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What is going on guys my name is Anthony Villa welcoming you back to get another video here on the channel where today guys I'm gonna be talking to you about the Amazon Associates program specifically for beginners I'm gonna go over the program a little bit explain why I think it's good explain why I think it's bad you know do a little bit of a pro horse con list on it and then what I might actually do for you guys is I'm gonna give you guys a few actionable things you can do as soon as you finish this video that way as soon as you finish you can sign up for the Amazon Associates Program and you can do a few of these things that way you can actually start generating some sales generating some affiliate commissions just like I know you guys want to do I know you're why are you really here you want to learn how to make some money online with the Amazon Associates Program that's exactly what I'm gonna show you guys how to do in today's video so stick around to the end if you're excited before we get into the video guys if you're new here please subscribe for brand new videos every single day join the fam it's great here with that being said guys weird I'm into my computer right now I'm gonna show you guys exactly how to do this alright guys we're in my computer as you can see we are already in the Amazon Associates Program if you don't have an account yet you're gonna need to go ahead and do that first it is completely free to sign up just go ahead and Google you know Amazon Associates sign up go through the actual signup process there are a few steps but it shouldn't take you that long to be honest once you do that you will now be in the Amazon Associates Program and that is the first step done congratulations guys we are on the product linking page I'm actually explain to you guys exactly how we're gonna make money doing this because of course while you're here for guys I'm gonna show you the best way I know how I'm actually give you guys some examples of some other people that are already doing this and making a lot of money doing so so with that being said the first thing we're actually need to do is choose a product you guys to get your actual affiliate link I'm gonna show you how to do that first you go over to the product linking page which are already there actually click product links you know we come over here to go to product search search all of amazon and then keyword or the actual ASN or the ISBN if you have that number we're actually into is a random product so we're gonna choose the Beats Studio I think this took a third generation now someone's gonna type in three and should give us some results and then right there guys Beats Studio 3 while headphones and map lack priced 349 so asked I should get your link pretty self-explanatory guys little arrow and then I'll bring up a text link and then this is gonna be your link right here can clicking a copy and paste what would our actually do guys is because its link is so long it's not very clickable nobody knows it's click a link that does that long it looks kind of spammy and ugly you're just gonna click shorten URL with Amazon whatever that was then you're gonna copy this link and that'll be your actual affiliate link you're gonna use later because we're actually doing guys is we're gonna be creating content based around these products that are on Amazon of course you guys there are literally millions of products on Amazon you can do this for it I just decided to choose the example of the Beats Studio 3 because you know it's a high priced product there's a lot of hype around it of course guys it's the Beats Studio Headphones soul though there was a lot of demand for a product like this so what I'm actually show you guys how to do is like I said we're gonna be creating content based on these products so that's usually gonna come in the form of a review whether that's a review video or a blog article based on the product but I'm actually do guys like I said I'm gonna show you guys some other examples the people that are already doing this live so I'm gonna click wasn't copy that actually my little copy I'm gonna go over to YouTube I'm gonna type in Beats Studio 3 right there and I'm typing review because what am I trying to show you guys is of course there are gonna be a ton tons of reviews over 18 million results just for this saw this this keyword is keyword search alone for actually and do guys is we're gonna click the first video which is actually gonna be the judge Jim's review room new Beats Studio Headphones review that's muted perfect alright so all I care about the video cuz we're actually to show you guys is is the description what he has in the description as check prices or by hear us and international prices he is he some sort of link we're gonna click that link and surprise surprise guys there bring this straight over to Amazon so to explain exactly what's happening here guys is this person what is his name Jim's review room made a YouTube review video based around the Beats Studio 3 headphones he actually has an Amazon Associates account he came over here he got his affiliate link and then put it in the description of his video right at the top right there and then he has this video has two hundred sixty eight thousand views that means two hundred eight sixty eight thousand people I just came by this video and potentially saw this link maybe they even clicked it and then perch headphones through his link which means he made a commission based on how many people actually bought these headphones you guys the great thing about the Amazon Associates Program is you're someone really mentioned in the beginning you all actually make a commission based on whatever that customer buys completing in entirety not just whatever you link them to what I'm saying here guys is if our customer just coming through this review video I could click through his link and I decided I didn't want to buy these headphones but instead I wanted to buy a 75 inch flat-screen 4k TV for like two thousand dollars what if I did that guys he would actually make a commission on that flat-screen 4k TV for like two thousand dollars because that's the way the Amazon Associates program is set up as long as they click through your link if they actually make a purchase on amazon

