Astrology WordPress Theme For Astrologers, Horoscope Tellers

NAMASTE, Your stars are perfectly aligned to shine with good health and wealth Today we will talk about Astro – A wordpress theme to create website for astrologers and it's associate fields

I welcome you to the home of astrologers, numerology, horoscope tellers, palmists and various other astrology fields It is designed and built in such a way that caters all need of astrology profession Right on top you can show your business logo You can customize it as per your need A successful astrologer develops interest among the audience and gives a thriving online presence

You can aware users about your astrology and numerology practises with a call-to-action button present on each image of the homepage slider Here, you can connect each slider image with a relevant web page of your website Here you can put catchy taglins or slogans Not always you but your words attract others so pin up your thoughts in words It will act as a catalyser

Different templates You can arrange itas you want A blog section People trust you as an atrologer

You can share your ideas everytime, whatever comes to your mind you can write in this section and make it public A typical astrologer needs to update content like a daily horoscope, numerology article and tips, tarot card reading and expert advice You can also leave a comment and send it Here, you can Share Vastu Tips, Daily Horoscope with Unlimited Feature Box Option The option of creating unlimited feature box makes it easy to show whatever you want

With this feature, you can aware your audience with an unlimited featured section InkThemes comes in peace that's why astrology on InkThemes is simple and easy Anyone can check this out and create something This is the widgetized Footer area You can also customize it as per your need

Various other options like calender can also be put up in this area Social icons This is a social world and we all social animals Do update your online society every convient day You can link your website with Yahoo, Google+, Facebook, Twitter and various other social media platforms A changeable particular section

Articles or blog section Gallerry section Contact info This theme is all device perfect site Compatible with tablet and mobile devices

As lot of people are obsessed with astrology, Being an astrologer it should be your commitment to give them best And this is the destination for you all If you like this video do subscribe and share it Hit me up Thank you for watching

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