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it's the Friday QA I think we're live now sorry for the delay I was I just shot a video I just rendered a video for like a new teardown actually here's a little sneak peek I'm gonna publish it tomorrow so normally it's Tuesday tear downs but you all love these teardown so much that I was like hey I'm gonna publish an extra one tomorrow because I also learned that you don't like my vlog stuff as much so that is totally understandable but I'm reacting to you know the real life you know things that are going on this is the the general Q&A so when you have those general questions that often come up that's what today is about so just let me know what questions you have in the chat hopefully I'll have my kind moderators in there I haven't seen the pop in there yet but they're usually they usually show up we have David awesome good to see you David my friend Santiago we have Michael we have alway normal and Thomas very cool to have you all on I have I've I've placed a couple additional links I want to point out a couple things as we're getting started here so number one if you are not on my email list you should probably sign it up so if you're on the live stream and you haven't happened to you know sign up for the email list yet that is where you get all my templates and good stuff so if you had an itch site project com just the main page click on the green button enter your name and email address you'll get like all the templates that I use now a couple other links that I put in here so there's keyword research there's the keyword golden ratio and there's the link building and se yeah so those are very like useful playlists I'm working on updating like with more and more playlists and stuff but those are sort of like core ones to get started on additionally there's a couple of affiliate links that I've placed in here so how been doing much of this lately but people ask me about tools often and I wanted to point out some specific things so number one there's some rush very useful tool for keyword research there's a AWP that is a great plugin for adding affiliate links to your site and they have the ability to pull images from Amazon using the API pull prices using the API and all that stuff it's sort of like the cutting edge of you know the plugins at this point additionally three services I'll mention two from human proof designs there's content service so they'll write content for you they also do keyword research they also do keyword golden ratio research so if you had trouble finding such keywords they'll look up the keywords for you so if you click that link it should take you to the section there and last content content refine does content services so that I'm affiliates for those so I get a commission if you you know purchase through my link but I do appreciate it if you do all right let's see we do have fur hand on thank you and Wesley says you do enjoy the vlogs okay there will be some more vlog stuff coming out I actually have a few but I do realize maybe you get more out of it if I'm talking about affiliate stuff so anyway I'm rendering a video pretty cool teardown pretty awesome side I'm gonna publish it tomorrow I'm gonna publish it tomorrow so keep a lookout for that any questions out there currently there were there were there were a lot of questions on the Wednesday session which were unrelated but I lost the chat I wasn't able to grab the questions and you know what I don't have the questions from Wednesday so if you have those questions you can get into it but I will mention a couple things so um friend of mine Marcel you may have seen him on some of these sessions he he was kind he sent me like an Amazon gift card I really appreciate that Marcel one of our kind moderators in fact and I was like you know what I want I actually want to do more vlog stuff so I got this yiii 4k um like camera and here's like the selfie stick I haven't busted it out I literally just got it in the last couple days but I'm hoping to sort of like upgrade what I'm able to like take video of so I'm hoping I'll have some more like cool kind of stuff also like traveling I live near Yellowstone I have a trip planned coming up pretty soon to visit some friends in Colorado in the Denver area and I'm like you know it's a little hard to like fumble around with a big camera with a dog in the car and driving around and all that stuff so I'm like you know this is a viable solution so anyway thanks Marcel appreciate it that's really cool all right david says you like you like some of the other videos that are about book reviews and productivity's and other stuff Peters on also an online internet marketing Jain kid loves the tear downs and okay cool yeah so another additional teardown coming out tomorrow and I do have some cool content coming out today on master my meetings I have received several questions because I'm in an I'm in a mastermind I'm in a couple and I talked to my friend Rob who were in a mastermind group together so we talked about forming a group and we also talked about like running a meeting right so if you are interested in getting into that that there's two videos where we come out later today like I'm going to publish them later today so okay a couple questions here Wesley says when it comes to link building I mainly talk about guest posting do I ever focus on other tactics such as skyscraper not specifically but here's what I do Wesley instead I'll do a skyscraper with an infographic on it and then I'll do guest posting on it so if you just do a regular skyscraper like campaign it's probably not going to work okay it's prepped like most of the time it's saturated in fact I get emails probably every day slightly I don't I don't know what to do about it I'm not sure what to do about it other than like filter out emails where people are trying to get me another you know hey I wrote a post and it looks great I saw you linked out to this other post do you want to take a look at it the answer's no I probably am going to delete your message I just don't have time to to do that so the answer is I don't necessarily do this skyscraper but I'll stack different techniques on each other and then you end up with some kind of unique you know something a lot more powerful Jane Kay says hey Doug I'm three months into your first site you published 32 articles you're averaging about 320 page views a day so far how is my progress that is awesome I think you're doing great that's really good and can I talk about the typical audience benchmarks yes so actually what I'm gonna be real brief because there's a whole video on this and it it's sort of like the timeline to hit certain milestones of money now it depends on your traffic and the keywords you're ranking for and stuff like that J and K but I mean I would expect with 320 page views a day you're probably making you know a few hundred dollars a month which is very good for a three month old site so have a look at that typically what I see is about a hundred to make your first hundred dollars in one month is around six months that's kind of across the board and then within nine to twelve months usually the growth is more than double so in nine months it totally varies but you could be making up to you know five hundred or like fifteen hundred or something like that and then in a year you could be at you know 500 or 5,000 right it can really depending on you know how much time you put into the content how much time you did a link building and the quality of your keywords and the quality of the content those are you know big factors Carl what's up good to have you on Davis's tell us a bit about hangar texts in regard to link building let's say I just started a campaign in your targeting dog training what am I going to use is anchor text in the guest post okay so anchor text is for people that don't know that is the hyperlink that is in like wherever it's posted so that those are hyperlinks usually blue and underlined or some other color underlined right and if you're targeting dog training you're probably going to want to use you know dog training a couple times but typically what I go for is like partial match within a longer phrase so I would use like dog training within a sentence and then you know two two words will be dog training that you're targeting and then the actual anchor text will be like six or eight or ten words long so it's a partial match of that whole anchor text there's another portion of the links you know 25 to 50 percent that you would probably want to have like generic