You can get unlimited email subscribers And then you can simply just connect whatever a landing page to whatever email list you have So let's just pick this one, for this example

So there you go "Enter email get instant access" and now once they submit that I will go to my next page which is whatever my offer is So rather than sending them directly to a jvzoo or clickbank offer, for example, you want to capture their email first and then send them to that offer Otherwise, you're losing a massive opportunity to follow up with them And from there you would go and you would begin your email sequence

so send them up to 8 or 10 emails over the next few days and send them back to the offer So your advertising to people who are interested in the offer, capture their email address, and then sending them to the actual offer If they don't purchase, you have their email

Now you can follow up with them and keep sending them back to the offer until they buy It's really just that simple I'll leave a link to a free trial of Builder all in the description below This is an affiliate link (So thank you for using it) But also keep in mind that Builderall also has an app inside called script generator which helps you with all your sales copy And lastly, as promised, I've created a completely free template for you to use, copy or download the link is in the description below

Connect with my group of online entrepreneurs to network and learn more about digital marketing techniques by clicking on the Facebook group link in the description Now that you know what makes the best landing pages for affiliate marketing make sure you share this video with someone who needs to know this Give me a thumbs up if you liked this video

and I put out new videos every single week, so don't forget to hit the big red SUBSCRIBE button Thank you for watching I'll see you on the next video

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