An OTR WordPress Theme Case Study

James Schramko here, and today I'm just going to show you a little case study of a customer of mine, Gary Robinson He has this Shopify site for Kaizen Outdoor Fitness

Now in recent discussions with Gary, we decided that it was a good idea for him to set up a WordPress website as he moves from an e-commerce platform to a membership platform In fact, he wanted something very similar to SuperFastBusinesscom, and Gary noticed we had the Own The Racecourse theme available for sale So what we did is we helped Gary move his Shopify site to an OTR theme When I looked at the site, I was really surprised at how different and unique this site looks compared to SuperFastBusiness

com And you can see there are different colors than on my site, so his site has really taken on a personality of its own So it's important for you to know that should you order the OTR theme, you can customize the colors to match your current website or to change it significantly from the way that it looks on SuperFastBusinesscom So just a little comparison

Gary went from this Shopify site to this WordPress site And you can see that it's laid out nicely, it's going to be really responsive when someone's using a mobile phone or an iPad to view this site Of course it's going to load quickly, it's very easy to put content on, the search engines love it, and it was up and running in just a few days I think it took four days from when Gary ordered it to when his site was completely done, with his banners switched across, his logo put in there, and his opt-in connected up to his email provider of choice And a few other things that you should know

When you order the OTR theme, there are two ways that you can have it deployed now Option A is that when you order it you give us your hosting details, send us your content, and we'll set it all up for you, and we'll transfer some content across from your old website Option B is you can download the theme and install it yourself It's a single-use license WordPress, so you'll be able to install the theme if you're technologically savvy Some people have asked for that

I can tell you this has been a hot-selling template And now that you can see how different it can look compared to the original template and how many customizations are available, I'm sure you'll agree that this is a winning combo Gary's expecting a lift in conversions, and I'm sure he's going to be providing a great user experience for his customers So enjoy the OTR theme, and thank you Gary for sharing this case study

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