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With the advent of today's troubled economy, advertisers are looking for reliable, affordable and feature filled marketing tools to build their business To fill this void many are turning to email marketing services

When compared to the US Postal Service and other forms of advertising, email marketing is not only faster but much cheaper You can make campaign changes almost instantly and update subscribers in a short period of time Campaign Costs And Features An email campaign of 10,000 subscribers can be initiated for less than $18 Campaign packages include tracking statistics that allow small businesses to increase sales

Tracking features can supply critical data for reports that allow you to know who opens and reads your newsletters and the urls they click on Monitor sent to a friend, compare monthly changes in size of subscription base Tools that allow for split testing ad copy to find the most effective sales content After you have created your email capture page and have added the email capture code You can begin collecting names and email addresses

Once you have built your list, you're ready to start your first email campaign Providers make it easy for even a novice to run a campaign with ready made templates and fill-in forms for auto responders and newsletter content Can-Spam Act Email campaign tools make it easy for internet marketers to be Cam-Spam compliant According to US law all email marketers must comply with the Can-Spam Act of 2003, which requires they identify who they are

Provide valid contact information and a physical address (PO Boxes acceptable) Many marketers these days will use a double opt-ins when signing-up new subscribers Opt-ins sign up from an email capture page by typically including just a name and email address

This will trigger an auto responder asking them to verify that they do wish to subscribe Can-Spam also requires that you provide an opt-out link to remove anyone from your list who requests it Email Marketing Service Providers If you are looking for a cheap email marketing services with lots of features then GetResponse may be the deal for you Allowing you to maximize your dollars and reach more subscribers GetResponse

com an Implix product located in Wilmington Delaware established in 1998 Get Response features include Sending unlimited emails Up to 10,000 subscribers for $1795 per month and $450 for each additional set of 5,000 subscribers Excellent Email Marketing and support Forum Integrates with Joomla Co-registration Track software downloads Pay As You Go Email Marketing Services Can't afford a monthly fee for email marketing? EliteMail (now EliteAnswers) a Pay as you go Email Marketing service Cost Sign-up costs $10 which buys 1000 emails

The free trial on Small Business and MySpace Editions "No Credit Card Required" allows you to test the service out and there is no time limit If you sign up for the free trial and buy the $10 package that will give you a total of 2000 emails You can buy additional emails as needed Aweber Aweber one of the oldest services with over 10 years of experience in the business Staying current with today's technology Aweber includes features like RSS to Email allowing you to convert your Blog's RSS feed to an email newsletter

Features like publishing your newsletter to twitter to help broaden your customer base Free Email Marketing Tips Aweber helps newbies get started in email marketing with free webinars Topics include how to use Aweber services, get more subscribers, develop and find content for newsletters and email campaigns If you have no time to attend webinars then take advantage of the video tutorials and knowledge base library Aweber Pricing Basic campaigns cost $19 monthly for unlimited emails to 500 subscribers

Larger packages run $149 monthly and allow for 25,000 subscribers There are a total of about 6 packages and pricing for these will fall in between these ranges depending on the size of subscription list In closing Whether you choose to pay your service provider monthly or pay as you go, email marketing services can be very affordable The ability to be scalable will allow cutting expenses and expanding as you see a return on your investment

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