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builderall what's going on guys in today's video I'm going to be showing you a few different free traffic methods that I use personally for my business these free traffic methods have been getting me leads and conversions now I will say that you'd probably do want to do the free traffic on top paid traffic but if you can't afford to do that this is a great way to get started now Before we jump right into this I just wanted to note that free traffic methods are great methods to get good traffic to your offers and you kind of like get organic traffic to some of your offers but paid traffic is definitely gonna be your number one best bet to really start to get things moving but if you're tight on money or you just want to try some free traffic methods as well because these methods definitely do work I have been using them myself and I've been getting good results seems every video on YouTube that I've put out I seem to get a lead or two for a couple of programs that I'm promoting so they definitely do work and more content you put out there the more evergreen traffic you're gonna get evergreen traffic is essentially just people that are organically seeing your content in your videos and are clicking through to your offers alright guys so number one free traffic source for me would definitely be YouTube now to make videos obviously you're gonna have to step a little bit out of your comfort zone my opinion just suck it up try try try again you're gonna suck at first when I first started doing videos I was horrible my first few videos were horrendous and I'd even like take like 20 different clips of the exact same thing trying to find like the best one because I'd always be messing up or I get interrupted just step on your comfort zone and really put yourself out there if you're really worried about being on camera you really don't have to be on camera there's a lot of people that will do slideshows so they'll kind of do a voiceover essentially for their videos those work too they're just not as personable people like personable experience so if I like to see you on camera those really in my opinion will cover best for you but if you are comfortable doing that then that's totally fine that's totally up to you and you don't have to but YouTube definitely number one traffic source for getting free traffic it's free to make a YouTube account you can even make multiple channels if you really wanted to um it's just a group platform like every time I make a new video I seem to get a few new subscribers and I seem to be getting a lead or two for a few different affiliate marketing offers that I have every time I release a new video and my channel is tiny like I have a very small Channel I'll show you here so as you can see I've got 12 subscribers um but I've got 37 views on this video 15 here 31 here 88 here I can even show you some analytics here so here you can see I've got 440 watch time minutes which is pretty good for a pretty small channel in my opinion I think that's pretty good I've gotten three comments sixteen people have shared my videos I've got eighteen videos and playlists playlists are pretty important on YouTube I've gotten eight subscribers since I've started 13 likes and shows you here what my most popular videos are so my Facebook guides videos my most popular that doesn't really surprise me too much a lot of people are trying to learn how to run Facebook ads so yeah and you can put affiliate links in your videos I don't think I actually did for the Facebook Ads one someone to give you guys free value as well and not always be like trying to make money off this stuff although obviously that's the ultimate plan but I also do really enjoy helping people and I like to offer free stuff so as you can see here in this video got a bit of text in here just kind of describing what the video is about and then here is an affiliate link of life and then here I've actually just linked to another YouTube video that it's relevant to this video here it's just another video in relation to build they're all obviously so you can link back to various videos of yours if they're related to the video that's the preferred method is only link back to other videos that are related to this video you can put affiliate links in your description and that's really all all there is to it on YouTube like there's kind of stuff to like rank your videos like for keywords and things like that so you want to kind of pay attention to that and it does take a little bit of work but I promise you it's totally worth it and this is probably one of the best free traffic methods you can like absolutely do anyways we'll get on to the next one next one here is Cora now this one can be used for multiple things I mainly use flora for my YouTube channel I'm helping answer questions on Cora and then I'm just driving traffic back to my YouTube channel so as you can see here I've just got three questions that have been asked and Cora thinks that I might be able to answer them just because I posted similar answers in the past for like Facebook and Instagram so they kind of give you some recommendations or you can just go up here and search for questions that have been asked so when I rent when I did my Facebook Ads video I went to Bora and I just searched Facebook ads and I went into some of these threads here and I wrote a brief description about how I think Facebook Ads work and gave some reasons RUP why and then I posted a link back to my youtube videos saying if you're looking into starting some Facebook ads and you're a complete beginner check out my video I post it on YouTube and that was that's it like that's all there is to it so I just kind of starting this myself but I've done it about three or four times and I've done it on some videos and I didn't do it on others and the ones that I promote here on flora I seem to get a lot more traffic on there and I don't know if that's directly related I'm not sure if I can get that information but it does seem to help and I've heard other people say that they're getting a lot of traffic from flora and actually if you see here it says Dean you've crossed 500 views on your answers today so over 500 people have seen my answers completely organic traffic so that tells me like if I've had five hundred people see my answers I would imagine 10% of those people or so would click through and watch my videos so again just another pretty amazing