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hello it's Doug Cunnington from niche site project and this is the Friday Q&A I'm a few minutes late I'm sorry about that my router wasn't working I didn't have an internet connection I literally just restarted everything before I started and then it stopped working so surprise tech issues pop-up lanes on we got success rollercoaster give me a shout we got the forehand awesome one of my kind moderators we'll see who else we have we have Terry we have pre Tam and here's the thing I'm gonna talk about how I got my start it always takes a second or two for the questions to roll in I have a couple that I you know people sent people sent them in they didn't actually send the questions and to be answered on the live Q&A but they just were asking me questions via email which by the way isn't really the best way to ask questions because one it you know email is the bane of my existence but the other part is if you ask via email it only helps you but if you ask in a forum like this everyone can get a benefit so I took those questions and I'll you know give them people a shout and say hey watch the live stream I answered the question so other people can get some benefit out of it so I'm doing well today we have Terry Priam Peter Criss and Lachey what's up everyone I am going to start by telling you how I got started like with internet marketing so I used to be a like a consultant like a management consultant I worked at a couple consulting companies and consulting branches and I eventually got into project management for like a good portion of that and this was like four year of four years ago is that right five years ago I was twenty eighteen so almost five years ago so in 2013 I was out walking my dog in you know Dunwoody Georgia area and I that's where we lived at the time and I was just looking for a new podcast so it was scrolling through I had no interest in like business or entrepreneurship I didn't even know you can make money online which sounds crazy now cuz like I'm like living and breathing all this internet marketing stuff you know so I had no clue that people were making money online I just wanted to find a new podcast sort of unrelated but it will help you understand why I was like looking at podcasts but I listen to podcast all the time so I commuted to work a few days a week I had a lot of downtime at work so I literally can like listen to you know five or six podcasts through the day a few meetings here and there but really I had like a lot of free time and I was into beer brewing so in 2007 I started home brewing beer got really into it for probably like six years or so and you know if tape tapered back a little bit with my involvement and the amount of brewing that I do any beer brewers in the crowd by the way let me know you know if you're watching the replay let me know if you're into beer or craft beer or you home brew beer and of course if you're live at the chat let me know – the point is I listen to all these beer brewing podcasts there were several of them in I mean I think from like a marketing perspective like those guys that got started you know ten years ago doing podcast on beer – no one listened for you know five or six years like I think they're doing really well now so I got burned out of a beer podcast and I found smart passive income by Pat Flynn and I listened to like one or two episodes and was really interested in the topics it sounded like a scam to be honest with you and I I knew so little that it was a little embarrassing so you know he starts at the very beginning with affiliate marketing and what he does and how he's been able to launch businesses and that sort of thing so he really hooked me and I listened to probably 50 episodes in the first week he was rolling out new episodes every week so I caught up fast there were a lot of hopping off points I found other podcasts from him like learned about other marketing areas and that sort of thing so it was fantastic that's how I got started within like five or six weeks I launched my first site I you know remember him saying you know take action do something and my first site was you know terrible I did so many things wrong so many things I didn't even realize that I did wrong until later part of it was an experience and just being naive and then the other part is I probably just made some mistakes so going to I see some questions coming through so I will note those and I'm try I'm gonna try and do a thing here to see if it works or if it's gonna totally distract me so Terry I see your question I'm going to log it in the I'm gonna log it so that I could like actually answer it later and Stephen says you drink lots of beer does that count hey Council to me you know I think that works success roller coaster would like to drink beer I think Alain was in the craft beer when you lived in Mexico well that that is strange very interesting was there much beer down there Barry's on and cool alright so we're starting to get the questions rolling in but that is how I got started through the smart passive income podcast and I still I don't listen to as many podcasts now because it can be like totally overwhelming and when you listen to too many you end up comparing yourself to the people and whatever they're covering on the podcast is usually like the highlight reel of someone's life so even if they tell you they struggled for a few years ahead of time you're only hearing the good part you're comparing yourself to the good the good part the highlight reel the very best you know a thing that they've ever done because it's the most interesting and inspiring however you missed the 10 years where they were like making mistakes and yeah they didn't quite have it figured out Oh Lance is on my other kind moderator thank the moderators please they keep order in the house here and you know couldn't do it without them so next thing we have going on is the question so and here's a fun fun thing tomorrow I am publishing a video where I home brewed beer so I actually tried to do like a vlog style video my editor crushed it I think it's awesome I was video I was like recording stuff and you know I had my dog out for the first time brewing with me since we just adopt her a couple months ago and it was a little like distracting like everything that I was trying to do at the same time brew some beer video and like make sure the dog didn't you know get into trouble like something like that while we were outside and my editor did an awesome job so right before I get to the questions I'll mention an announcement I didn't actually announced it yesterday but I have a plan to publish about one and a half videos per day right so I'm not publishing two per day but one and a half videos per day on average for the month of February so I'm working with an editor of course which is why the editing has gotten a lot tighter and a lot better I receive compliments on it all the time but only after I stopped doing the editing and then I have a VA working with me actually I interviewed her on the channel so Mackenzie is helping me out a bunch and we have a pretty good system going on so look out for a bunch of new videos and if you like them it really helps me if you like leave a comment whatever it is and like the video if you like it so much that you shared it that would really be awesome but I appreciate the support from everyone and by the way if you if you want to like this video that's really cool too so I'm publishing a lot of stuff most of it will be marketing oriented but I'm throwing in some vlog stuff just to see how it goes and you know it's kind of interesting to do different things so without further ado how about I answer some questions alright Terry said you have a question about the keyword golden ratio when you log into the keyword planner it only gives you search results that are