Best Backup Plugins For WordPress After 10 Years Of Making & Supporting Websites

In this video want to take a look at the best solutions to the most important thing that I want you to make sure you have implemented on your website and that is to have a reliable backup solution but I might talk about some of the things to rip that you want to consider when choosing a backup solution to talk about some of these backup solutions as well best thing is none of these were actually the cost anything they do have some premium features if you wanted but you don't need them really talk about that in this video hi my name is Adam from WPCraftercom were I make WordPress tutorial videos for non-techies if you know your consider clicking on the subscribe button if you don't want to miss a thing click on the little bell off to the right I'm happy to have you in this video because this is something I'm very passionate about is making sure you have a reliable backup because there are so many problems that you may face with your WordPress website that if you just had a backup and not just had a backup if you had a backup that you knew how to restore then so many these problems you just wouldn't even have to deal with perfect example last month there was someone in my Facebook group that was having a problem with the website work that hacked into because there were some out of date plug-ins and it would've been so much easier to get them back in business if he had a reliable update and so that's what I want to talk about in this video now if you go to WordPress the WordPress directory and do a search for the word backup there are quite a few solutions and I've used most of them so in this video I want to talk about the things to look for in a backup plug-in so first of all number one you want to backup plug-in that you can automatically schedule backups to happen every so often so this would be maybe make a backup every every once a week or every day or something along those line sets criteria number one of a good backup solution number two thing that you want to look at is does it back up off site so what this means is most of your web hosting companies they don't want you storing backups on the hosting account and if you don't have a backup solution that allows you to say once that backup happens push it off the dropbox or something like that they could get a little bit upset and plus if something was to happen to your web hosting account you wouldn't want your backups there anyway because then you wouldn't have access to it so you really want a backup solution that's gonna push those backups to something like dropbox or something along those lines number three the things that you want to consider is you also want to backup solution that will automatically delete old backups so if you don't have this feature and the backup plug-in just keeps making backups a year later you forgotten about it and next thing you know it's taking up gigabytes and gigabytes of storage space and it becomes a real big problem some web hosting companies will actually take you off their service if you do that now the last thing that I think you really want to consider with choosing a backup solution is how easy is it really to restore a backup and this is one of those features that I noticed there there some discrepancy some of the solutions are very hard to actually do the restore it's not so simple so those are the criteria that I have for choosing a backup solution after having used WordPress for many years tried many of the solutions I've learned what you want to be looking for and I want to talk about some of the solutions that do meet these Christ this criteria and let's just jump in so if you work on the WordPress directory and you search for backup or if you're in WordPress you go to plug-ins add new and do search for backup first the first result is updrafts no updrafts I'm just get a cut to the chase is I think the very best well-rounded backup solution for WordPress there's a free version and there's a paid version the free version get you everything that you need it meets all of the criteria that I've spelled out in fact I'll put a link in the video description box to a video that I created last year on how to install and configure updrafts based upon everything I just said pushing the backups up to dropbox and to make sure that backups get automatically deleted after certain period of time it meets all of that criteria now here is updrafts right here it's fantastic definitely if you don't have a backup solution consider jumping into updrafts is what I'm using actually on all of my websites now there's another solution that I want to make you aware of and it's it's different it's called WP time capsule and what they're doing is they're really backing everything up on your website but what's neat is it allows you to do a rollback so if you wanted to roll back a day or rollback before you did this update or some kind of a period of time in the last 30 days this has this automatic rollback feature another nice thing about WP time capsule is that when he goes to make a backup it doesn't back everything up all over again zip it and then now you're taking up double the space and it just becomes this a very large repository of backups what this does is it just backs up what's changed what's changed in your database you created a new post whatever is changed as far as a plug-in or theme getting updated all it does is back up what is changed I really think that qualifies it as the smartest backup solution that will have the least amount of impact on your web hosting account so typically when a backup process is going it's going to eat up a lot of resources but that's not really the case here with WP time capsule because it's just looking for changes and it's just backing up those changes that have occurred I've been using this as well since it came out last year I think it was in March so I've been using it almost 12 months now I have the paid version of this which gives me some additional features which is it has a feature I can automatically with one click of a mouse create an entire staging environment to test updates and then I can delete it or push it back to the live site in full disclosure I did run into some problems with that last year and I worked with the developer and he apologized and it helped to make his plug-in better but the developer this is a really great guy he's got a ton of experience and is got several companies that serve WordPress and one of them is infinite WP which is an all-in-one management solution for WordPress oh these deeper technical things he really knows not the reason I'm actually talking about this is because the paid version of this are to be releasing a feature hopefully in a few months and I'm excited about it and what it's going to do is it's going to take snapshots of before and after updates on your website so this is a problem that I have been running into a lot lately where there's an update available for a plug-in and then I Emma good WordPress user I update the plug-in and I'm not looking at every page on my website and then later on I'll find out that that plug and I update dated now something looks different on the front end of my website because maybe it's poorly coded or there is a problem that the developer didn't realize when they pushed out the update and I'm the one stuck with a website that looks like a little funky so there you be rolling out a feature that I'm sold as soon as it comes out it's gonna take a snapshot before a snapshot after if it notices that something significant visually has changed it won't it all rollback that update notify me which I think is going to be huge I'll deftly be talking about demonstrating that features soon as it is released but this is one of the things that I'm pretty excited about now that won't be in the free version because this can be very server resource intensive however if you have a website that receives a decent enough traffic and you want to make sure all your bases are covered at all times that sampling to be something you want to look into another plug-in that is got a very large user base but I don't like it is duplicator and the reason I don't okay so this is going to be more powerful in some regards than updrafts right because you also have a migration feature in this and this is something you don't get out of the free version of updrafts but the problem is if you want to restore a backup or you want to do a migration you have to manually log into your server into upload files in FTP and all that it just becomes a little on the tedious side and that's why I don't like duplicator I'm sure it works fabulous but because that one issue I think it's more trouble to restore and that's what I talked about early in the criteria is how easy is it to restore your backup and as far as that goes duplicator is not so easy and this is also one of the problems I have with one of the most well-known paid backup solutions called back a buddy is when you actually want to restore a backup buddy backup you have to upload files to the server via FTP most people don't even know what FTP is have an FTP program or another FTP login it's just foreign language and that's why I think that solutions like duplicator or ones that you should definitely avoid lastly actually just noticed this I want to try this out its backup and restore dropbox this looks easy it looks interesting if you can do free migrations although for migrations I use all-in-one migration anyway so anyways I'm to put a link in the video description box on number one on how to the video for updrafts on a put a link to the video for the VP time capsule and some these other ones I'm going to have dedicated videos reviewing and walking through the features on the but I think those are definitely the top two that you should be using the other ones that I've used and they have never let me down as far as the backup function of them goes so I want to hear what you are using for backup or even if you have a backup but I want to strongly encourage you to make sure you have a backup but in the video Scripture box to me would backup solution you are using and why so hey thanks for watching this video and I'll see you in the next one

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