Amazon FBA VS Affiliate Marketing :: Which One Should YOU Choose?

what's going on Youtube Sebastian here and in today's video I won't be talking to you guys about Amazon FBA versus affiliate marketing you know now that I've done both of them for a couple months I you know I did Amazon FBA a couple years ago and I'm just starting to get back into it and I just came out of doing I'm affiliate marketing for a couple of months I want to talk to you guys about the pros and cons or what I like and what I don't like about each and kind of compare the two and let you guys know which one you should start I'm depending on where you are in your journey whether you're broke you're making decent amount of money or you already have a lot of money you know just what's the best Avenue for you to go ahead and take so let's go ahead and jump into the video okay so let's go ahead and get started with affiliate marketing so affiliate marketing is a great way to get started you know in the online marketing and making money online world because with affiliate marketing it's free to start you don't need any money whatsoever to start so if you're broke it's a great way and I actually have a video I'll link it right over here but it basically shows you how to do affiliate marketing for free if you don't have any money and it involves using Facebook groups to do your promotions and stuff like that but basically for those of you who don't know I'm affiliated is basically marketing somebody else's product and making a commission every time that somebody clicks on your links and purchases a product a great way to get started is with Amazon's associate program now Amazon's associate program is you know it's it's a great way because Amazon gets so much traffic so if somebody's gonna go ahead and buy something from Amazon why not let them buy it from you the only thing is that you make an 8 to 10 percent commission so if you're selling something for 10 bucks it's 80 cents to a dollar commission a hundred dollars it's eight to ten dollar commissions and so on and so forth so with the Philly marketing I really like it because it's super simple to start and if you're a beginner and go ahead and get started you know you can easily build up to 2 K 3 K 4 K even 10 K per month with a simple website you know you can have one website that's making you a decent amount of money now the ones who are making the most amount of money with the websites you know they're making like 10 to 20 up to 30 K per month or people that are doing like digital products now digital products and software's are the greatest things that you market as an affiliate just because the person who creates them has little to no overhead so they can afford to give you 20 30 40 even 50% Commission's some of these like software's online have a recurring program so if you get somebody to sign up you'll keep on making money every single month as long as that person is signed up but yeah software's and digital products are awesome to go ahead and mark it like I said you can easily get up to 10 to 20 K per month with these if you stay consistent with them and just keep on like pounding value and value and value and you know just introduce people to how the software works you know the benefits that they can get why they need it and you know why they should use that instead of something else and offer a couple bonuses to get them to sign up under you now with physical products you know I haven't really seen many websites that do a lot per month but you know if you're gonna go into physical products you can set up like different websites and different niches and go ahead and you know have one side doing like 2k another side doing 2k another side doing three to four K you can get up to 10k per month with that now what I don't like about affiliate marketing is that it's a little bit harder to scale you know if you need to scale especially if you're doing physical products most of the time you need to go ahead and start another blog or another website or another YouTube channel for that because it's just harder to go ahead and scale those physical products up because a lot of times you'll only be making like a 10 to 20 percent commission and you know just depends on how much the product is selling for but you know i I've done some research on it and I haven't really seen a lot of people having success with that now another con is that if you're gonna try and get into internet marketing and do like software's or do like digital courses of course you can definitely make more with that but the thing is that there's so many people doing that and there's a lot of competition so it might be a little bit harder to differentiate yourself but you know if you're doing like a mix you're doing some physical products and you're doing some digital products and some software's I don't see any reason why you can't get the 5 to 10k per month within 6 to 12 months so you know if you're looking to get started with with internet marketing and start making money online affiliate marketing is definitely the way to go but it is a little bit harder to scale okay now for Amazon it's a little bit easier to scale than it is affiliate marketing but one of the downsides is that like if you don't have much money I wouldn't recommend you start on Amazon and I've seen some people start from under $1000 but you you're a little bit restricted I would recommend you have at least like 1500 bucks if you're looking to get started on Amazon and start doing good right