ranges so how do you get real numbers okay so Terry the keyword planner has changed so I actually have a video on that so you need to use a different tool basically what tool it doesn't really matter a couple people Lachey and pre Tom mentioned that they use kW finder or H refs keywords everywhere Terry check that out it's a free plugin and you could do like bulk searches and then it'll spit out a CSV of the data and then you can slice it and dice it I like spreadsheets it's kind of an easier way to deal with those things anyway so yeah I would say keywords everywhere is a good place to start for a free option and the tool that I typically use is keyword Keg which is part of the same like family of you know come tools it's the same company right keyword CAG and keywords everywhere I'm planning on doing some like oh no yeah I guess I'm gonna check out some keyword search tools again right it's been a while since I've like downloaded a tool paid for it and tested it see what I like and what I don't like but I'm planning on doing you know several of them so you know I'll do kW finder I'll check out a chav so I'll use keyword keywords every word keyword CAG I'll probably do a playlist compare them all I'll probably place my affiliate link so that it's like worthwhile for me to do you know from my perspective I use a tool and it does the job and I think people should just pick a tool use it move forward of course Terry you got to get the real you know data in each tool they do a little bit you know they use a different algorithm to come up with their specific numbers they're all estimates though I mean even Google they're estimating per month you know on average Adrian what's up good to have you on and Steven is mentioning Fort Collins is amazing for microbrewers yes and I spent a lot of time in Colorado like several actually is it maybe close to like a year of my life through traveling and visiting but I've spent a ton of time and in the boulder area at this park the Rockingham National Park area I have a good friend that lives down in the Parker area which is a little south of Denver so really familiar with it I've only been through a 12 driven through Fort Collins probably like eight times or something but I've only stopped a couple times to actually drink there so it's pretty awesome it's a pretty good town and one of my favorites in that zone steven is is that where you're located Steven by the way I really like Oscar blues and that is in Lyons Colorado I drove past it all the time and the canyon there but yeah I was going or I went there like in 2002 or something like that so anyway and Lane says there's a lot of craft breweries popping up in Mexico that's cool pre Tom says how can I give more link juice to your homepage get links to your homepage hiking gear what's up Peter says how can I tell if the URL I purchased was penalized before I got it or if my content is garbage okay so number one the you know the way you could tell is register your domain with the search console and then it'll literal it'll tell you if there's a manual issue or some kind of penalty and if your contents garbage you know you may need to ask a clear if occasion question you just need to you know read it see what you think of it compare it to the other you know niche sites out there in the same area and then that'll give you an idea whether or not you know it's good but basically we didn't make a subjective opinion so Lachey does the home brew beer tastes different than Bud Light and other popular beers they all have the same taste to you so know that like it could be you know whatever there's you know a couple or let me just keep it simple there's over a hundred like general styles and they could be very different so a Bud Light is like an American light lager and you can have like we're talking to Colorado beers so there's a left hand milk stout and it's like chocolatey and it doesn't taste like milk or anything it's like a throwback name but it's sort of sweet and chocolatey and rich and it has more like dark malt flavors where you know Bud Light is you know it's a there's some flavor there's like really light malt flavor and it's you know fizzy but there's not a ton of flavor I mean it's supposed to be like that so if you try to Bud Light and like a milk stout from left hand you would be amazed at the difference so okay success roller funny that writers on upwork are writing for people they may as well start with affiliate marketing create their own blog and they would generate much more well it's interesting but the thing is it's a completely different skill set so most of the writers that I work with not all but most they don't know what we're doing at all right like they just they're the writers of some kind or they're just trying to make some money on the side slowly it takes a long time remember I said I found smart passive income and Pat Flynn and it took me a little while to sort of like get what only took a few weeks for me to get started but it took me a long time to like actually like understand the whole picture of what's going on but you know it's totally different skill sets so some people don't don't really want to get into it even if they know that they could make more so and steven has family in Colorado cool cool Steven says how long should you wait before you start getting links page of the website as soon as possible no need to wait for anything Peter says you wrote a two thousand word article best of with a kid gr of 0085 and in two hours it ranked one hundred and fortieth and then after six hours it disappeared it's a two month old site 14 articles zero traffic just I would say just be patient yeah just I mean if you just publish it I mean to be honest with you if you're looking in two hours and six hours you know you just chill out come back in a week or a few weeks and check it out so but yeah be patient these things take time what I typically find is I'll publish a bunch of articles little rank a little bit for some longtail keywords but after a few months like that's when it really like you'll start getting more traffic I was just looking at one of my other sites the other day and I saw I mean published about a hundred articles in July and September and traffic started picking up in November December so it takes it can take a little while for it to really move it's a great way to get started getting a little traffic but you know if you wait a little while and your site's super young two months old yeah you got plenty of time terry says are you allowed to have videos youtube videos yes if so so if we write a blog and have a video embedded yep so just grab the embed code and put it in paula zahn what's up and another fan of the left-hand milks out Paul says do I buy stock photos to put on the site no I don't I usually get Creative Commons images just because I kind of like the more authentic style rather than a stock photo that's too professional a couple here and there may be nice but I prefer having like a site that looks more like a blog and in that case do I worry about duplicate photos not a ton because not as many people pull Creative Commons you have to give attribution which I don't mind right I mean it's not a big deal to do attribution and Lance yep is mentioning that I do recommend putting videos embedding videos is good Terry says you always worry about breaking the Terms of Service that's healthy fear to have I think that's a good thing to do tt says the different keyword tools showed different search volumes so basically everyone's using an estimate just pick one and use it it doesn't really matter as long as you get the relative idea of how different keywords relate to each other but the specific exact number doesn't matter a time the second part of question is there are also different keyword difficulty metrics across the tools which one would you recommend I don't