so it would like say this article or click here or you know the brand of your site something like that but for me I'm usually on the more conservative side I typically will do like long phrases that are partial match Thomas says how much should I look at da when doing keyword research you've found some great keywords according to my course but some of them have a DA of forty to fifty although very poor content okay Thomas are your in five figure niche Knight is that correct let me know Thomas by strum and and if you are you should you know email me on the support email address for the course so I can give you proper support this is just you know I just want to make sure I take care of you properly and you get the right information okay but much should I look at the DEA you should kind of look at it so you know from the competition analysis worksheet that you're mainly looking at the page authority not the DEA so just keep that in mind and as far as the quality of the content I mean that's you know that's important to look at but that's typically not like what's ranking the those sites it's usually backlinks so you know the DEA is kind of important but the PA in general is more important it does depend also Thomas on your like the keywords that you're looking at if they're keyword golden ratio or if they are you know the mid-range terms alright so Thomas if you have follow-ups just let me know via email all right Michael says you notice that I talk a lot more about commercial content as opposed to informative ones what you'd like to know is how you come up with informational content to help visitors solve their problems and how you go about researching topics to write about that they're interested ok Michael good question so for informational topics there's a couple really good sources so number one if there are any forums out there on the topic go look at the forums they usually have many boards on the forum and you can find sort of the beginner sections and frequently asked questions you could find certain stickies on in the forums you can go to like the dummies guide or the Complete Idiot's Guide to the various topic and then you can look at the information in fact you can just look at the table of contents and see what they cover and get different ideas if you actually can you know look at one of those books or see certain sections in I know the dummies guide actually to have a website you can get decent information via blog post so you could actually just get ideas about no contact so those are two ideas so far and I'll give you two more one or sorry three I guess number three would be go to youtube and do searches on the topic you'll probably find some interesting information on the topic and there's tons of how-to information the third is SEMRush so if you go to SEMRush there's a link my affiliate link in the description if you go to SEMRush you can go to one of the big websites one of the big like authority websites in the niche see what they're ranking for and their keyword like the organic section there and then filter by how to so only look at the keywords where the how-to is in the keyword and then that'll give you tons of informational topics and then as far as researching that you know the places I told you those are where you get the answers and additionally as far as like organizing that content let's say you don't want to write it I can tell you you should probably check out the there's a two videos on the channel ones the RPM the research paper method and then the other is the FAQ method so if you look at those two that's that will help you research and come up with ideas Santiago what's how much can I pay a Content Manager for each article not four hours this is totally up to you I would highly recommend doing it by the hour because each article right may have a different length different amount of editing to do a different you know amount of work so for me I would rather pay someone by the hour because it's more fair to them and I want to I'm not trying to take advantage or pay anyone the cheapest that I can I'm trying to get the best value right so look at it that way look at everything that way right you want to get the best value sometimes that means making a bigger investment but you'll get a bigger ROI on the other side if I try to pay the cheapest amount for content I mean I could but you know it wouldn't make me happy cuz it's kind of a pain in the ass to get the cheapest content you can get so but if I just had to throw out an answer Santiago I'd say 10 15 bucks per article but again I highly recommend paying by the hour so that it will be you know fair because what could happen is you don't want your you don't want your your VA is to be like resentful of the work that you're having them do Thomas says for blog commenting do I use a homepage link or do I attempt to link to a specific page on my site I do a little of both but Thomas there's a key strategy tip here and that is using a like an idea with comment love so again on my channel I have a video on this on my channel search for blog commenting and there's this awesome short five minute video that will show you how to get a link to your homepage and to a specific page on your site alright so it's using an idea with comment love and it's awesome and works really well so search for it Thomas you should be able to find it thanks to my moderators we have Duke in her hand I think was on here as well I just want to be sure I give a shout out a quick reminder I know a few people hopped on a little bit later so number one if you're here and you're not on my email list that is something you should do so you should go to niche site project com click on the green button type in your name and email address and you'll get like a link to a bunch of templates and stuff alright next what do we have Peter says OTE I'm not sure okay Yellowstone awesome have our into Tesla cars awesome for nature driving you know what I mean I don't follow you exactly but yeah I can imagine it it's nice I guess or nice and quiet Oh Wayne says if I get a guest post how long before I noticed the effectiveness of that post on my site it's almost impossible to answer sometimes it will be within a couple weeks and sometimes it's up to a couple months a lot of times what happens is you just need to you know set a goal get 10 guest post and then like move on and then some months later the rankings will probably go up so it's really hard to tell Duke says you have a weird question do I have any experience with gaining a super high editorial backlink in its effectiveness on the site um generally no I have gotten a couple like you know links I don't know if I would call it super high but I have gotten links from you know bigger sites and it's really hard to tell again the impact of the link may not you know pan out for a little while so yeah I'm not sure and the background Duke says you just received a da 94 backlink no outreach or payment it's a true editorial link wow that is amazing that's really cool yeah I don't know you let me know what happened so I don't think I've gotten one quite that high I think it was like in the DIA 80 range or so all right JK says when you hire articles like in my video when I publish to in articles what's the minimum word count usually I tell them to aim for it varied right for that particular set of content I said you know make the minimum like 800 or so unless it's something that you can't find much information about so here's the thing I would rather and I told him this I said I'd rather it be shorter but you know a good article versus fluff I'd rather you know cut out the if it's if it only needs to be 600 words that's fine and by giving them that flexibility and I also said hey if you're interested in the topic and you can't find anything like it's alright if it's shorter and if you're interested in some other topics you find a ton of information and make it 1200 words make it 1500 I gave them flexibility one of the average to be about a thousand words I'm a big believer in giving people autonomy so I have a an assistant right now she helps me with a lot of this YouTube stuff that I'm working on and some other projects as well and I want to give her more and more autonomy and you know people are smart if you let them be smart but if you try and micromanage usually you end up with you know poorer results I imagine a lot of people will challenge what I'm saying but I've also hired like I've interviewed over a hundred people like in-person for my old corporate job and on-boarded and you know helped