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a what's going on Rakeem Addison here in on today's video I'm going to be talking about the Amazon Associate Program and get this it's absolutely free for you to get started today and start making money as soon as possible right now I want to throw a disclaimer in there and just say I'm not saying that you're gonna make money as soon as you get started with this right it's gonna take some time it's gonna take some research but let's get into the content because I hate wasting other people's time so let's get it alright so as you can see I'm here on the Amazon home page now you understand that it's free to get started and start promoting these different products out to other people that may need them but what you don't understand yet how to do is how to become an associate with them to be able to do that alright so what you want to do and I want you to follow along with me right now right now Doug don't wait to the end of the video follow along with you right now so you know exactly what you need to do to get this thing going all right so we're gonna scroll all the way down to the bottom of the homepage of amazoncom now once you once you get to the bottom you're gonna see this right here it says make money with us okay now you're gonna skip all these links down here until you get to where it says become an affiliate right you're gonna click become an affiliate alright now when you click that it's gonna bring you over to well I'm actually logged in since I already have an account with them we're going to log out okay so this is the page that we're bringing you to once you click become an affiliate now what you're gonna do is you're going to hit join now for free alright so I'm gonna go ahead and sign in now it's gonna bring me to what a new person would see just because I went through that link alright so this is what you would see Wow when it when you actually try to become an associate alright so hopefully you're following along with me so you can kind of go through this process with me so the first thing that you're gonna have to do is you're gonna enter some basic information right as you can see I have a check right there but like I said I already have an account so you're gonna fill out basic information here and then you're gonna hit now it's gonna bring you over to the tab that it's on right now which is the website and mobile app list now what what you would do here is you would just put in your website now if you don't have a website then what you can do is you can just put in your Facebook link or maybe your business page or something like that and it should be fine you shouldn't have any issues and then it will take you to the next tab is pretty it's pretty pretty self-explanatory on what you're doing you're just filling out information and answering questions just like any other registration all right so and then you would get to this last tab and at this point this is usually when they approve you I haven't seen where they have disapproved people out this literally instant approval all right so once you get there then at this point you will literally have access to promote any product that you want to on Amazon right that they at least allow alright so that product that process is pretty my self-explanatory so just go ahead and finish and continue until you get all green checks all right once you do that all you have to do is just go there pretty much gonna bring you to the page and log you in automatically so at that point you can just follow through what I'm about to do next alright so now I wanna I want to go over to strategy that you're gonna need to use to make money with the associate program right because I know that's why you're here right you don't just want to become an associate of the Amazon program you want to make money with it alright so here's the strategy all right so I'm gonna draw a box right here right this box is gonna stand for is it's not gonna stand for anything it's just going to be the product box right Pete the tea box so basically the strategy works like this you're you have a product now now that you have become in a Amazon associate you now have access to a ton of different products that you can promote all right now here's my advice if you do not own a product do not promote it one more time let me say that one more time if you do not own a product do not promote it because that's your basically going to be giving a non genuine review because you just want to put up a video so you can make money right that that strategy does not work you have to own a product because people can see ok he owns the product he saw him he sees giving me some value he's talking about the features he's showing me how it works people love that right that's when they like oh ok this I really enjoyed this review I'm gonna go ahead and click the link in the description and I'm gonna buy simple as that matter that's pretty much the strategy but I just want to break it break it down and put it in on this whiteboard so you can see it so you have the product then I'm gonna draw a line and I'm gonna draw another box Amazon Associate Program YT box oh my gosh alright so the YT box now what is YT stand for it YouTube YouTube this is the YouTube video and you're basically going to be reviewing this product in a YouTube video now some of you may say I already want to do no video well here here's the good thing you don't actually have to have your face in the video you can literally just do or if you hold a camera or have somebody else hold a camera as you're reviewing the products showing them how it works talking about the features you don't have to have your face on the camera right so hopefully I just gave you some encouragement alright alright so product YouTube review you're doing a review then you're gonna put that upload that video to YouTube and then you're gonna rank that video for that specific product right and I'll show you in a little bit how the whole process works all right now I'm gonna draw another line now this this this line is going to go over to this box called the our box alright so just to kind of add since we've made it to this box I'll just kind of go over to the strategy in a hole so it goes from the product then you're gonna do a product review uploaded on YouTube and then you're going to go to refer them to or affiliate link so whatever link Amazon gives you that's the link that you're going to be referring them to after you've given them value that's the keyword their value and you know a pretty decent review and not just oh this is what the product does and you're not showing them the actual product so now they're like he doesn't even have the product so how can he give me a review on it and that's why I gave you the advice I gave you earlier do not promote anything that you do not own all right so that's the strategy hopefully you got it if you didn't get it just kind of rewind the video watch it again so it so it sinks in but it's