know I haven't tested them all I know that generally my experience is at least for like longtail Pro the keyword competitiveness number isn't very reliable for the other tools I'm not really sure so I would say don't rely on any of them and use your own intuition I highly recommend the keyword golden ratio there's a link by the way in the description of this video for a few playlists I encourage you to check it out so there's a keyword golden ratio playlist keyword research link building and SEO basically not all but I would say like 95% of the questions like if you watch this playlist like it answers them at some point I'm happy to keep answering them here and quick note I want to get everyone's attention if you haven't liked the video and I answered your question we please hit the thumbs up and like the video additionally if you're watching the replay that's really cool I'm hearing a lot of people do watch the replays later on feel free to comment and and you could ask a question down there and I'll perhaps include it in the next one I'm trying to stay on top of the comments so yeah leave a comment or if you're watching live if you have the ability later after we're not live to come back and leave a comment I hear that's you know a couple people in these in these chat sessions told me get the comments that really helps so anyway if you could support me by you know interacting with the video in some fashion that'd be fantastic thanks Vee Tuuta says when I create a new page with an article should I submit sitemaps again or ask Google to index the site I usually don't so I mean take forever if you did it every time and you're publishing a lot my sites typically they get indexed pretty quickly the only time I would like ask Google to fetch it is if I made some significant changes or if was like looking at changing one post and then I wanted to have it fetched and re-index quickly so yeah so I don't worry about it but totally up to you I mean I think it's kind of you know it's kind of a waste of time all right david says hello awesome so you're watching videos from the beginning the keyword research demo from three years ago that's funny I remember I was so nervous doing that I was trying to do a webinar because everyone was like do webinars honestly if I would have just kept doing stuff like three years ago my channel would be so big now it's crazy so I think the moral of the story and throwing back to the Pat Flynn smart passive income like just whatever you're thinking of starting like start it as soon as possible even if it's a flop like you'll learn stuff along the way and if you commit to it you know if you find that you enjoy and you commit to it you'll be much better off three years from now so yeah if I would have started publishing videos and doing what I did in the last year three years ago it would be a much different picture now of course it's in hindsight so cool Peter says should I use the kgr to find and to find a new niche site is there a better way can you rephrase your question not really sure what you're asking Lane says can I help with an Adsense site it depends on what you're trying to do so that's definitely not my area of expertise so from a sort of like conversion rate perspective I probably can't help much but from like an SEO side on page off page it could probably help a lot there for actually just the whole SEO site I could probably help with but probably not specifically on like optimizing Adsense just not my thing Berry says how often do I recommend updating a niche site are they as high maintenance as a blog no they're not as high maintenance although it depends on what blogs you're comparing it to but it's really up to you I mean I go I like to work in Sprint's of work so like right now I'm focusing on a sprint of work for YouTube content and have been for a couple weeks and by the way are people interested in that stuff if you want me to tell you like my YouTube stuff have sort of been holding back trying to get more and more data but it's interesting as I'm progressing but if you look back from like one year ago to where the channel is now and then as I'm like learning more and iterating like I'm hoping things will continue to grow but the point is basically I you know for a few sites I let them sit for like eight months and then I'll come back do a bunch of work in two months and then wait again now is that the best way to do it probably not but if you have like varying things or various projects going on that is an approach that I like to do so to answer your question how often do I recommend you have to you know think about it on your own and figure out what you want to do I I would say you know at least have a look every quarter and do a little on it and see what you need to be working on or you know something like that and Paul says you liked it high highlight and Kent what's up good to have you on you say the replays are great awesome thanks for the support TT says this kgr is getting saturated we need to come up with a new home ratio or method yeah you know it's interesting people are publishing more content and stuff and you know it is catching on a little bit however it seems like they're still more like there's always more like there's always more longtail keywords so and I'm not sure like is there gonna be a saturation point or is it like everything else where people say is affiliate marketing too saturated or people you know doing too much of it or is there too much content but you know on and on it seems like if you just sort of shift a tad and I can't be specific I guess but like if you if you shift what you're doing or look a little harder like you can always compete so I mean I got started with affiliate marketing way way after like a lot of other people did but it seems to be fine so david says david says that you post on twitter so you like share your new posts on Twitter and it gets indexed in a couple hours okay Paul says what are the next step for you this year creating new sites more courses diversifying other things so one I number one I'm obviously doing a lot of stuff on YouTube and I think it by the end of the month I'll have like a clearer picture like how I want to work with YouTube I you know Paul as you know you were you were in the pilot course for the productivity course so part of you know the YouTube effort is to get more Amazon affiliate stuff where like I see the things that people are interested in and like really try and own the space there I think I'm putting out information that's really good but it doesn't catch on as well as some of the other marketers out there that I see so I'm trying to figure out how to like balance the the marketing part of it and the content because I think Mike I mean I think I know in like practice a little more detailed Amazon affiliate marketing than some of the other people that have channels that are doing really well on the topic so I'm trying to like bridge the gap second part I'm actually yeah so a couple niche site things I'm probably I've stayed stayed true to just having like a very small number of sites but I'm potentially looking at there's a site that I've been neglecting for four years I think I'm gonna buy my partner out and work on growing that using the systems that I have so that's gonna be interesting I mean I think the potential for the site is really huge and that's kind of like one of the issues that we had so my partner and I like we didn't want to it was always this the sort of second like a side project for both of us so we didn't really spend as much time on it so every now and then it would put some work in and you know revenues moving up a tad but anyway I think I'm going to rebrand it I'm probably going to do a lot of link building to it so cool thing is the site's been around for a while has some great links but not fresh links and we added about a hundred articles