manage you know dozens of others so I'm confident in what I'm saying but I do recommend that you experiment with your own style but I am not like the greatest manager but I have good solid experience so I definitely lean on that Alright trying to see if there's any other things that I missed right there and keep the questions coming we got some good ones coming through here quick note be sure to check out some of the playlists below so I am trying to get more playlists out there so I hope I'm sharing good ones with you Owen last I'm gonna I'm gonna answer a question and then I have something I want to tell you about real quick pride yoosh Oh what's up red you should good good to see you can I share my very first experience of getting a do follow backlink from a big site like a da 50 plus how much time did it take to affect your rankings in to what extent okay and that's an interesting question you know kind of hand-in-hand with Duke here's the thing I don't remember and also usually these things like these things are not in isolation right so when I've gotten like really impressive backlinks I got a bunch of other links too so I have no clue which link did what and that is part of the you know issue with like working on SEO usually we're doing a series of like activities and you were doing stuff right we're doing a lot of different stuff so it's really hard to tell like what the source of and like it's just hard to tell what does what unless we're like methodically testing things and most of the time we don't have time or the effort or even the ability right it's really hard to run an experiment like in the wild so I don't know the answer to those questions and I don't think yeah I don't think I have like a good answer for it so sorry probably I wish I could answer more specifically better all wayne says met diggity did a test of all the sites that receive Google penalties in 22 percent of those sites were just using guest post and editorial links so it's confusing okay interesting all Wayne Hemel says how many search volume needed mother keyword for opening a niche site okay so I think what Hemel is probably asking is what's the search volume for the main keyword of like a starting niche site there it's a wide range and it sounds like perhaps you're following a different model than what I I do so I'll answer in the context of the question that you're answering even though it's not what I do alright so keep that in mind handle I would say like 2,500 to 10,000 search volume but I don't do things that way it sounds like you may be trying to follow some other model so if you're doing that probably the higher end for that mother keyword that you're talking about I'm on the other end of the spectrum I find it a little easier to get started so Wesley says Wesley tells me you could have a unique landing page to link in your YouTube descriptions for your email lists to track conversions thanks Wesley so I did that for a little while and you know what I'm learning so much on different areas of everything so yeah that would be the ideal scenario but what I can tell you Wesley is I know that the conversions that I get I do track the conversions and I do know where they're coming from so one of the reasons why I've spent so much time on YouTube is because the conversion rate to the email list was something like 5 X so yeah I could do this stuff you're talking about but I already have the data that Early's close enough right so thank you for the suggestion though Ryan says hey Doug you were watching the via video you were watching videos and you saw it was live it's your first time on that's really cool welcome good to have you on right you have a question if you were to choose a site to start with a passion site with a fair bit of competition or one with lower competition but no passion what would you do I would probably go for the passion even though I mean I'm a I'm a big fan of meets 80 and he you know points out you know you don't necessarily need to go into something you're passionate about and that sort of thing but I can tell you that there will be periods where you know things get hard you'll get a little bored and it's kind of nice if you have a little bit of a passion so the key parts are you know you mentioned a fair amount of competition but how much is a fair amount of competition I mean it sounds like maybe you're just getting started Ryan and if you're if the fair amount of competition is actually really hard competition well that may be an issue so my hunch is Ryan if you may be able to find like some less competitive areas and something that you do you have some passion about so all right the pause here for a moment and pose question so I've I've published a lot of YouTube videos actually in the last year I've published like just a crazy amount in the last month I've published about two videos a day several people were asking about you know how did I do it like what are my productivity secrets and I actually have like a pilot productivity course I ran through about 15 students some of which I think may be on the chat and watching this now but is anyone interested in getting involved in the beta version so it's like the second iteration of the this productivity course and I'm actually gonna be adding like this sprint of work of you know my YouTube work as part of the case study in there so just curious like in the chat just let me know hey if you're interested or let me know say hey I'm interested in such a productivity course I can tell you that you know it'll be under a hundred dollars it's a it's a good course I you know like I said I've I've been through the material already with one set of students and I've I have some tweaks based on the feedback from them as well so I'm it'll be yes Lance is asking how much will it be so the course will be under $100 I haven't 100% ironed out the price yet but yeah okay as I'm scrolling dinya let me know about the productivity stuff if you're interested I may roll it out in a in a quick fashion by the way so next gen K says is there a content goal at which you call a website done or move on to another or do I just keep writing more and more and more content for the successful websites not reaiiy don't think I have like a specific content goal I don't think a site has ever really done it's always like a living sort of entity or asset is but you can still move on to another when a site is in maintenance mode and it's just personal preference like whatever you want to do david says what service or software do I use for outreach can I expand on the answer for why I prefer that so the one that I would recommend you check out is ninja outreach my friend actually founded that back in the day we weren't a mastermind meeting that's for my meeting a mastermind group actually so ninja outreach is pretty good they've done really well as far as updating it and stuff and they started it from scratch now I don't use any software like that because you know number one if you were more personal and you're actually like crafting these emails and blasting them out you'll probably get a better ROI you'll probably get better responses what I'm finding is the software is getting more sophisticated people are using mail merge apps I use some mail merge stuff a couple years ago quite quite useful to use a mail merge app but what I'm seeing now is like you know I probably get one to two emails a day for people or from people that are using outreach software and it's really bad like the way they're doing it is really bad so I recommend don't use software like figure out how to do this stuff by hand and then you'll be able to get links that other people can't all right Adrian is asking what am I going to start your podcast have I ever thought about it yeah I've thought about it a lot I was interested in starting one but you know what instead I decided I was gonna publish more stuff on YouTube instead of going to the podcast now the thing is I was thinking of you know using content from YouTube and like pulling it down taking the audio and then publishing that as a podcast but I decided just to pause and just keep going with YouTube because this it's good I'm enjoying it so far um alright kvt says what's another source of traffic other than Google the that can get you sales you need to make some money to pay your hosting okay you're not gonna like the answer here so number one you're not gonna like the answer I can tell you that already so if you need to make money to pay your hosting you should go do a service like somewhere locally go you know work