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affiliate marketing tips,are you having trouble generating leads for your online of business or your affiliate marketing business leads are the bloodline of your online business no leads no sales no money in this video I'm going to break down how you can affiliate marketing tips literally generates over a hundred leads per day absolutely free zero freakin dollars how's it going my friend my name is Eric Keller's jr with air intelligent calm this is your first time coming across my channel I have a serial digital entrepreneur make sure to follow me on Instagram to keep it 2 of my life and also make sure to hit the subscribe button so that way I can help you live a life of time location and financial freedom and I also post daily to help affiliate marketing tips you crush it as an entrepreneur any questions comments concerns drop below I do check all of my comments now let's get into the content right now what I'm gonna do is somebody go ahead and step behind the actual laptop and show you guys a method that I'm using right now so literally generate well over a hundred leads per day for free let's go to break it down alright guys so let's dive deep into the constant let's get right to it now basically there's two simple pages that you're going to be leveraging to actually generate as stated a hundred plus leads for free per freaking day right now basically what I'm gonna break down for you guys is how to leverage these two actual pages and how I'm leveraging them to generate hundreds of leads even thousands of leads per week right now the first page is called a capture page right I capture page which I'm gonna show you guys in a second is a page there's a little web page right and on that web page you are basically giving them some sort of bribe that is congruent with your affiliate marketing offer example if you are in the weight loss niche you might be giving a ebook or even a free report that reveals ten foods that you should avoid if you want to minimize your belly fat or something like that that might be a free thing so we're gonna give somebody a free thing right and basically what's gonna happen is you're gonna have this little slot right here that ask for their email in exchange for this free thing and then you're literally gonna have a call to action so that I'm gonna do a butts it right a call-to-action button right here and then what they basically um click that button they're gonna go ahead and get on your email list right and what are we shooting for we're simply shooting for a hundred leads per day now first and foremost what is this process for what they actually put in their information they're gonna go ahead and get access to your cells how do you say your sales page right for your affiliate offers so this is basically gonna be your cells video so what happens is they're gonna request information and you might have three three pages on your sales funnel meaning you might have something called a bridge page that GATS these two two where you're saying hey you're free thing is on this way but why you a check so they're gonna be redirecting them to this page that's the ending goal right now with this email list or something I'm gonna go and follow up with these people number one and the number two you could follow up with different affiliate offers in the future within the same niche to go ahead and actually monetize that right now the first thing that we have to understand them just to show you one of my cellphones right free book a foolish playbook right so here's my free thing I'm simply giving people access to a free book and in exchange for that free book here's a cover of it down here exchange for the free book I get their email they join my list right so just to show you how many the this day just started on the thumbnail you should actually see this one right here so this was what the date ended off with yesterday so it was yes the two days ago was 269 to 189 leaves today was or yesterday was 167 and so far I have 8 today so basically why is it important to have least because the more leads you got the more sales you get more shells you get the more money you make it's very simple right now how are we going to aggressively build our list why is it important to build an email list because at a click of a button I have access to 800 people or 8,000 people that I can literally sell my products to so the bigger your list the bigger money you're going to me now um the the magic thing right the magic thing is called where are we now there's two ways I'm going to teach you that you can actually generate 100 leads per day right so the first thing is we need traffic website traffic now this is a sales funnel but just to make someone to say website traffic so we traffic to this this little page right now there's multiple ways that we can go in and generate traffic but before we even worry about traffic we need to understand something right we need to understand what our conversion rates are so this page right now for the specific paid traffic method I'm using right now is literally converting at 60-plus percent however for this example what I'm going to state is that right now this is that 30% I notice that 60% but I'm going to say it's at 50% so basically what that being said if our goal is 100 leads per day hundred these per day right then that means I need 200 visits if my opt-in is 50% 50% of 200 is 100 leads per day so with that being said our goal is 200 visits now here's the thing guys um when it comes to free traffic methods if you're doing like Facebook or you're doing like Instagram unless you have a ridiculous following and I mean like in the hundreds of thousands it's not going to be possible to crack these type of numbers organically right so you have two options build a Mitch based account on something like Instagram or Pinterest building a big following right and build a following so big or even YouTube content content marketing to where you're literally generating 200 visits per day and get your split test this little page meaning let's just say you split test two different pages with two different text at the top and what is converting better than the other ones converting at 30% the other ones converting at 50% perfect we finally get to 50% plus then what we're going to do is focus on visits now focus on traffic which is 200 business gets me a hundred these right now that's the three method organically right but I'm going to teach you teach you guys a little cheat sheet on