last year so it's starting to get more traffic which is great and I could just pour some gas on the fire by getting some backlinks and I think the site could be great additionally it is a site that has an email list so that is like one of the biggest email lists I've grown and it's it's something that has some great intrinsic value and I'm very interested in like email marketing and copywriting so it's a it's an interesting project additionally Paul that you know you asked another question around like like other new sites so I also I'm working with actually it was a student of mine who has some sites that he just he means to unload and I may take them on and just have them as you know another suite of sites another area of income so and there are a little bit different style than what I would normally do but again like I have the systems and basically if I have like a link building outreach team of like a couple people I could just put them on whatever site I want and then they could work on that site move on to the next and it's the same set of skills just on a different site okay let's see what's up folks and okay and Peter clarified how to find a new niche site topic to start a new niche site so you just brainstorm and come up with some ideas I'm not sure like what issue are you having I believe you know if you just brainstorm go take a look at Amazon or whatever affiliate program you you want and then you can start narrowing it down from there so after you figure out the products you want to cover then you can do the keyword research find out if enough people are searching for it so I'm not sure what your hang-up is Peter but if you want ask follow-up questions feel free to hi hi says on your process of hiring and hiring writers and setting up their work do I have them do most of the research on what they're writing about or supply them with enough details I usually let them do the research but I they have a you know a specific format that they're working on so it's kind of like pretty straightforward for them to do the research if I want something you know there's rare occasions probably 10% of the time where I want a specific you know thing done maybe I'll write an outline you can refer to the RPM research paper method or the FAQ method tt says you found a zero competitive keyword with kgr later you found a SERP is full of EECOM sites for the keyword and the whole effort went in vain there's more to the kgr it's let the be-all end-all yeah you're exactly right so here's the deal with the kgr first watch the playlist in the in the description so watch the playlist the the real deal with a kgr is I made it to be simple if I put the you know 15 or 20 caveats in there it becomes quite complicated so one of the things that you can do and maybe I should do a video on this but in that case TT what you should do right so you check you check the keyword using the kgr also google it and see what the results are if Google is giving like all EECOM results you're probably not going to be able to rank for it that holds true regardless so you know I don't mention it in the kgr specifically but you know I like to your point earlier TT it's getting saturated a little bit but there's still you know there's still better ways to do it and you know pitfalls right sometimes it works if you do a local monthly search of like a thousand or 1500 and sometimes it doesn't work if you are doing a search of 50 right because all econ is dominating it so anyway there are some pitfalls you're right it's not the be-all end-all it works pretty damn good though and in fact people in the comments if you're watching the replay let me know is a keyword golden ratio working out for you and then people in the chat I'm sure there's probably like ten people who have published stuff and it works right so yeah not all of them are gonna work you kind of have to do a volume play for it so if you publish one and think you're gonna you know be able to quit your job or make a bunch of money you're probably not gonna be able to do it right but if you publish like 50 or 100 articles you're gonna get about five to ten percent that don't do well at all like you said you'll get 5 to 10% that are really awesome and exceed your expectations and then the rest of them they're probably gonna rank okay so you know you got to publish a lot to make this work tt says if you discuss your keyword with your content writer isn't it risky what if they leaked your keywords to other people how likely is it don't worry about it it's all execution right like basically ideas are easy everyone has like great ideas it's really hard to do the you know hundred steps in a row to you know make it work if you're worried about people stealing your ideas don't worry about it like especially keywords keywords are like a commodity it doesn't even matter so I mean I can give you all the keywords for a site that's making money in fact you can do that yourself just go to like SEMRush or aah refs look at the keywords like all the keywords are right there they are all there for you to take so so unlikely don't worry about it and you know our ideas are really cool unique snowflakes but it's all about the execution okay and then lay some X's please make another video on the cage er you didn't know that okay is there any specific stuff on the keyword golden ratio that you don't know David says you'd love to ask questions but you know you have to read all the content first and put put it to the test and ask if I get stuck David that is the best way to do it but feel free to ask questions like just the fact that you said that really appreciate it I mean the fact is what will happen in this live stream right right here right now in about another 10 or 15 minutes or so people will ask questions that were already asked earlier in the video and it's like you know if I'm gonna do live streams that'll happen and so I appreciate it David if you have questions you know feel free to ask I know that because you you mention that you're probably gonna have like a well informed question those are the good ones to ask additionally here's the reality right I think I have like 400 videos on the channel it's not fair for me to think that someone has watched everything so every single video could be the first time that someone is watching so I have to keep that in mind and I may be able to reference another video but you know as it as it goes I'm probably gonna be you know updating or referring told videos and like I said I can't assume anyone has any other video ever okay Marcel says on the org chart for freelancers I talk about writers and content editors do you have a separate team working on blog commenting and link building yes technically in my case some of the people did both but not at the same time so for example I asked a content editor if she was interested in doing some other work for me she was so I had her do some of the blog commenting and link building so you can move them around but they they shouldn't be working on the same like on both teams at the same time they're separate efforts and you you know best-case scenario I'm like if you have the budget and you know then you won – you can't have like a Content team and then you have like your outreach team Paul says which tool do I check backlinks with eh refs 8 refs is awesome and says what it makes sights on trending topics no I'm not saying it's a bad idea but inherently like it could be something that you know is a flash in the pan so you spend all this time on a site and then it like loses popularity or something like fidget spinners right like if you did a whole niche site on fidget spinners you know the popularity is probably gonna go down is what I expect and you know it's it's a little more risky unless you're into that tt says how many articles with how many words do you recommend for a new site so 10 I would say 