com at that point you'll go to commission for whatever it is that they buy so if they buy like three thousand dollars other products you'll get commission based on all of that not just the headphones or whatever you link them to which is one of the reasons I really like the Amazon Associates Program because do can link somebody just from like a book or something you can do a quick book review for like a 15 dollar book link them to that and instead of them actually purchasing the 15 dollar book they can actually buy you know maybe a DSLR maybe some really expensive speakers and you'll actually earn a really nice Commission based off that let me actually talk about the Amazon Associates Program a little bit more yes the reason I like it so much and the reason I like it specifically for beginners is because it's very easy guys Amazon does all the selling for you guys Amazon already has a ton of authority in the space and I'm gonna work really really hard and spent billions of dollars to get where they are in this way in their marketplace they're pretty much doing all the work for you guys as soon as they land on Amazon Amazon is doing all the work for you I mean Amazon's extremely trusted they're extremely reliable everybody knows who they are everybody's always purchasing from them I know myself personally I just bought something on Amazon today I'm always buying suffering off Amazon probably like you are – or probably like tons of other people are so all we're trying to do guys is we're trying to get in the middle guys we're trying to get in between the customer and Amazon where should I get straight in the middle that way when a customer actually comes through and goes through our link will actually make a commission that's all we're really trying to do guys is we're trying to set ourselves up so we're directly in the middle between the actual consumer you know the customer and then the supplier being Amazon this person is doing the exact same thing with their review video guys they knew that people who are interested in the Beats Studio 3 would want to be looking for a review people that are interested in products are always looking for reviews of said products that's why it's the perfect idea for you guys actually make review videos on set products now guys a lot of your pricing you know what if I don't have the product on hand you know what if I'll actually own the Beats Studio 3s so I know that will be the case for a lot of you guys and guys that's not a problem because what you could actually do is you can come over to Amazon this product right here has 97 customer reviews reading what you want to do is you're gonna go through some of the top customer reviews because you guys these are really it is actually really really in-depth you guys click read more this person wrote a lot about the headphones you guys you can just read this and just from this one review alone you're gonna get a really good idea of what these headphones have to offer and why they're good or why they're bad now of course I would definitely try to read like the top 5 this person gives a pros and cons list right here guys so just right here alone you know exactly what's good about the headphones and what's bad about it because what you can actually do is if you don't have the headphones themselves you can actually put like some pictures up maybe doing like a slideshow fashion or if you can find some other video online what's free to you isn't not copyrighted you maybe just some b-roll footage over the headphones you know it's kind of going around them kind of showing them off you can just put that up as a video and just talk over it talk about the pros the cons of it and guys like I said this person gave you a pro and cons list right here this person pretty much wrote the script for the video at this point so all you need to do over here we need to read through some of these reviews write some stuff down and you can make your own review video without even having the product yeah this works the exact same way for like blog type articles same thing guys I'm just gonna copy this right here I'm actually put it straight into Google and I'm gonna show you guys some examples of that as well so let's click that um these are obviously gonna be some really high ranking websites like The Verge the TechRadar and wired I'm actually looking for a little of a smaller up site not know PC Mag is obviously a mass website looking for a little of a smaller one not really business insider extra reviews that code I you K I've never heard this one so maybe this one's good so let's click through right here alright so sort of scroll through this article really fast obvious this is a review of the headphones and right at the top guys pretty much something the first thing you're gonna see after the picture of that phones is gonna be pretty much the link to Amazon and literally it says 349 from Amazon com so like I said guys these people are doing the exact same thing they had they made an Amazon Associates account they got their affiliate link and they wrote a review article based around the headphone and now I'm people come to this review guys I mean you know late they like to review they say you know what actually this had one sound pretty good I'm gonna go ahead and purchase them the link is right there right in front of them so all you have to do is go ahead and click buy now thinking guys it'll bring them straight to Amazon when they check out whoever wrote this article will make a commission based on that sale so you want to do the exact same thing guys you want to create some sort of content usually in review form they actually show off these products talk about them and then link in the description or in the blog article itself your affiliate link to Amazon that people will click your link they'll buy through you and then you'll actually start making affiliate Commission's if you guys want to start doing this today guys you guys can pick pretty much any products on Amazon it doesn't have to be a three hundred and fifty dollar pair of headphones it can be anything as long around your house guys I can just reach back here think of this book and say hey guys look at this book right here you're getting Think and Grow Rich it's a great book you guys should definitely buy it and then I'll have a link at the top of the description and then guys is really that simple and you guys can choose a book really anything you have guys and go ahead and make a video on it or just write a blog article about it reviewing it talking about it a little bit in depth see what's a why you like me why you don't like it but guys be honest in your reviews you don't want to like try to like oversell people and just talk about the positives because guys it'll obviously come off as a little bit fake a little bit staged and it'll be a lot of it's not telling the truth you definitely want to include both pros and cons with that being said guys those are the actionable steps those the actionable things you're gonna need to do if you want to use this method to start making some money online first said like I said wait earlier and they're in their beginning of the video is to actually make it Amazon Associates account after that pick a few products get your affiliate links make some review videos many rights a few review articles go out there guys take action today that's the most important part guys is to take action this video is completely useless I should actually take this information and do something with it with that being said guys that's pretty much the video wrapped up if you guys have any questions comments concerns about the video or this method drop a comment down below I'll answer every single comment I get and with that being said guys if you knew the channel please subscribe for brand new videos every single day join the fam if you enjoyed the video drop a like on it and with that being said guys my name is Anthony Villa I will see you in the next one I am out peace

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