Affiliate secrets 2.0 – Spencer Mecham Affiliate Secrets 2.0 review 2018

hey everybody this is Paul motley and this is my affiliate secrets 20 review all right so let's get into this so if you click the link below this video you are gonna see this page right now and this is the sales page for affiliate secrets 2

0 by Spencer Meachem now for those you're not familiar the affiliate secrets one made at least a three-fight worth three dream car winners with the click funnels program and is on track to make many more this year including myself as well I've actually been a huge advocate of the program I've used the Philips secrets to build my own affiliate marketing business and I can't say any more better about it than that so we're gonna have a look at some of the testimonials here right now we've got who got that James Hurst he's just broke through and got the dream car himself which basically means he's got over a hundred clickfunnels affiliates and now click forums are going to pay him at least $500 per month so he can buy a car but of course II earns Commission's on every click for an affiliate that he gets and this is the whole point of the course we've also got Willie James there we've got Edwin Muse Paul Dunn and there's lots of links there to get out of it and this is basically gonna go through the whole program so what do you actually get inside the course itself so in module 1 we're gonna get your game plan this is structuring your empire and we're going to go to module 2 which is how to find hot bias so this is basically deciding which ones are gonna most likely buy the products that you are selling so this is not just for click funnels itself this is for any affiliate marketing program that you might come across either on munch I either on Clickbank or anything else or even Amazon products you can even go for it on that as well so it's really pretty cool module 3 is about getting hold of traffic module for making more spending less so this is all about creating an offer which is obviously the higher the perceived value the more likely people are likely to buy as well system automation templates as well so you can actually download this stuff directly into your accounts and use what Spencer has right the products so you can actually like figure out what products to use and how to sell them it's really pretty cool like this and long-term business as well so this is where you actually learn how to automate your business now this work might be with email autoresponders this might be with messenger bars this might be with evening like getting people in and asking them to do the work for you sort of virtual assistants so you can actually automate more stuff and this is where it leads on to module 8 as well and this is a little bit about Spencer himself now he's been mother modest there because obviously in his first month it did actually make $10,000 but he just clicked over 1 million dollars in click funnels affiliate commissions 1 million right so that's pretty awesome so you guys dream car is actually been a multiple dream cars has actually been pretty well on this or those things you've got cut and beverage there you've got this guy all these people which have got loads and loads of testimonials Jacob good buddy of mine as well so is there he's doing it he's all there for you as well so I just want to point out a couple of things and we're going to dive in and see what's actually on the inside of the program so bear with me one second and we'll go take a look alright so now we're inside the actual program itself so don't tell anybody because you're not supposed to see this right now so you've actually got two sections you've got the affiliate secrets and you fill it secrets traffic addition so which one are you gonna want to have a look first in let's go and have a look at the traffic edition so this is where it's actually going to show you let me just pull that over in a little bit so you can see how you can actually get traffic to your offers itself so you can have a look at how sets up YouTube AdWords how it sets up solo ads and it's another bit there by Josh Ryan about Instagram even Quora as well so there is actually an awful lot of content in this and it is hugely worth the investment so if you are looking at it go ahead and buy so the main program itself now I like this for many reasons and the main reason is because he Spencer Ghost is so much great detail on how to actually put this whole thing together but also as well I kind of like it because of the case that is now I'm a little biased on this one main reason being is because he's actually put one of my own this is me yep there's actually put one of my own videos there within the course as well so I can't recommend this thing enough it's just me showing you how I've used Spencer's program to actually get more sales and more permissions using the YouTube ranking strategies that Spencer teachers in the course so it's going it this is module one which is like an overview there's had to sort out you Nisha's have sort of traffic how to add value funnels this is all pretty good as well so you can actually download funnels actually into your own click forums account and if you don't have a critical in scale there should be a link below so you can go ahead and get it why not throw caution to the wind and get hold it out and what else we've got this is products and it's like loads of stuff absolutely loads of stuff this this program should be selling for at least $2,000 I'm gonna put it out there it should be selling for over two thousand dollars but I know Spencer is not about the money and has made it extremely affordable for a lot of people so anyway this kind of wraps up my own review of the affiliate secrets to put oh I hope you've enjoyed this video I hope that if you're watching this on youtube you like and subscribe and drop me a comment below and if not and you're watching this on my blog itself then make sure that you check out everything else on the page and go and buy this program right now before everyone else does be around forever

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