10 articles and then for the amount of content I would say if you can you know do on average about a thousand words for most of the articles that's good and then the rest of them you know maybe make them 2 to 3,000 start off with and Julius says you learned a lot from the channel thanks thank you thanks for watching and as we're running out of questions you know feel free to ask more but if you enjoy the video if I answered your question that here's a good Q if I answered your question hit the like button if I answered multiple questions of yours like some of the other videos – alright and I had a couple other questions that I was gonna put in here so if there's dead time I'll put that in in there tt says affiliate marketing with niche site is not saturated take your stance I don't know I mean it doesn't matter what I think I guess I don't I don't know can you rephrase the question I'm not really sure so you made a statement you want to know if I agree or disagree is it saturated I don't know does it mean you can't make money no but you could definitely make money with niche sites you could start a new site and make money in like six weeks right so in people in the course literally a couple people that were in the chat that I saw started a site and they made money within like a few weeks right so is it saturated maybe but doesn't mean it's not a viable option No so we're not sure what do you think TT what's your stance on that Paul says how do you know the guest posts you make are not part of a pbn and how it might impact your site – so typically PBMs are really easy to identify usually you'll see links to like random affiliate sites and the majority of the post or like links to affiliate sites a lot of times with like an exact match anchor text I was doing a coaching call the other day and I mean it's it's obvious once you start finding them and once you see a few of them it's really easy to tell them apart so basically you could tell you really easily Vytautas says how many backlinks to start with for a new site as many as you can um yeah as many links as you could possibly get but I think you probably want to ask a different question if you want to try again but yeah for any site new-old whatever as many links as you can get that's how many you should get Beth says what's up Beth good to have you on which is better for SEO individual article pages or a blog format does it matter so it doesn't really matter it's more important with the titles and the URL I typically publish posts and I think you're saying post versus pages so I usually do post just that's kind of what I like to do it doesn't really matter post or pages or equivalent and I don't like to have like the home page with like all the recent blog posts in full text like I don't like that it's kind of an older style so I don't recommend that in Beth I'm not sure if I answered your question exactly so if you want to clarify let me know Barry says you're starting from scratch with a new site how do you first start to build links and get traffic blog comments so blog commenting will start you know will get links for you and then people will follow those links from the comments and then you'll get a little traffic not a huge amount but you'll get some and I have a method where you use it you take advantage of a plug-in called comment love where you do will get a couple again you're probably not gonna rank solely using blog comments but then you're able to get a few do follow links like five to ten percent is what I've seen just kind of on average using that comment love idea I have a video on blog commenting so if you go to the channel and just search for blog commenting you'll see the way it's actually an older video but it's still effective so if you check it out and utilize it you can you know that is probably how people start making money so quickly you know you know publish a couple kids your articles and you know do some of this blog commenting should be able to get traffic all right tt says I just said as many links as you can get four fresh site really doesn't it hurt Google there should be a threshold for link building for a new site I just can't flood my new sites with backlinks right I don't know man how many backlinks can you actually get in say a month so if I but so answer the question TT so if I was like get 150 white hat backlinks as quickly as possible do you really like will you be able to do it really quick I don't think you can it's a lot harder than you think that said the site like I know of a site where you know they went out they were getting you know fifty to a hundred links per month and their site is doing awesome they're making lots of money and you know they have a team working on it that budget to invest and yeah I challenge you TT I mean if you think you can get them fast you should be making just a lot of money and yeah so basically if you're getting bad links yeah don't do that but if you're getting good links you're not going to be able to do it as fast as you can and then your second question is does the Google sandbox really exist I think so Peter says some recommendation to put your picture and about yourself how do you represent yourself or business on your niche sites usually it's good to put a persona Peter I highly recommend you check check out a few of the Amazon affiliate tear downs so I talked about about pages and a video coming up I may even be able to tell you when it's coming out but I have a video coming up where I look at three different about pages on three different sites as part of the Tuesday teardown series so Tuesday's I'm gonna do Amazon affiliate tear downs so once coming out but basically it's good to have like some authenticity on your about page do it however you prefer but having a picture is good it doesn't have to be a view right you can have a fake persona and that is alright like a you know a pseudonym a pen name very good to have you on Lane says you got a new site and you're getting white and yak getting white hat links is not easy if you're trying to do it quickly or you can't do it quickly yeah basically I mean even if you have a team working on it you know you're not going to be able to exceed that yeah TT yeah let me know let me know man ban says any specific affiliates other than Amazon that you recommend no but I would say you know take a look at your niche take a look at you know what you have available so off the bat it doesn't really you know I don't have anything to recommend because it would just be arbitrary so look at your niche and figure it out how many sites do I have a few lame says you're dealing with it right now must be the Google sandbox yeah yeah for sure lay some eggs yeah so watch the replay later you keep losing power in the snowstorm you know we had a little snow here in Bozeman this morning Matthew says you just had $125 in your fourth month on Amazon you did nothing in January and revenue double once again despite the hate for the kgr it works and you love it traffic has doubled in the last week of January see that's a really interesting thing like you're in a growth path so it's really unusual to have growth after like after December usually everybody takes a dip so you're on a growth path Matthew and actually you may be interesting to interview on the channel if you're up for it let me know Matthew I know we exchanged a couple emails in the past when you were sharing results so really cool to hear TT says what if for a new site you go with Google Adwords and then after the sandbox is lifted you go pure organic sounds awesome let me know how it goes usually you won't be able to make money the margins or too small and unless you're like a magician with AdWords so so TT how many links do you think you can get in one month and basically the AdWords method that you outlined TT it just like Blaine mentions it's not gonna work for an affiliate