on someone's house go cut their grass go wash some cars whatever you need to do to make the money to pay the hosting right if you're looking for another source of traffic than Google I could I mean on any social Channel right pick a social network and you can get traffic from there as far as sales I don't know ma'am like those channels are not specifically targeted for sales all right and I know like manoa you've mentioned a couple you've mentioned a couple things in the last few videos maybe I can't remember but I know you made a couple sales and you're doing better but you need to you know just be patient and if you need money to pay the hosting totally can understand that but if you're trying to make money fast you're in the wrong line of business nothing's fast nothing's easy Matthew says how do I track pages that are giving you the most action from Amazon do you need a tracking ID for each page alright Matt it's a little tough to track that so I don't know I don't track it that way I don't track it that way but the thing is like it becomes a huge pain in the butt if you're trying to create a new tracking ID for each page and the there may still be but there used to be a limit on the number of tracking IDs so you're gonna run out as far as like other ways to track it I mean but you can get a relative idea if you just know how like which pages are getting the most traffic okay and Matt also is saying asking what opt-in and email list provider do I use and recommend okay so I'm using optinmonster primarily and I use Aweber I have an account at get response as well it was for another project but I'm actually consolidating it over to a weber so a weber their their service is great they've been very slow to implement like marketing automation tools and tagging and begin begin to get more like sophisticated it's taken them a while but they're actually you know they have all the functionality that I need at this point and if I move it over like I have a list of about 10,000 people and that 10,000 is about like the cusp of where the pricing changes so instead of like 60 or 70 bucks it's like 150 so I'm gonna move it over to Aweber just because I know how to use it their tools are good enough and I'm already deeply embedded as far as like the opt-ins and stuff you know optinmonster has been good with me but there are many other options out there that's just the one that I happen to be using currently nick says at a certain point you notice traffic and keywords beginning to increase exponentially you haven't added content it's moving up quicker yes I have seen that so Nick did you just hit the six-month period are you at the point where you got out of the sandbox I think that could be yet that's kind of what happens all right and Ron says do you use Adsense no I don't I don't and that is why let's talk about it I do have on my list too to create a video on like had cents versus Amazon affiliate for monetization but I haven't I mean I've never had a successful ads insight because I just haven't spent time on it and I have low interest in getting into it okay Ryan is saying you would love to find out more people would be interested to find out more about the productivity course all right cool cool david says you have a lifetime membership to ninja outreach but you're not using it yet you're striving to maintain focus do I recommend any certain software for automating a fresh site when you say automating a fresh site David what do you mean like what to automate what D cards on Barry is on as well Thomas says is choosing a unique niche is as important as choosing a unique niche as important as the keywords for instance if you choose a very competitive broad niche like skincare would I think there's still great kgr keywords undiscovered I don't know you know the thing is you don't want to be too unique because no one's searching for it and you know I don't know there's just not no one searching for it but as far as like great undiscovered kgr keywords I think they're out there I think even in broad niches like new products are being developed so new keywords are coming out where people are searching for specific products and that sort of thing but I really don't know time it's a it's an interesting question but I'm not really sure Michael says can I use H refs to filter the organic section for the information articles yes you can and do I recommend doing keyword research for search volume or just go ahead and write on the topics that I find it is up to you you know if you look at the search volume here's what I would do right look at the search volume if you could find kg are terms that are informational hey why not publish some stuff where you can get some traffic and rank for it and stuff but I've also published articles where I know it's a useful topic so I'll just publish that one is on good to have you what's up Barry says how do you do how do I go about guest posting from start to finish there's a long long answer Barry that is unit six in my course how do I build relationships with bloggers how do I approach that all right I'll tell you but I'm gonna say quickly and I won't be able to go into all the details so you find a list of blogs right so I recommend finding something that's like related to your niche but not direct competition then you comment on their blogs like two or three times and then you send them an email and you make friends with them and then you ask them if you could guest post on their site that's it it's like four steps that's all you have to do do it over and over again all right david says thanks for speaking honestly and truthfully ice you're welcome and david also says optinmonster seems well respected yeah that seems pretty good and they they have solid functionality and what do i mean by out in the sandbox that's is like a six-month period where you're in you know your rankings aren't moving as much okay nick says yes you're at the six-month period that's it yeah exactly so if you're at the six-month period then things crazy stuff happens and that's the thing if you stick with it then you'll be in good shape but if you quit if you quit after two months you should check back in as six months because stuff happens in the six month part david also says that john crostini avoids adsense for monetization i know it works well for some people and I just didn't get into it but Matthew says you notice one key word the rank number one has it three hundred twenty searches a month but now for five months you're getting seventy hits per day that's two thousand per month the kgr works and here's the thing yeah a lot of people will ask I'll just you know break off for a second a lot of people assume that three hundred and twenty is how many searches per month it's a little over ten per day right so they're like how can you even make money for only getting ten per day but here Matt is saying you got seventy hits per day and it's been going on month after month and I have a sim I have similar stuff what's happening is longtail keywords on the page which are not accounted for in the 320 right that's only one term that gets the 320 but there's other words on the page so anyway it works Pratyush says is it a good idea to invest on a niche site on a scale as big as a wire cutter like actually buying products getting and getting photos and consulting experts and all that so I mean it's kind of it's a hard question to answer if you because here's why the wire cutter and other sites like it are super successful so is it a good idea to invest yes yeah it's obviously a good idea but probably yes you know most people will run out of steam or they don't have the revenue to invest or they don't have the capital to invest upfront and we don't have the skills to run like a big site like that but is it a good idea I mean if it can be a good idea if you're able to implement it properly I don't know anyone I know very few people that have approached a site like that typically they're still in a niche area so all right David is asking about automating posts and creating relevant content in a way to integrate automation especially if zapier can be integrated I don't think so if you're talking about creating content in an automated fashion I don't think there's a way to do it Rahmi hey what's up good to have you on how important is the domain age for Amazon affiliate sites so I think it's important to make it through the sandbox period so I would say moderate to high importance I'm not sure exactly how the answer but you know once you get past the sandbox period you're in good shape