AWE18 The four big challenges for Affiliate Marketing

So my name's Dominic Balizewski I'm head of new Ventures at Decision Tech So I'd Say the first big trend is GDPR It's something which is on everybody's radar as it has been for a little while now, but is here we are in GDPR land and I guess the biggest challenges are still a lot of unknowns There I was speaking to other affiliates and businesses monetizing using all sorts of channels I guess everyone was kind of aware of what work, was aware of what the regulations would be when they came into force but in terms of how they implemented it, they were waiting to see what everybody else did, and we're still in this kind of, we're still in a bit of a no-man's land because what will inevitably happen is there'll be a first big fine and that will be the line in the sand of this implementation is wrong and suddenly ever more have their yardstick to which to compare which to compare to wish to compare themselves and it will it will begin to crystallize how people should behave around GDPR but there's a lot of uncertainty at the moment and there's also a lot of stuff which was acceptable it was ways of making money which you just can't do anymore so email especially in the UK has it was going and dying for sort of a number of years but that's very much a channel which is I don't even know where the where that's being used really from a mass market perspective yes absolutely still use from direct but gone are the days of shotgun mail shots for example and the same is true in terms of collecting user data so it's selling data on to other people used to be quite easy to do that not so much now so we're still even though we are in GDPR land we're still in a little bit of a world of slight unknowns until we see a first few fines I think

I think another big trend at the moment is influences so I'm chairing a panel at Affiliate Summit East next week actually about influences because it's my view is it's kind of the the newest old trend in in the affiliate industry because what is it what is an influencer there's an argument that a blogger or even a comparison site or a review site or anyone who is changing someone's or influencing someone's opinion of something is an influencer yet we as an industry are suddenly obsessed primarily by people with heavy sort of social media clout and so I think we're still getting our and as an industry what is an influencer how should we as affiliate or we as merchants engage with them and crucially how should we track and remunerate them so that's a really interesting trend at the moment I think A third trend if I kind of go for the hat trick is I think we're seeing a big entrance of what we would call media publishers so new sites or review sites increasingly aware of the opportunities within the affiliate space because these guys are used to monetizing their sites using display inventory and with a combination and selling data and the combination of GDPR our programmatic and that nexus of those two it's becoming increasingly difficult to make the same amount of money from those channels so these guys have large traffic volumes and aren't doing very much in affiliates or haven't been until very recently we now we work with several of those guys and they've gone from it being something on the radar to we're going to do this now and the speed at which those guys are growing is, is very impressive very impressive Another big trend I think is open banking and fin tech so we are seeing a really big change in how people can access their financial data, it used to be you'd go to your bank and your bank would tell you how much money you've got and your bank would show your transactions and that's how it worked We are now in a world where anyone can access their data using any service they want and so there are loads of account they're called account aggregation services but basically apps where you can bring all of your accounts into one place and those apps will analyze your spending on your money for you which is really useful for consumers but what it means is those apps can then start understanding how you like to spend and serving new useful insights as to how you can save money and a big part of that I think is going to be your which insurance is due for renewal or your spending this amount of money on travel or on your holidays here is an offer which is specifically relevant to you which will be great for consumers but those deals will be monetized through affiliate links and we are right on the cusp of this but I think over the next five years the way that people engage with financial services and the way that they engage with other sort of marketing, shopping and utility purchases for example will all merge and suddenly we'll become used to our bank or a financial service app or a FinTech app, there's loads of them out there, being the place we are looking for our financial data and then telling us or giving us recommendations as to where we should we should be shopping which is genuinely useful for us and so we'll respond to that and then buy and that means our relationship with with that financial service is changing we're no longer just paying them for financial products they're also becoming a curator of deals and offers for us which used to be an entirely separate sort of industry so I think it's a really interesting one to watch

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