a pretty simple strategy alright so let me show you exactly how this strategy works all right so I'm gonna go over here to YouTube and I'm gonna hit enter alright so we're here on YouTube now since I out the example I'll use I'll use an Amazon echo since I actually have an Amazon echo alright so Amazon echo and I'm gonna hit enter and we're going to see how much searches that gets per month alright so an Amazon echo gets searched eight hundred and twenty three thousand times per month so imagine promoting the product ranking that product on the first page of YouTube and it gets eight hundred and twenty three thousand searches per month can you imagine right can you imagine I want you to imagine just for a moment like Amazon Commission's just coming in because you have a video ranked on the first page right and I'll actually put a link to a free course where I show you exactly what it is that I do to rank my videos on the first page alright so I'm just just wait don't don't go to that link it I want you to see this all the way out alright so as you can see he has an Amazon he created an Amazon echo review video alright now what we're gonna do we're gonna click on his video and I'm gonna pause it it's just a second computer is actually acting a Amazon Associate Program probably not to play but the strategy you remember what I said in this video like I said you saw him in his thumbnail that he's doing a review on it right so his video as you can see it's 11 minutes long yours doesn't actually have to be 11 minutes long it can be shorter it can be longer as long as you're giving value in the video remember that is the keyword there all right so he does the review he records to review and then what does he do at the end of the video I'm 99% sure that he said if you want to pick up this product there is a link in the description that's that's the strategy it's really as simple as that you're you're you're you're showing them a product you're reviewing it you letting them know what it is and then you're saying hey if you want to pick this product product up then there's a link in the description that you can click to get access or to buy the product right and that's that's really all you're doing with this strategy all right so I'm gonna meet hit show more so I can show you that he actually has the Amazon link in the description alright so as you can see he has the Amazon link in the description so let's look at the views this is almost 1 million views on this video and he has an Amazon link here so I want you to think to yourself even if he was to get one percent of almost 1 million views to actually buy he's made a lot of money even though the percentages and we'll get to the percentages on what Amazon actually pays out here in a minute alright so just 1 percent he still made a lot of money and and and and the thing that the cool thing about Amazon is let's say somebody goes to this link right so let's say I was to go to this link and then buy the product that he was recommending and though sorry let's say I didn't buy it right but then I still you I clicked on his link and then I said I don't want this but then I said oh there was something that I needed to buy on Amazon do you know that anything else that I buy he's gonna get a commission for it right and that's a pretty cool thing about Amazon that you want to keep in mind all right so that's the YouTube strategy and I just recommend YouTube and you're not using YouTube right now in your business does not matter what you're doing I really think that you're missing out okay so get on this YouTube stuff you know take advantage of this Amazon stuff you can really make some money with this stuff although their percentages are low and we will go over that right now alright so this is the come these are the Commission rate so when every affiliate program you're going to get a percentage of the earnings all right so let's go to the highest amount alright so the highest amount that you can receive it's up to 10% so if you sell $100 product you're going to get 10% of that $100 product but most times when people go to Amazon they don't just buy one product remember what I said about the little thing about if they buy that product and buy other products you're going to get the Commission for those as well alright so it's up to 10% and as you can see right here video games and video game consoles is 1% televisions digital video digital video games is 2% and so on and so on it's based off categories all right so that's the commission rate and that's what your based on those percentages and whatever category it is that's what you're going to get paid on all right so that's the YouTube strategy and the Commission rate but let me actually pull my camera alright so now that you can see me this amazon stuff is awesome right it's great it's easy for someone who's just getting started but what I want to tell you is with the Amazon stuff you're not able to keep those customers when when when you when people use your link to buy stuff they just now became AM Amazon customers so that means that Amazon is going to continue to make money off of them but you're not right you want to leverage a system that's gonna allow you to collect those customers right what they they buy from you and then now you can continue to market to them so you can continue to make money over and over and over again just like Amazon here's the example I can give you when you go to Amazon let's say you get to a product and you you go to checkout but then somehow you get distracted or somehow you just blah I'll buy later do you do you have you ever seen where that happens where you probably forget about it or you violator or and then throughout the day amazon keeps putting that product in your face saying oh you forgot or they just everywhere you go on internet right face book it does not matter they're targeting you all over the internet have you ever seen that that's because amazon is smart right they know oh this person really wanted to buy that let's just keep put it in putting it in their face until they buy right you can do that exact same thing once you learn how to become a master marketer right and that's what the ecosystem that I'm a part of my number one recommended system to make a full time income online is going to show you how to do so if you want to learn exactly how to become a master marketer and separate yourself from everybody else of what they're doing then what I want you to do is I want you to click the link in the description it's the first link that's going to give you access to my number one recommended system to make a full time income online alright but if you got value from this video and you just want to focus on Amazon stuff that's fine right you now know how to do it and if you did get value go ahead and smash that like button also don't forget to subscribe to my youtube channel and I look forward to seeing you in the next video my friend

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