site with Amazon right so if you have you know if you're selling a Clickbank product or some other product then you essentially have higher margins so you can make the math work okay and Pete says you just googled the sandbox you've never heard of it so it's kind here it's a whole other story so I'll try and tell it in a brief way how many people by the way let me know in the chat and let me know in the comments like have you heard of this Google sandbox do you believe in the Google sandbox is it like you know Bigfoot it doesn't exist but we see signs of it all the time I don't know I've never seen a sign a Bigfoot but the thing is Google sort of like holds back on the rankings right so if you publish if you yeah if you publish a brand new site if you you know start a brand new site start publishing content you can get some traffic you can get some rankings and stuff but like inevitably after six months like traffic starts growing faster so I've had people who you know they worked on their site for three months they were like this isn't working and they stopped and then once six months hit like almost to the day their start their site starts getting and more traffic and it just keeps growing like for the next six months or something like that it's pretty remarkable when you see it and then when you see it from multiple people it's hard to ignore TT says do I announce the live beforehand if you known you would have come you would have lists the different questions more questions TT you you're you are one of the most active folks on here I commend you for your activity yeah so basically Fridays it's listed on the about for the channel but on Fridays at this time I do QA Wednesdays I do a topic of my choice so it's not the time to ask random questions like that only related to the topic thanks I'm glad you're learning a lot you're still learning yeah I think a lot of your questions like you're at a point TT where you've consumed so much information so like when you come back at me and you say oh isn't it bad to get so many links it depends on you know who you've learned from in the past right so if you're trying to do something different than what I'm describing then yes the the answers don't apply right if you get a bunch of bad backlinks from Fiverr then yeah that's not the right way to do it but you know people do that I do stuff differently so I would say you know check out some of the older live streams and I was gonna give a shout-out to Arun for putting together a playlist several playlists so there's a couple new links I'll put in the description after I finish up here yeah okay so anyway TT yeah so there's quite a few of these take a look at some of the older ones too it's just like random questions like this Ellen says you can speak highly in defense of the kid yaar you're already making just under 2 K a month on a site you lunch before July and you've done no link building just the kgr that's cool hey Ellen we exchanged a couple emails I would be interested in interviewing you two if you're up for it next we see Matthew says you never tried link building of the blog comments and forums authority hacker are big on link building but their courses insufficient on the topic and further I was gonna say I'm pretty sure I'm getting like so many emails from people that are authority hacker followers because man I just get these garbage emails where like they don't know my site they don't understand what's going on and they just keep sending reminders so people are like automating the stuff that said I believe that outreach is gonna slow down being effective and it's gonna shift I mean I've been saying that for about a year now because for about a year I've been getting these relatively ineffective emails they're just automated it's terrible so and Lane did say I click the bell beside the subscribe button to get notifications and then funny enough arun said you're late no notification so click click the bell there's a higher likelihood that you'll get notifications but tt it doesn't always work so thanks laying yeah click subscribe if you want if you want to be notified I hear sometimes they come out a little late but you know what are you gonna do we do our best and let's see here and I'm gonna make a note so Ellen and Matthew it sounds like you guys are doing wow it's really cool I mean Ellen that's awesome 2k a month you must punch the site under a year ago you're just doing kgr stuff so awesome awesome yeah that is fantastic and Lane says you believe this sandbox exists and in further you know someone asked about like how many sites I have so I try and keep it low right if you hear me talk about like should you build a portfolio of sites or just have like a few I usually recommend a few however like I mentioned earlier I have you know I may be getting a couple more sites that are just sort of smaller and you know from my perspective it seems interesting to have a couple other smaller sites the deal is though they're already making a little bit of money number one hey they're aged from like two to five years so like they they are out of the sandbox they are ranking for some terms already and it's just really helpful to have that in play already and if you add you know kgr content like it kind of solves solves the problem alright julius says unless you're using an expired domain all your websites go through the sandbox and you're used to it by now and yeah i mean like the people that i know that we're in favor of portfolio of sites oftentimes they'd have a site they'd build a site and they wouldn't do anything to it for about eight months they would just like load it up with content and then they would come back in about eight months and then they would start through the link building stuff however I you know like I mentioned before if you do come out and you do a lot of brand brandable come out of the gates you do a lot of brandable backlinks anchor text then it's pretty pretty effective all right all right okay I'm catching up do I know of any books to help with writing content I you know what I do have a book it's in the other room I think it's called everybody writes and google it and check it out but yeah I found it pretty helpful I mean I I got in the last year and it's just you know it's about writing content for you know online purposes so Paul says how much do I pay to outsource comments writing on other blogs so I paid nine to ten bucks an hour which is on the high side but like I mentioned before those were actually people that were working with me as content managers already so I was like you know we already had their price and their rate and they did a good job actually it was worth it to me that worked very fast we ended up getting like a 40 percent forty forty five percent conversion rate it was insane hi hi says does the kgr come pretty natural when having a longer article say 2500 words no because you have to make the title the kgr um like phrase so longtail keywords sure but not not like just by accident it doesn't happen by accident says sure you would love to do an interview awesome you wanted to wait till after December just to make sure it wasn't due to the holidays but holy cow that's awesome really cool Congrats I lino me Mets that's fantastic and I'm trying to remember like we we were yeah I think we exchanged an email are you are you in like Indiana or something like that I feel like I remember that for some reason and Theo's on what's up good to have you on hi I took a lunch break so you could watch live that's cool appreciate that and Ellen says you've been doing internet marketing for years and kids are was a game changer no one else was talking about it other than me and if you've kept going you wouldn't have had these success that's awesome really really cool thanks for saying that Barry you're welcome have a great weekend tt says can you use an