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Like other companies, the Bilconecom affiliate system has been introduced

If you have an affiliate account at Bilcone, you will get many benefits After you activate the account, they will give you an Affiliate Link That link you shared on Facebook, Twitter, on your website By clicking on that link, buying domain and other products from them, you will get 60 paisa from each So let's see how it works Please search by entering Bilcone

com on your browser Click Client Area> Register at the top Now, when the form comes, register your exact information there At the top you can see affiliate writing Click there

Click Activate Affiliate Account Check out the account has become active This is your affiliate link This link has to be shared If you buy a product by clicking on the link then you will get the money

Do not get it either You will get 10 rupees after registration Here's the code that is given in your footer or header This is my real ID I was buying 23 products by clicking on Affiliate Link, so I got 1500+ money in 2 days

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