from the get-go but with Amazon it is easier to scale than affiliate marketing because you can use Amazon's internal traffic and ranking system to go ahead and start driving organic sales and you don't have to do any more work you don't have to drive any more advertising to your product in order to start driving those organic sales in every single day now with advertising it's always going to be part of the business you're always gonna have to spend some to get your products like ranked or to make more sales if you want you can always start driving more outside traffic including Facebook traffic or Instagram traffic to your product and help them maintain that first place ranking but with Amazon what's really cool is that you know once you saw one product and you find like an ideal like person and target market you can go ahead and find multiple products that that person will go ahead and buy so that you can you can sell that person multiple products so let's just say you're targeting first-time mothers they're gonna need a lot of stuff for their baby you know they might need swaddle blankets they might need a baby bottles any other type of blankets baby wipes baby hats baby clothing you can go ahead and create an entire brand around those products now you know once your brand starts getting a little bit bigger you know you can start growing even outside of Amazon you can take your entire business outside of Amazon and start marketing even more and scale it up even higher because you know for every product you add you start making 10,000 on one product 15,000 on another product and it starts adding up and getting to a hundred thousand dollars per month on Amazon you usually tends to be a little bit easier in than getting the $100,000 per month with affiliate marketing and Amazon is a great platform to get started on you know you can easily with one product start making anywhere from eight to fifteen thousand dollars per month right off the bat with one product but you know ultimately what we want to go ahead and do is take our product and our brand off of Amazon now you can use Amazon to build your brand and build that trust with customers but you can always take it off you know you can still keep on song on Amazon because you know if you're making 50 to 100 thousand dollars per month with your brand on Amazon there's no reason to go ahead and take it off but you can go ahead and start building your brand on Facebook start building customer loyalty on there and start driving sales to your own store this way you can go ahead and make more profit and you can go ahead and market to your customers over and over again with Amazon it's a little bit harder to do that because they don't give you the customers emails but you know if you if you control the sales process and you know you have a list of 5,000 10,000 buyers then any product that you release whether it be on Amazon or whether it be on your own site you know you're just gonna make a lot more money and you know that's ultimately where you want to take your Amazon business and that's why it's more scalable because you know you want to sell on Amazon but you also want to sell outside of Amazon and that's what makes it more scalable than affiliate marketing now I hope that all made sense to you I'm sure there's a bunch more pros and cons or go into affiliate marketing and to Amazon FBA but you know that's just my take on you know just having gone through it and seeing what I like and what I don't like about each business now just a quick recap you know if you don't have any money at all and you have like less than 500 bucks I would recommend that you go ahead and get started with affiliate marketing start January in a thousand two thousand three thousand dollars per month in passive income and then start using that cash flow once you hit that two thousand the three thousand dollars per month with affiliate marketing and use that for your Amazon FBA business so that you can go ahead get started get your first product and get that profitable and just keep on building on top of that now you know you don't have to get to fifty to a hundred thousand dollars per month but you know what if you could have three to four products making it twenty to thirty thirty thousand dollars per month total you know that being like anywhere from eight to twelve thousand dollars per month now that would be awesome and honestly you would be settest you know to live a good life you don't really need any more than eight to twelve thousand dollars per month that's more than most people make and you know most people would love to go ahead and make that with Amazon FBA and ultimately that's my goal you know go ahead and make eight to twelve thousand dollars per month within my first couple months but I would ultimately like to go ahead and scale it to fifty to one hundred thousand dollars per month just to see that I can do it because I know I have it in me I just need to work hard at it and you know if you guys want to do ahead and do that I'm sure that you guys can go ahead and do that too because there's so many people out there making it insane amount of money with FBA like I've seen people making a million dollars per month so I know that fifty to a hundred thousand dollars per month is attainable and that's my goal within the next year anyways guys that is it for today's video if you liked it please go ahead and leave a like and a comment down below and if you haven't yet 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