expired domain to get a new site over the sandbox or is there another sandbox so here is the thing TT yes you can use an expired domain it's better to use a non expired domain however here's the problem if you have to ask the question you don't have the skills to check to see if the expired domain is good so don't use one okay so it's one of those it's an interesting thing that happens when I answer these questions over the last year but many times if you have to ask a question about a certain thing it means maybe you shouldn't do that certain thing now there's a whole other set of questions where it's the opposite like if you're asking hey should I published ten articles or that are a thousand words or should I publish five articles that are you know twice as long just pick one that doesn't really matter but if you're asking about like could I use an expired domain and maybe like get out of the sandbox you don't have enough skills to check so the thing is you shouldn't really try and shortcut things TT I I was doing some outlining for some videos coming up here and like one of one of the points that I made is like if you trying to do anything that will like make things go faster or you're trying to get a cheaper deal it's probably the wrong thing to do so I'll say that again if you're trying to take a shortcut if you're trying to do things faster if you're trying to do things cheaper it's probably not gonna work so as you're moving through and learning things anytime someone is telling you hey here's a shortcut you probably shouldn't trust them and then the other part is it's probably not gonna work so just remember that as you're moving through I usually here's the advice that I can give you everything's gonna be harder than you think it's gonna take twice as long and like way more things are gonna go wrong than you think so everyone remember that as you're moving through if your expectation is that then you know you'll be sort of happier overall but everything is going to take longer than you think all right Paul says do I go to I am more affiliate conferences or events no you know what I've only I'm not against it I've only been to one conference and it was more it was the converted conference put on by leadpages and trip so that was really cool that was like the right group of people really enjoyed it I don't think I would particularly enjoy an internet marketing and affiliate conference I have heard they sort of do things a little differently but I think that if I if I stick to the kind of like more sales and marketing related conferences that's the right people for for what I like how about you Paul do you go to any and for a little while I was just looking for like recommendations I'm like what conferences people were going to so I could go to others but okay North Carolinas is too cold and makes your websites grow slowly so if you go to Mexico will it get more traffic it's worth a try I haven't done that specifically but as I normally say Lane and you know this I'm sure you know my way isn't the only way I'm moved further north where it was colder so I used to be in not far from North Carolina was in Georgia Atlanta area there and I'm in Bozeman now and it's much colder it was snowing this morning and I was gonna say North Carolina is it cold man that's like the south so okay and my bub says it's good advice Thanks aye aye I think you know if you just remember like you know play the long game like just take your time like anything with a shortcut no matter what what it is like a crash diet or something like the crash diet is not like you know whatever it may be it's not sustainable and you're better off with like a you know less aggressive diet that you can stick to you know all right Julia says a good expired domain with decent backlinks can cost hundreds or thousands of dollars the money would be better spent on hiring writers Julius yes 100% agree and you know quick example it's highly likely you know I mentioned earlier that probably gonna buy out one of my business partners on a specific site you know his interests are shifting and it looks like a good project for me so there's a high likelihood I'm gonna find a domain that's good get it from an auction and then you know move move it over do a 301 because it's a good thing okay Peter says in regards to your previous question you noticed in the Google search console that your domain was used a year ago but no manual webspam actions fan you should be good you should be alright oh and Sheila Sheila says gonna ditch the Falcons you know what I'm not much of a sports fan and that's a really mild way to put it actually I actively don't like sports um my wife really enjoys watching no I'll take a peek Oh Lance is out of here thanks Oh everyone thank the good moderators here we had Lance we had a rune and fur Han so thanks gentlemen really appreciate the help keeping keeping everything in order so and I tried something I'm not not sure if it was the right move but I tried I removed the tags for this video that said anything about like hangouts live so I see we have fewer viewers than normal but yeah like I I was like maybe there maybe there checking the the hangouts live stuff and that's how they're finding us okay so Paul says you don't go to events but used to go to a few there's not too many in Europe but you you never got a lot out of it it was you know knowledge and networking you felt you lost more than you gained gotcha and I think that you know from my perspective it was interesting to see the speaker's right I got to see Pat Flynn speak but unfortunately Haley scheduled his meetup like super late so I was already scheduled to fly out so I didn't get to meet or talk to him which was one of the main reasons I went to that conference but it was good to see people speak I met a couple folks and I think you know from from what I hear I think it's a good it's good if you can meet a few people and if you can just get like one relationship out of it it's good so I actually met a really nice guy named oh he's done he's been on the channel I was on his podcast Ravi Raman and he you know we had a similar background he's actually way way more of an overachiever than I am he worked at Microsoft for like 14 years did like really well there but ended up being location independent and if you haven't seen that interview it's really good he's really smart so it was cool to meet him and I met a couple other people and it was interesting too I may even go back next year one of the other cool things is I ended up at that converted conference I randomly ended up talking to one of the speakers so one of the early speakers and he was awesome so I chatted with him like on the cocktail night or whatever and then ended up like hanging out with him and his crew all through the evening so I went out to eat with him had drinks with him and yeah it was really awesome turned out right small world he grew up like a mile or two from where my wife and I lived and Dunwoody so he lived in Shamli which is like a couple miles away like we used to drive by and he used to drive by and like where we lived so his parents still live in the area so anyway really cool guy and you know what I can't remember his name off the top of my head right now it's been a few months but okay let's see here there is a service out Paul there's a service called spam Zilla to check if old domains are good or spammy yes I've heard of that I've never checked it Peter thanks for hopping on TT cool Paul says no trolls yeah we've been doing alright so Sheila says you figured I'd be laid out after recovering from last night after going 31 days cold yeah so quick recap actually really cool I'm doing I'm gonna do a video on how I used ideas from the power of habit to stop drinking alcohol for the month of January so you may hear my voice is a little Scratchy I had a homebrew club meeting last