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hey Aaron Chen here how you doing welcome to this video if you're watching this right now then you're doing some research on what are the best affiliate marketing programs for beginners out there okay so you're looking for an affiliate program you're probably just getting started and and you want to know which is the easiest one for you to get affiliate marketing training started with so that you can start generating some some good income for yourself okay well my name is Erin Chen I've been online for the last nine years I'm an online entrepreneur first eight of those nine years I failed miserably I've tried lots of different online business models whether you know whether it's a fillip marketing network marketing online top-tier sales ecommerce you know selling physical goods I've you know I've tried a lot of lot of different business models and I can tell you that affiliate marketing is still one of the best ok so if you're out there you're brand new you're looking for something where you can get started easily and quickly then I'm gonna tell you exactly how you can do that over the next few minutes okay first thing that you need to understand though is there's not much difference between you know a complicated or an easy affiliate program they're all the same ok so whether it's advanced or basic there's no such thing really the reality is that affiliate marketing is one of the best things that you can do to get started especially if you're trying to build an income online but the problem is is it's it's all pretty complicated right there's no such thing as an easy affiliate program affiliate marketing in general is pretty complicated if you don't know what you're doing ok so I'm gonna share some tips with you that will make it very very easy for you to get started and for you to understand what it really takes in order for you to generate a positive ROI write a positive return on investment in your affiliate marketing business that's the most important thing ok first of all what you need to do is you need to pick an affiliate program that is not a physical good but a digital marketing program ok that means that you you're super you're reselling somebody else's program which is a digital product that means it gets consumed online why do you want to do that because you don't want to have to deal with drop shipping and physical goods and storing stuff in your garage the best affiliate marketing programs for beginners basically ok there are lots of very big websites like Clickbank calm and jvzoo that you can checkout huge market places you can go on there you can research different niche markets you know in in health wealth and love for example these are the top three niche areas that I would focus on you can pick a product and then you can start selling it straight away affiliate marketing training online so that's all this easy stuff out of the way the difficult stuff all right is that you need to understand how to market the affiliate program properly because if you don't market the program properly then you're gonna look like every single internet marketer out there and they're hundreds of thousands maybe millions of internet marketers out there right there are also selling very similar affiliate programs okay and because everyone is selling very similar programs the competition is actually very very high and if you don't do anything different and you look like everybody else on internet marketing land then your conversions are gonna suffer what do I mean by conversions that means that if you're trying to sell an affiliate program to a specific group of people so let's just say you're driving traffic from Facebook or YouTube or Google your conversions are gonna suffer so if you can get half a percent conversion or one percent conversion that's considered pretty good in this industry okay but actually if you do the math one percent conversions on your sales is what's going to make you broke right and that's why I was struggling so badly for the first eight years of being online is because I didn't know what I was doing I was basically promoting the filip program like everybody else was which is basically just sending traffic straight to the affiliate program okay I wasn't capturing leads I wasn't adding any value I wasn't doing anything different I looked like everybody else which is why my conversion suffered which is why I spent way too much money on my business and which is why I almost went broke and I had to go back into the corporate world and get a job again alright I don't want you to do that because well I want you to have success okay so please please please don't do that the main thing that you need to do is you need to get very very good at promoting your affiliate program by adding lots of value to your potential prospects okay so the number one thing first of all is you need to capture emails okay so you need to build what's called a landing page in front of your affiliate offer to capture emails that's the first thing and then you need to use an autoresponder like get response or Aweber these are some of the basic ones that you can use okay to capture emails so that you can follow up with your potential prospects on a regular basis because people aren't gonna buy when they first see the program okay you have to build the relationship with them and reassure them the program over and over and over again before they feel comfortable enough to part with the credit card information okay that's kind of how it works right so now you've got the credit card information but that's not enough okay you can't just collect that give that email address and then show them the affiliate offer straight away it doesn't really work like that okay what you need to do is you need to the best affiliate marketing programs for beginners have one more thing in between your capture page and the affiliate product and that thing I call the value series now what is the value series all the value series is is it's a it's a bunch of websites that you own and usually I would have lots of video on it and you have video that basically gives tips and tricks on how your potential prospect can solve that exact problem that this that they're trying to solve okay and by giving them value on how to solve that problem at the end of each valve at the end of each of those videos all you have to say is I hope you enjoyed you know the value and and the free training and and you know and the free information that I'm giving you today on how to solve your problem if you want to learn more about how you can really solve this problem and go in-depth all you have to do is click on the link right below and I'll give you access to the product that I bought that gave me this information and taught me how to do this and then if people you know get enough value from you they'll click on that link and it leads them directly to that affiliate offer and that affiliate offer is you know it might cost $50 or might cost $100 a might cost $500 right if they're really interested they will buy it and affiliate marketing training then you make a commission and that is how you maximize conversions in affiliate marketing boom okay so I I hope you're getting some crazy aha moments right now because that's literally how you do it right nobody's teaching this stuff online okay no one is teaching this online I don't know why it's probably because a lot of people don't really know how to do it right but now you know how to do it okay so that's the trick it's to add lots of value it's to create your own branded websites and wrap it around your Phillip offer and then drive lots of traffic to your to your value series okay don't drive traffic directly to the affiliate offer don't do that right you got to cut that step you have to have your own capture page which leads to your own value series which promotes the affiliate offer that's how you do it okay let me know the questions that you have in the question box I hope you enjoyed that information let me know what you think of this video okay subscribe to my channel right if you want to get more videos like this and if you want to find out definitive that I'm marketing because I've done a ton of research and I only want to market the best affiliate offer out there okay this affiliate offer is cool too because it maximizes profits it maximizes your profit and it also maximizes the the you know the long-term customer value of you know your of your of your clients and your customers that are coming into your sales funnel alright if you want to check that out if you want to see how I set up my my systems and you want to see where I get my traffic and all that good stuff go ahead and click on the link right below this video it's in the description box that's how you can spend a bit more time with me all right and I hope to see you very very soon in the next video I hope you I wish you all the best in your business and definitely try filling marketing out because it is one of the best business models online hands-down speak to you soon take care

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