Astra Custom Layouts – The Most Powerful Feature In The Astra Pro WordPress Theme

In this video ministry how to use probably my very most favorite feature in the Astra Pro theme and a ministry how to use it is called custom late-summer show you how to use it in this video hi my name is Adam from W craftercom REMIC WordPress tutorial videos for non-techies if you're new here consider clicking on the subscribe button and to not miss a thing go ahead and click on that bell this is going to be on the Astro Pro so Astra is a free WordPress theme that has a paid extension if you want to check that out its WPCrafter

com/Astra so this is just good to be for people that have Astra Pro but what I'm going to show you how to do is go to work with all the page builder so if you're using Elementor Beaver Builder Divi Thrive Architect our breezy urban you know whatever page builder you're using this is all going to work with all of them so today I don't want to make this video for a while because I've been using it for a while but today I was on Elementor's website and if you see anything different it's at the very top of Elementor's website it's it's they added this before this is what the website looked like and then they added this little section to the top of their website and it says you know some text here and we got a button and then we have a countdown timer on the right and so I thought wow I really like that I wonder if I could do the same thing so here's my website and this is what I designed today and I did this using the custom layouts but you can do a lot of things with this and I'm to show you but I just wanted to just first to show you what I was able to do today really easy basically copied the design right here and do it for me on my website using Astra Pro but what's nice is you can create sections like this that you can slip into a numerous amount of locations on your WordPress web design let me show you a another custom layout that I have and that's at the bottom of my website so right here's my website footer and this is generated by the theme and then I have a section just above it and you can see when you hover over it it just has us little effect on probably change this soon but it's what I've been rolling with for a while and I made the same background color black that I have with the footer in your area here and actually redo the whole thing but this is just a custom layouts let me show you what this custom layout thing is all about and some of the things that you can do with it so here I am on a fresh WordPress installation that happens I have Astra Pro on it first you're going to want to make sure that the custom layouts is enabled and you do that by going to appearance and then you go to aster options right here and you'll scroll down and it's right here custom layouts and I don't have it activated let me go ahead and click on activate now if you're using if you already have Astra agency some of the demos for Astra agency are actually built using custom layouts when you see some of the tricked out stuff that they do so when you first activated it's going to add a menu item here we have to refresh this or let me just click on dashboard to force a refresh and now when I go under appearance we have custom layouts so let's go ahead and well looks like are you have to there so I would go ahead and click on add new and before I give it a name let me just tell you what were doing you can have is not as many of these as you want you just give it a name you can build it with your page builder so whatever page will you have it'll have a button for that I just happen have Elementor on this website right now and here's where the power of this custom layout thing comes in so right here it's there's this options is custom layout settings assist layout and we have this drop-down so you can use custom layouts to design a header for your website or a footer for your website or a 404 page or when I'm using online hooks so it's simple you just choose header and check this out this is where this feature my love for this feature comes in because you have the greater header okay great what are all whatever hooks even that whatever where it's really special is the display on in the user roles so I can create this custom layout and right here for display on I can choose exactly where this will be viewable on this website so if I wanted a custom header for just blog posts are just certain pages or just say I have an online course website and I want a custom header for those lesson pages or whatever you can zero in very easily having a custom header for just the content you want but you also can take it a step further by user role in this should be logged and logged out every body or based upon the user role that someone is that might be logged into your website so right off the bat with this you can create headers for your Astro based website and have custom headers based upon where someone is on your website that's not actually how I'm using it I'm using right here where it says hooks and so when I go there I have this other option that appeared called action I know were getting into the techie zone right here so let me go and show you this so there's all these locations in the names of them are all little on the techie side but if you actually read what it says some of them you can kind of figure it out so right here it says for header so header before this is the area that I have that Elementor still notice on my website I have it on the header before so whenever I create if I select this like here whenever I create will now be in that header before let me just show you this let me give this a name and I'm going to just do something real quick how do you like that I named it custom layouts are cool and just the something really quick so you don't even have to do it in your page builder if you don't want to you can it's good to be a lot nicer but just for the point of this video I need to just something really quick okay soon so now that I've chosen a header before I went to choose to display on my entire website let's keep this real simple and I'll go ahead and click on publish and so here is that website the front and if I do a refresh organist see now I've got that what I just created which is only this one line of text it's right there in the header before area but you can use your page builder to make something really beautiful which is what I did right here at the top I made this really beautiful section right there so check this out say you like and that's not exactly where I wanted it well you can go here and easily change it so if you wanted it at the bottom of your header here's header after here's content before content tops you can play around with this and get your piece of content exactly where you wanted have you ever been to a blog and you're reading through the blog post is a great blog post you try to get down to the comments and you see this maybe this is squaring it says hey opt-in then subscribe in this that and the other and it looks real fancy and it has different colored background while that's what you use this for you would go here and you would create it in your page builder and they can go right here and there's an option for this content bottom there's there's in you can just slip that right in and then you can use the display rules to maybe have some specific to certain types of content that's how you do it so in the end down here you don't see it because it's cut off on the screen we have footer before and footer after and on the bottom and all that kind of stuff so this is custom layouts it is insane what you can do with it and this is probably one of the main reasons I use the Astra Theme there are other themes that have this kind of feature called hooks but none of them have an interface like this where you got this display targeting rules in the user rules and all that because of this visibility stuff none of them have that let me give you just a couple real-world examples of where I've seen this these hooks being used but just keep in mind I'm going to show you where it's being used on some websites you can get some ideas to get the juices flowing of how you can leverage this feature in the theme in most people write it even though this feature existed but it's really easy to leverage on your website but keep in mind I'm wearing to show you you have these targeting options okay so here is the membership guides guys not guides but there also guiding you and so what's the first thing I see here is a hook area right here we have this call to action we've got a button and it appears just underneath the header you can easily make something like this but where you could take it a step further with the Astra Theme is you could maybe have two or three different lead magnets that kinda coincide with the different categories of content on your blog and so you can show one of these for one of the categories and it would show on all the content in that category or with the specific tag and then you can have a different one for a different category in a different tag this is some of the power of using custom layouts so here's how they're using it right there and I think they're probably going to be doing that down here at the bottom okay actually think I'm just on their blog right now let me go into a piece of their blog content okay so now actually in some of their blog content you can see they have that same lead magnets you can use it for lead magnet sets can be great and here's that other example were you would have a piece of content at the bottom of the content area and it would be sort of similar in there you have it right there and obviously you can also use the feature to create a custom footer if you like the way that this looked I know with Elementor others a menu element and you can also use their social media element if you like that and also this right here this little bit right here this a lead mentioning it you see our care on the right or you can create those and hook those in the sidebar as well with your page builder using custom layouts where you have the power of assigning these different display rules that are right here so when you combine the ability to dynamically insert that content with the display rules you can do some really really powerful things this has to be my favorite feature with Astra and you can use any page builder with Eddie just open it up in the page builder create a way and you can do some really amazing things so anyways let me know what you think about custom layouts I'm curious if you are an Astro Pro user did you even know this existed because I don't think people know that this is there in the power the true power of this let me know in the comments section down below and if you don't have Astra just visit WPCraftercom/Astro I have a whole training course I get people in a by Astra just you get all the details by going to that link also have in the video description box if you found any value in this video please give it a thumbs up I will see you in the next video thank you for watching

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