now you may be thinking hey I'm gonna buy a an expired domain I'll skip the sandbox it may or may not work if you can get an established domain that could be a good thing but it's not a slam-dunk quick note so we have like 40 plus people on here just want to ask you to please hit the like button would really appreciate it if I answered your question please hit the like button and it'll help other people find the video thank you alright david says have I found any certain software or system for networks of private blogs you're seriously interested in the course currently focused on creating revenue to pay me nice okay so no I don't know I don't do private blog networks but you know I would recommend there's a nice service with by a friend of mine Kevin Graham and it is I think gosh I can't remember it's uh it helps you deal with the hosting one of the biggest footprints so if you go to my private blog network post from way back in the day he does have a couple links there there are affiliate links but if you check them out that's probably the best thing as far as a system but other than that I'm not really sure I'm not into private blog networks anymore Pratt yoosh says the kgr works you've seen some articles ranked in the top five within a week for keywords for decent volumes rashon says what's best for affiliate sites Facebook ads or Google Ads I don't use either so I can't comment on that specifically I can't tell you that if you're not like a ninja of paid ads then you may struggle making money with like affiliate ads right so if you're doing this for an Amazon affiliate site you may struggle and I could you know just being moderately educated I could tell you that it probably depends on what you're advertising whether Facebook or Google is more effective so obviously you have some pretty strong targeting in both air but you know some people are not gonna search on Facebook for certain topics and people are gonna search on Google for certain topics instead all right next and I see its feet so I'll just say feet how can you expand a current article that's already ranking to add more text and add more content and do it the right way without messing up rankings I'll point you towards two videos one is called the FAQ method and the other one is the RPM method check out both of them you may use one or both of the like ideas and concepts and methods but essentially you'll want to edit some of the material to improve it and generally you'll want to add more content don't delete very much content only delete it if you're editing it alright so that is how you would do it Charles says any concern about the change in how people search the internet like invoice affecting niche sites no not currently so I imagine there will be changes to come in right changes as always change is always a thing but I don't think in the near term it's gonna be a major issue I know you know garyvee it's like voice voice voice but it's so young I mean most people don't buy stuff online right now all right so when we think about that there's still like a huge market out there so I think we're okay for a little while and potentially it's something that you know we need to be aware of but right now I don't I'm not doing anything different and the kgr is the keyword golden ratio there's actually if you don't know what the keyword golden ratio is well you're in for a treat so check out the in the description there's a link to a playlist for the keyword golden ratio I think yes there is so definitely check that out and Peter says this is awesome so Peter says from my experience buying an expired domain does not work Google knows yeah and that's the thing people there are many people who ask hey if I get an expired domain won't that help and the problem is you what what Peter is saying right so Google knows like that's nothing has been on that site for a long time so it's sort of like a reset I'm not sure like what the the trigger point is but essentially it's kind of like a new site so the best way to do it is to get an auction site that has never been dropped or buy an existing site that's the way around it and at that point you're spending hundreds or thousands or like tens of thousands of dollars to buy an existing site basically if you have to ask there there are some questions where like if you have to ask if buying an expired domain will work you shouldn't do it because you don't have the prerequisite knowledge yet and it's an advanced technique that requires you know skill and a big monetary investment so I know that some people have done well buying these auctions domains so that they're able to like basically you know make make their new site create their new site on an on a domain that's never been dropped that's the key thing one what's up he's asking have I heard about niche sites in this in Spanish succeeding with the US Hispanic population no not specifically however have a good network in that area but I would imagine it could work well I mean if you have that skill one of you know being able to speak multiple languages is awesome take advantage of it for sure Wallace says I struggle with writing a new article you need a layout or something you can use on everyone that's probably your biggest hurdle Wallace I have I wish I had this video already I literally shot it the other day and it's basically you know I got this question fairly frequently people just ask how do I write an article how do I do it what can I do so I shot a video on Wednesday it's not out yet it'll be out probably a couple of weeks however Wallace what I can tell you is if you search for the perfect Amazon review it'll give you a nice modular format and there's actually a long training that I put together it's a workshop so if you search for the perfect Amazon review on my channel you'll find you know something to guide you through the process and it should it may not answer all your questions Wallace but it should get you started additionally check out the other two videos I mentioned before the FAQ method that that is a great one to use Wallace especially if you know judging from your question you know if you could use that to get started it's a great way just to like get some content out there and then the other one it's rpm so a little more time-consuming but it'll get you started as well quick note if you haven't hit the like button yet and you like my my jacket or if you don't like my jacket both count hit the like button would really appreciate it and quick note I have a few affiliate links in the description so if you can use any of those tools or anything I get a small commission really appreciate it if you use this or if you just check out the tools a lot of them have like free trials and stuff so check it out SEMRush is awesome people don't know how cool it is until they can get into it Barry said your homepage is ranking for a headphone review you did rather than the post itself have I ever seen this could this be an example of keyword cannibalization yeah I have seen it and that is an example nick says once you stop taking shortcuts things started working crazy how that works me too it takes patience just get a new domain name and something unique to your brand cool yeah and I mean you know if you have the budget I mean I'm actually here's a little story so actually yeah this is a pretty good story and everyone's just watching and listening to me talk so I may as well just talk about myself it's what this whole channel is about so here's the deal on Wednesday I got so much stuff done and I was thinking you know people have been asking me about like port it my productivity and all that and I like read you know got me thinking you know all right I will go through my day and Wednesday crazy productive day I've started preparing like Tuesday night so I knew what I was doing I'm shooting a bunch of video right so I got my lights set up it's gonna turn the computer around I got my light set up and stuff it's over here there's a big I got my light kit out set up my camera I had my scripts ready to go I was ready I shot like eight videos on Wednesday I also woke up no alarm or anything like 4:30 in the morning I just happened to wake up and I was like I'm ready to go I'm just gonna get up start paying and coffee which I did got a lot of videos done went on multiple walks but my dog Georgie and I like videoed on my camera and I sort of like walked through like what was going on and when I was planning on talking about like my productivity it was a highly productive day in fact I took a break later and went to the gym and