Ask Yoast: Creating landing pages for affiliate marketing

Hey, Davide Roccato emailed us saying, "I want to create a number of landing pages on my news blog, "targeted for affiliate marketing "What's the best way to do this from an SEO point of view? "Should I create them as pages or should I create a new custom segment so these are parallel to my blog post and pages?" Honestly, from an SEO point of view it doesn't really matter

What works best for you in the backend it's probably what works best The only preference that a custom post would give you is that you'd have a separate section in Yoast SEO to set the titles, a separate XML sitemap so you can see their indexation in Google search console a lot better so you'd get slightly better handling on the SEO side But I don't think that it has to be a problem so just choose what works best for you Good luck

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