free traffic method and you can do this multiply so if your videos are relevant and you know websites that your videos would be helpful on you could go in there and pulse in the comments give some free value and say hey check out my video I went over this on YouTube or whatever you can even like do this for like a blog as well if you have relevant content on your blog post links going back to your blog where you may have some affiliate links so that's another free method and then Instagram is another great method so this is just by Instagram account bare-bones Instagram account nothing special um this is all I've done to grow my Instagram account just posting quotes like this follow me on Instagram link will be down below what I do to grow my Instagram account I go to other affiliate marketers that I know are in the business and I just follow a bunch of their followers and what a lot of people will do they'll just follow you back so when they follow you back a lot of the time they'll actually check out your profile and what's this guy is all about so if you have a nice description in there like this I think you've got a link that goes back to one of your affiliate offers or a funnel or landing page whatever you've got post your best link here now what I've done personally I've made what I call a linked list and the linked list this has multiple links like this you can have your traffic click through on your single link on Instagram you've only allowed one link on Instagram and then you can send them to a page like this where they can see multiple offers that you have now I was thinking about this a few days ago this might be a little bit overwhelming for people and might narrow this down to about two or three links and still kind of figuring that I will see where I go with that but anyways that's just another free traffic method with Instagram too you want to try and be fairly consistent with it I've read on a few different websites to talk about growing your Instagram channel if you can post a post every day you seem to start doubling your followers so it's really good to grow your Instagram traffic because again anyone coming to your profile you're going to see your link and if you've got a good profile description people are going to be interested and they're gonna click on your length and they're gonna have to figure out what you're all about and what you have to offer them so again third great traffic method and then Facebook like I don't even need to show you Facebook Facebook's just amazing Facebook's of beast Facebook would probably be my second favorite free traffic source there's a lot you can do on Facebook you can follow a lot of people on Facebook or a friend a lot of people on Facebook and a lot of those people will accept your friend request and then they'll also come back check out your profile I've had a few people join my facebook group that way speaking of a private Facebook group that's another great traffic method starting group and inviting people into your group and just showing people a lot of free value getting a lot of followers following you and speaking of my group link will be down below follow that group I'm gonna be dropping a lot of values a lot of free information in there I'm driving traffic paid methods running affiliate offers where to find affiliate offers so don't forget to that grew to great Groot a lot of like-minded entrepreneurs in there anyways yeah Facebook another really good traffic method Twitter is okay I don't waste a lot of time on Twitter I will share my youtube videos on Twitter and I have that in a bit of traffic from Twitter doing that but other than that I don't use I don't post on Twitter I don't tweet to retweet or any stuff like that and I'll spend a lot of time on there there's not really a lot of users on Twitter now here's a great chart that shows you the amount of active users on the different social media platforms you can see here on Facebook they're almost at 22 billion users using Facebook I know December 2017 they did state they hit 2

2 billion active users so I'm not sure how recent this is it says January 2018 but I can't see the number going down I could only see it going up so I'm not sure exactly how accurate this information but this will give you a pretty good rough idea and then on YouTube you've got 15 billion active users on YouTube Facebook Messenger 13 billion so that's why a messaging bots have become pretty popular lately that's another great free traffic method actually is Facebook messaging BOTS so definitely check those out they can be pretty powerful tool to use then you got Instagram 800 million users which is pretty good it's not bad and that's why I recommend doing a few different platforms don't just stick to one you can obviously but your efforts are going to be rewarded a lot better if you kind of do a few different platforms and you just kind of keep them in an ecosystem like you can link them from Facebook to Instagram from Instagram does YouTube and also Instagram to your Facebook account you can just kind of keep them cycling through social media and the more presence you have more omnipresent more people are going to see you and become familiar with you and start to trust you which is really important core is not on here but I did a little bit of digging here and as of June of last year on the 2000 of 2017 they said they have over 200 million monthly unique visitors so that's all out of traffic 200 million unique visitors a month coming in to kora which is pretty amazing and as you can see just this post alone has been viewed 24 million times and it's been uploaded 27,000 times 27 thousand people have uploaded this now you're only able to up vote one time like as you can see when I upload that I'm only able to hit that button once so this has been uploaded 27,000 unique times so that just kind of shows you the power of correlate kora is a really big platform and its really an untapped source of traffic and I'm just really getting into it now but I'm already starting to see results of when I'm sharing my YouTube videos on this platform compared to videos I'm not sharing out here the ones I do share I see them they got a lot more views so definitely guys use these free traffic sources if you have any questions leave them in the comments below hope you enjoyed this video don't forget to hit that like button and hit that notification you

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