ran a few miles like really productive day and I was that Thursday the reason why I'm gonna tie it together with an expired domain in the existing domain so the thing is on Thursday it was kind of a train wreck like I spent so much time on like technical issues and some days are just a wash and it was frustrating for most of the day I was very busy for most this day and I was trying to you know update DNS settings I was migrating a site right so migrating a site I have to update the DNS settings and it takes multiple hours for that to happen up to 72 hours and then I'm trying to do a change of address request with the Google search console and a number of just different thing things there it was kind of just a pain in the butt and you'll have like really productive days and then you'll have days that are not productive at all the point is you know go back to mixing patience yeah just have to be patient so next Mohammed says my products are 300 to 500 dollars and the conversion rate is 2% is that considered low well depends on your products specifically so you'd have to talk to someone in your niche but I would say at that price point I don't have a ton of experience but I think that is probably about average I don't have many data points but at that price range people don't just buy those people have to think about it they're like I need to discuss this with my friend or my spouse or whoever so a lot of times you you're gonna get a lower conversion rate for more expensive items Sharon what's up good to have you on I think that's right right guitar guide Sharon Ryan says you would like to hit like twice but you're not letting YouTube's not letting you okay that's fair enough I appreciate the what you can do instead Ryan that's awesome by the way but if you really like the video and you really want to help me out you can go to other videos on the channel specifically there's a you know a couple of the recent ones if you just leave a comment and say like hey Dow you're really cool and you do this often that helps me out these comments help apparently I'm told insurance says you think you should do I should do a video on using YouTube to get subscribers cool that's a good idea is that that's a thought and a question okay yeah I've I'm probably going to put together some sort of information in that sort of format because I could just share about a year ago I only had about 500 subscribers or so on YouTube and I had been talking about doing some videos for multiple years and if you look back at the early videos which this will be part of the tear down of like when it when I explain what I've done my videos were really bad it was kind of shy to get in front of the camera and like present the information so much pressure on myself and I would mess up and it was slow and dumb and I felt bad about all the videos and everything and then about a year ago I started publishing a lot and the videos didn't get that much better I'll tell ya honestly they weren't that much better but some of them were longer and it doesn't mean they're better it just means they're longer and I started doing more and more and more and more of them and it's pretty crazy even just in the last month when I've published so many videos I learned a lot more about pulling things together and again I'll give a little plug for my productivity course I think enough people have said yeah I'm sort of interested I think I may push that baby out again and get some more people in there because I have this awesome case study I mean when I've done areas right so here's the cool thing with the productivity course' I'm not telling you how to do midsize stuff and I'm gonna telling you how to do YouTube stuff but I've done like large amounts of work in different areas right completely unrelated areas I've done this in a corporate setting where I'm like I said I helped hire a bunch of people I helped automate certain processes and keep you know things organized and then have also published like 200 articles on a niche site and got like a really positive ROI I've managed big projects as well like the project at white hat and then I was like hey I want to publish a lot of YouTube videos instead of starting a podcast and I put a system together and it's been fine I haven't actually had to do additional like work or anything it's just like a shift of where some of my priorities are so anyway thanks for saying that Sharon I think you know I think it's an interesting idea so do let me know if you're watching the replay or you're you know in the chat if you're interested in productivity tips from me let me know because that's this kind of one of my things that I'm into Roshan says how can you improve the ink conversion rate it's only 2% with a hundred and ten affiliate link clicks in a month okay so from a broad perspective here there's – I'm gonna tell you a couple of things so you want to improve the conversion rate all right so I answer that question you need to get cheaper items on your site all right so you need to get cheaper items on your site and then people will buy more of them or you need to get better traffic so people that actually want to buy something but the flaw and what you're talking about Roshan is your data is too small you only have a hundred and ten clicks of the affiliate length and the current month or almost through the month here is February 23rd and you just don't have enough data so you're asking about the conversion rate the two answers I'll give you answer your your question straight you need to either get better traffic or you need to have cheaper items but what do you really need to do you need to get more traffic on your site Duke says to bury ducks right but take into consideration the page is age if it's a new article you see it happen a lot until Google decides where to rank the page yes Duke that's exactly right I just answered the question yes and no I didn't really give any details here but yeah and you there there are things you can do to take care of that berry and yeah I usually wait like two to four months I try some things to let Google know what we're trying to do and where we're trying to rank certain things and berry gives a couple other details there Anthony is saying should I use the same Amazon affiliate account for multiple niche sites so it depends if you I would recommend Anthony that you just used the same one you create a new tracking ID for your other sites be sure to add your other site into your list of websites in your Amazon Associates account all you have to do is you know type in the URL and then it's in there save it and then it's in there if you are building a portfolio of sites and you want to silo things out you can create you know an LLC or a corporation or a company whenever your state recognizes is the entity you know you can do that but if you're gonna create new Amazon affiliate Amazon associate accounts you will have to put in other AI NS or other tax ID numbers comes down to taxes so you can silo stuff off but you'll have to start a company and you have to file taxes for the company and all that kind of stuff I have a feeling because you're asking this question that's not really what you want to do you just want to have another site so just create another tracking ID that's what I do david says have I used any indexing services no I'd never have I don't think it's necessary do I recommend using CloudFlare for optimizing for smart phones and mobile devices you know what I don't do that so I would say no I don't think so yellow says Doug is Amazon really the best option as an affiliate or are there are there other kind of CPA offers actually better is Amazon more for beginners Amazon is great for beginners but it can get very advanced and you can make a lot of money using the Amazon associate program however if you are merely looking on a CPA in like you're like CPA by the way is a it is what does it cost per action is that what it is CPA something like that anyway it's basically like if you are trying to get people to sign up for like a diet information like program or something and then they fill out a form and then you sell that information to the the company like that's the cost per action I guess and then as far as like other affiliate offers and stuff like that there's tons of them out there like I have you know I mentioned the big email lists that I have and you know I send out offers for other affiliate programs because it works for the niche now the thing is the conversion rate is gonna be really you know probably a lot lower for other like affiliate