night which was cool got to catch up with some friends and laine see you later thanks for hopping on good questions as usual alright and you had the cool thing so here like it's all sort of coming together like tomorrow I'm going to publish the video on like home brewing the beer we I just kicked it the other day so it was having some of that brought some of the brown ale over to the homebrew club meeting so yeah we like beer around here Theo says you post once a week how often do I recommend people post and will Google not like it if you go long periods without posting turns out doesn't matter you don't have to post by like any regular schedule or anything like that so as a quick reference I you know there was a site I had you know a few dozen articles or something I don't remember and then I didn't publish anything for months then it published like 200 articles in five months I've referenced it a couple times revenue went up traffic went through the roof and kept growing for like the next six months those kids you are articles kept moving up in rankings just slowly over time and basically I didn't publish anything for like eight to ten months I literally spent like one hour per month during that time it was working on a lot of other stuff and basically Theo it doesn't matter so publish as much as you want I recommend you know link building is important so don't forget about that but you don't need to do anything like once a week and pulse is what's the name of the of the Microsoft guy yeah so it's ravi ramen robbie ramen like that and yeah there's an interview on the channel I think I have a playlist for like location independent and digital Nomad stuff so you may be able to find it yeah super smart guy we did a couple videos we actually talked about the conference we went to Paul so in that video I know I remember the guys name Oh Andy Fawcett so he has like a fitness site and it's really it's really cool because you know I got to hang with him and his some of the people that work for him and yeah really interesting guy lives in Hawaii Andy Fawcett that is and he has this fitness like digital products company and he has a you know a good sorry not a good he has an excellent approach he's doing really well but a similar approach and he talked a lot about spending kind of like we're doing today right here and you know why I do these live streams he like builds relationships with his email list and you know works with him and stuff so he has I think I don't know if it's the majority but he has a big staff for just email support so they could really understand like the needs what people want and have provide really good customer service it's very personalized I'm taking you know I try to do that via email it's a little difficult this the this sort of live stream in QA is a nice way to scale it it's good to see you know and this is the same folks I mean you you are starting to see the same people and you know each other a little bit too so that's cool we have Natisha on in sir hat as well thanks appreciate that like the support and I'm gonna I think I'm gonna start wrapping it up here any final questions here any final questions and if you're just joining up we have Anthony it's almost like another set of like notification emails were sent out or something it's kind of strange but any final questions before I jet quick reminder couple of little announcements so if you enjoyed the video if I answered your question if you're watching the replay hit the like button the thumbs up really appreciate it if you hit the like button if you are watching the replay leave me a comment always interested to hear that I'll give you a little shout out um and I'm trying to reply back to all the comments these days sir has is when well the next live stream be it'll be Wednesday so I encourage you to check out the about page for the channel I'm planning on publishing like one to two videos per day for February so keep an eye out I'm trying to like slice and dice things a little different oh and Marcel – Marcel is a moderator – I forgot you in the house thank you appreciate it so basically I'm publishing a lot and I hope it's gonna go well cuz there's a lot of work in fact I'm supposed to shoot five videos today right now so alright let's see okay I see a couple more questions were sent in so I'll hit those Paul says do I create product reviews on specific products or just best type articles a little bit of both but mostly the best type articles Anthony says when will I do another collab live chat with another a a user can you clarify I'm not really sure what you mean like yeah I'm not sure what you mean there Anthony all right oh you know what Alex and I haven't talked about it we usually do our live streams at kind of different times so when he does his that's usually when I'm at the gym so we haven't scheduled anything although I'm planning on interviewing and having him on my channel a little bit more so yeah we'll see how it goes actually I'll probably be doing another couple of interviews some of which you know I heard from today like Ellen and Matthew who are doing really well I think it to me it's sometimes more interesting to have people that you know they're they just got started and they're it's more relatable than like you know me talking to rob although Rob and I are supposed to again soon so and so it's fun all right okay folks in a chat just a reminder to be nice okay Nitesh asks what's the best niche for a new site if you start now whatever you want man all right Tish you're out buddy sorry so quick note we need to be nice and chat so I don't think it was a I don't think it was a troll or anything I think it was just no offense and it ish it was a dumb question right what's the best niche whatever you want man you just pick whatever niche you want my advice maybe watch some other channels you may be better over at that be super affiliate go ask him the question so alright and you know what let's let's recover a little bit and not not end on that note so I'll tell a quick a quick story if I could figure one out here in the last couple minutes oh you know what here all I brought this book just in case I just had dead time and I do essentialism has anyone read essentialism by Greg McEwan really a nice narrative it has some similar ideas as the one thing so I read the one thing first and you know it was fine when I think back I think I prefer McEwan's take on similar topics like I said I kind of appreciate the narrative a little bit more McEwan went let's see he has an MBA from Stanford and he did I think he I can't remember where his undergrad was but I think because of that like I enjoyed the writing more than the one thing both are very similar and I think that it's a good way to sort of narrow things down obviously essentialism is helping you narrow things down to the most essential things and get rid of the trivial many right so that's how McEwen mentions it in the book I think both I mean both books are great and depending on like what you enjoy reading you may enjoy one or the other so the one thing I felt like it was just a little a little more self helpy and a little like softer they can't remember who wrote those and yes anything I will place the description or the names in the description here in a second essential ISM and cool thing I'm planning on doing book reviews on both and I'm looking to I'm looking to like read more biographies coming up here in the next year I got a little inspired by Derek Halpern who he mentioned he doesn't read too many business books he reads primarily BIOS and I think I think that's pretty interesting and I you know Paul's reading the book about Sam Walton Walmart founder so that's pretty cool all right thanks everyone good session today I think we saved it at the end thanks everyone have a good weekend

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