offers even if the Commission rates like 20 or 18 or you know even 10% like you're gonna end up with like a lower conversion rate so you may not actually make more so the answer is the test the answer is the test and I really like Amazon so I stick with it alright Michael says how do I come up with good content topics for infographics that your audience will love to share and get links so I haven't done much of this you're aware of buzzsumo and do I have any other tips to share my thought is let me take a look at the chat and make sure everything's cool by the way you know these moderators are great it scares the the trolls we haven't had trolls since we have our fine moderators like Duke and Arun but Marcel sometimes so okay infographic I don't know I haven't done much infographic stuff but I would say you know number one I would look at them here's how I would do it go study the research paper method rpm study that I would take that and then look at other information that's out there so I would figure out how to take that information and place it into an infographic at that point I mean that's a pretty good piece of content it's unique and interesting and all that stuff you know people talk about using buzzsumo but I don't know I just never I'm not a big social share in general and then I just never I never found the tool useful I tried to do the techniques that everyone talks about but I never like kept at it I'm sure if yeah if I kept at it like it works but I just kind of lost steam with it so the answer is I don't really know I don't I don't know but I think if you look at other stuff that was you know shared on bigger i'ts that'll probably give you a good idea then the other part is if you can get that like write a good headline then that's probably the right way to go if you can do really awesome headlines in titles for your infographic you know if people may not even look at this stuff so okay and Paul and oh is it Paul that took the productivity course by the way because I've been talking about the productivity course and Paul if that's you you can hopefully you liked it hopefully you liked it but I have been talking about it yeah Kurt says does the keyboard golden ratio work on existing sites with low traffic have I done any testing that involved reviving a failing site no not specifically but I had a site that liked the site that I usually talk about it wasn't doing great so it wasn't necessarily like actively failing and anything like that but I mean if you look at some of the stuff that I've worked on it it's it's on a site with like low traffic and it became a highly traffic site so yeah it works Kurt yeah Michael says you're interested in productivity tips and project management for the blog please share the ideas okay and by the way the product the project management isn't specifically around blog so that is the thing I don't want well you know what I'll listen to what people what what people want but again like I mentioned before Michael it's sort of like I know that the concepts that I teach in the sort of project management ideas it can work for a niche site and like publishing like blog stuff or it can work for YouTube or if you have a company and you have people working for you what works for that – I'm more interested in teaching it a higher level of like the principles of how to do this stuff versus like me trying to teach people how to specifically scale a niche site because that's in my course that's already in the course and I want to teach something more broad because personally it's a little more interesting for me David is mentioning forget a podcast unless it's on YouTube you heard YouTube playlist silos are effective plus indexing those into WordPress I don't know about indexing into WordPress I'm not sure anything yeah I don't know but in the the cool part with the playlist is those are considered like another you know specific like piece of content so alright berries I'll see you later berry rashon says thanks a lot you'll check out my tips by the way your site's less than two months old so as a few people mentioned I think like Nick and I don't know if Matthew said it specifically today but yes the patience just be patient Roshan Anthony says if one gets penalized then do all of them go down then okay this is referring to the Amazon Associate thing yes so typically in the terminology just a little tweak there Anthony usually Amazon doesn't call it penalized but your account can can be like disabled and then yeah if one goes down then they all go down but here's the thing I wouldn't worry about that specific if you're just starting out don't worry about like trying to set up companies like it's just it's wait until you start making money and then worry about it here's the thing I didn't start my company until last year because I was focusing on you know doing the work that I'd paid more in taxes yeah a little bit a little bit more but didn't have to worry about like incorporating and doing a bunch of their stuff so banana says ever been in the Technische no what are my thoughts on it I'm not interested in it there's a lot of competition but you're going for and you're wondering if it's a waste of time or not well it's up to you the flaw with the tech niche in my opinion the reason why I don't like it when it's competitive like you said the other part is you end up having to do a lot of updates because new models of tech items come out all the time David is out of here see you later and Sharon says is the only way to get traffic is time it's time the only way to get traffic plus keywords can you rephrase that I'm not really sure what you're asking I mean B if I'm reading into it I mean the other thing you could do is get backlinks that's really good too in fact one of the videos I shot a bunch of videos on Wednesday but one of the other videos was indeed why we should get backlinks now my friends over income school they have a whole video that says I think I put I put away my notes already but it says backlinks for a waste of time okay I have to disagree in fact a Google engineer and this is in the video so I you know if people are sticking around here and watch this then small spoiler alert a Google engineer said the the two number one ranking factors right there's like over 200 we don't know what all over the bar but the number one and number two our content and backlinks all right a Google quality search engineer said that so links matter and Google even told us is one of the top two so to say backlinks are useless I know I know Rick and Jim know that you know backlinks are helpful but to say that they're a waste of time is a good headline you know it's a good headline and I respect that so anyway Sharon I think you know time is good but backlinks are better and we have it's interesting how the the ebbs and flows of people happen on the live streams we have about 50 right now and we've answered a lot of questions any other questions out there we're pushing an hour and 20 minutes here david says from what I understood you're doing a content spread on YouTube this month what do I have been playing for this year with the channel how often will I post such all right so I'm not 100% sure I think I'm probably gonna continue posting basically on a daily basis through March and then for the rest of the year I'm not sure one thing I'm going to branch out into is maybe some more like collaboration type things and I have I have some idea I've seen some people do some interesting things where they have taken you know an idea from a different area like blogging and then they do it on YouTube so it's a you know guest posting is great on blogs so what we talk about a lot right and then on YouTube it's a collaboration and it's less saturated I mean there are fewer YouTube folks to connect with but you end up like potentially like really spreading your reach and I feel like David right now after doing the content sprint I have you know alright a publish like 60 videos let's say 20 of them are decent well you know what let's say less than that 20 of them are pretty decent and maybe 10 of them are good that's enough where I can like go to other you know if I collaborate with some other channels and they check out my more recent stuff they're like oh you know what this is pretty good rather than like my meandering stuff from from before so so anyway I'll see where it goes and you know one thing I'm gonna hopefully do is more blogging and I'm hope I'm hoping that I can sort of like repurpose that some of the contents of some of the stuff that I've done in the blog I'll bring over to YouTube and vice versa so I'm trying to like balance it and make sure I do some writing but I'll probably scale it back and I may be doing you know still daily but a little bit less a little bit less per day Duke says you have a site in the technic and Doug is right always good to hear sweetest words okay products change a lot and even if they haven't changed product pages an Amazon changes a lot and you'll end up linking to a page with no product Peter references I'm great at being politically correct and you could thank my corporate career as a project manager where basically that's the that's the job that is literally the job Michael says thanks for the insight really appreciate it the posting regularly helps you a lot keeping working on your website especially the live chats have a great weekend you too see ya Seattle Tacoma does the Google sandbox really lasts for six months until Google trust your site something like that right so it's in you know an unprovable thing however there's a lot of data that points to six months cool stuff happens after that so yeah held your site seattle tacoma q dog what's up I haven't seen you on in a while I'm great videos in the recent past thanks I saw a couple comments and I'm slow to get to it's there's so many and I get emails to Sharon's out of here see you later and by the way if people just joined up be sure to hit the like button helps other people find it and makes me feel good about myself alright Duke says the the the sandbox I'm sorry the sandbox depends if you do some backlinking you can get out sooner the soon as you've seen is three months yeah and it you know what the fact is if you do a lot of backlinking and you know what you're doing you can kind of avoid it I've seen some pretty crazy stuff but you kind of have to have a budget and it has to be you know something you're experienced in doing Seattle says you have a few niche sites that you started in November you built some backlinks you're a you're ranking in the top 100 averaging from twenty to a hundred you're thinking now it's just about patience yeah I would say so queued up says general question when do I know when to call it quits on a niche site you've been going on to your first site for eight months and she made him and it's made about 15 bucks I would say it's hard to tell I would try to ask Q dog find some people that are like a little bit ahead of you and you know that they're making some money and just see if they can analyze like what's going on so basically consult an expert even if they're just a little further ahead of you and it may be a tweak right it may not be like the site specifically or the keywords specifically but like if you make a couple changes on what you're targeting maybe you're on pages a little bit off like sometimes you know a tweak will really help Catherine's do I have the price of the niche course posted online not currently but I can tell you I usually try and keep it under wraps a little bit more but it is a premium course so the cheapest entry point is like six hundred dollars and then there are various packages if you go with the most one-on-one time and all that it's up to over two thousand dollars so it'll come out in April and banana gaming says what are my thoughts on creating niche sites in which you have no interest in although the niche is highly profitable you know it all depends on your motivation level and like what you know your goal is if you're thinking hey I just want to like learn the ropes and then maybe sell the site sure that's cool and if you're you know if you're like me where you're stubborn and pigheaded and sort of just like you're gonna do it you know then you probably can stick with it but the point is Benina like it's gonna get hard certain stuffs boring things aren't gonna go like you you plan like I was talking about earlier I was trying to do like some hosting stuff and DMS and blah blah blah I was working on the Google search console and like it would just took forever and I was just so frustrated and luckily I have an interest in making it work so the the other side of the coin banana is I have gotten to a point where I like the process of like certain areas so even though it's frustrating I know I like the process of like the the sites and all that stuff so that is in fact useful and interesting and then as far as being highly profitable the flaw in that by the way I'm not answering your question directly because I there's no real answer but um the flaw in you know alright hey it's a great niche and I have no interest in it but it's highly profitable it's it's rare when chasing after like the highest profits like works out for you where you're happy at the end of the day it's rare that it works out so yeah there's definitely examples but I would say if you just have like I'm if you have a you know second place idea and you're sort of into like one of the topics a little bit more you have a little interest like go for that when it's probably a little bit better to go for that one Seattle says all your sites are four months old you see them as investments and you let them set an age while you built a couple more cool and I would say Seattle like go ahead and you know you said all your sites I would say do some link building for those sites rather than like build a couple more I would say like keep working on those because you'll end up you know if you look at the video that I had a couple weeks ago it was one of the live streams on Wednesday something about like a timeline for a niche or affiliate site if you put in more time now on the sites that you already have going and you're adding more content you're adding more links they'll grow more after the same box then if you don't do anything which it makes sense right like if you're gonna put effort into something you'll get some sort of of a result out of your actions so it totally makes sense that if you spend more time working on the sides you already have those will do better in the future so I would say focus on the stuff you already have Seattle versus trying to build more sites all right any other questions we're coming up on 90 minutes and I have a little coaching thing later today doing a one on one coaching gig at one I'm gonna have time to go to the gym before that maybe I'll have to hold off or maybe I'll just go for a quick workout I don't know we'll see by the way I do some one-on-one coaching if people aren't interested you go to a niche site project comm slash hire – me then you can get a little more information there but I could like sort of audit sites if you need help setting up you know project plan or something like that that's the kind of stuff I could help with all right sounds like everyone it's all all set there's no more questions I'll pause for like 30 seconds quick last shout-out don't forget to hit the like button sounds like people aren't interested in the productivity course and I'll probably I need to look at some things but I may be getting that out there for some people Oh Julius just says hey I'm that Julius just hopped on do you have a question before we finish up Julius I'm just about to leave just about to leave go ahead and start shutting off some of these lights – dog see ya all right thanks David everyone else yeah thanks everyone thanks for being so polite on the chat it's really cool when it works out and don't forget the other two videos two other videos are coming out today there's they're both gonna be on mastermind groups I'm talking with my friend Rob Atkinson we talked about forming a group and then we talked about how to run a meeting two separate videos and there's a video coming out tomorrow which is another teardown so it's a Saturday it's here I'm off of the schedule because people love teardown so much and I thought hey I'm gonna listen to these people all right and Mohammed says which is better selling on Amazon or affiliate it turns out just on what you like alright so it just depends on what you like Rob and I actually did a video it'll be out in a few weeks or sometime in the future I can't remember when it's coming out but we talked about why we're not interested in fulfilled by Amazon so muhammad' it's just a different business model it depends on what you want to do for me I don't want to get on FBA I like the affiliate side and Julius was watching the livestream while you were working out that's cool man that's uh that's cool all right I think we did it we'll catch you next time have a good weekend

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