how to get still um even if you have no following no social media following or anything of that nature how you can still generate these leads or free even if you're doing a little cheap right so what I'm going to basically break down to you guys there's something called cost per click marketing right CPC marketing so basically um there's different methods that you can do online let's just say Facebook Ads let's just say solo as if you're doing make money online opportunities there's snapchat as there's banner ads do your research on different methods you can do for a cost per click marketing but um there's two things that you want to figure out right number one is once you start to get sales on the front end you want to track your numbers immediately right so when you're first starting this process you want to make sure that you're optimizing your funnel optimize your photo and the more leads you get the more sells you're going to get right so if you're doing paid traffic you're eventually going to be to sell whether you're in profits are not it it depends right we're gonna break that down right now so basically if I'm doing cost per click marketing right and let's just say I'm getting fifty fifty cents per click and you can be doing solo ads you could be doing um Facebook ads it does not matter let's just take the destress per click and I have a capture page right a capture page that's converting at 50% now what that means is every time somebody lands on this little page right this page right here is currently converting at 60% every time somebody lands on this little page right here and it comes across what I'm offering right my free thing if one out of two people decide to opt in that's 50% so that being said I literally in order to get how do you say if I get 200 visits right sort visits cuz that's the magic number for hundred leads per day plus then that means I'm going to be spending $100 per day right so let's add text hundred dollars per day so what you need to do is find it find an offer right that converts where if you're spending $100 per day right you're gonna make that back and let me explain what I mean right so the current offer that I'm promoting my long-term value what long-term value is right I'll explain what it means long-term value means when i acquire a customer just kind of give you guys an example two customers made me $36 three customers made me 261 dollars so while to customers generated $36 over here three customers generated 261 so it's good imagine that really quick 36 plus 261 equals divided by five so right now it's saying $59 realistically my long-term value is about a hundred and seventy per customer that I bring on board so where my long-term value meaning every time I get a customer I know they're worth a hundred and seventy dollars right if this page right here is converting at one percent right that means out of a hundred people who hit this page I get a sale that means I'm gonna make one hundred and seventy dollars on average per cell right one might be a thousand dollars on the back end one might be only $18 on the back you've hit all the pins right so my aunt everybody's 170 right all that means is with my hundred needs I 100 visits with 100 visits and what I mean by that 200 visits to my sales funnel because I'm getting 50% up the rate that means I'm gonna get a hundred visits 100 leads means 100 visits to my sales page 1 percent conversion rate and this is where finding a good offer if you look at any affiliate networks you can see if it has a high gravity that means a lot of people are selling it that means it's usually a converting off right now if you're promoting a very converting offer let's just say 1% plus and you start doing your numbers that means literally 4 to get a hundred leads right I'm paying fifty cents per click I'm spending $100 to acquire one customer who pays out a hundred and seventy dollars so that means for every dollar I spend I'm gaining a dollar seventy meaning 70 cents earned for every dollar spent in profit so what that means is kind of complex but this is what affiliate marketing is all about and this is why this is the difference between people who succeed in people who fell in this business people don't know how to work out these formulas right they don't take the time aside to actually understand that all's it is is statistics mathematics and data right so based on your data right that you've been gathering these are the numbers what are these every time I spent a dollar I'm gonna get it a dollar study back so once I figure this out and only way you're gonna figure this out is by continuing to optimize these pages continuing to get traffic doing paid traffic and continuing to just obviously what your cells generate on the back end and then calculating based off of just kind of give you guys an example to calculate your long-term value let's just say you make a thousand dollars off of ten signups or ten sales rather whether what was 201 was 50 or whatever right what that means is that on average if I made a total of $1000 in revenue for $10 for excuse me 10 cells that's $100 gained right so what that means that literally these are your numbers right here based off of you calculating your numbers what that means you can literally spend $100 per day and you're gonna break even so you're going to literally be able to build and email this for free so at where I'm currently at if I'm acquiring for every 100 visits if I'm earning a hundred and seventy dollars per customer acquired what that means is I'm all these leads right 167 that's 167 leads that I might have spent $1 for bets I'm making a hundred and I make about one hundred and seventy dollars per scuse me a dollar seventy per lead but understand that some of my leads are organic traffic as well but basically with that being said guys what I'm trying to explain is once you understand cost per click marketing you're literally going to be able to build an email list for free done a profitable email list and then everything on the back end right if you notice right here this email lists everything on the back end you start to send different offers to different other offers right it's going to be pure profit you send an email blast out promoting another offer within the niche a week later then three days later you promote another offer all the cell's you generate because you built that list for free these cells that you promote see these offers that I promote to my list imagine if I if I literally get 1% people to click right if you notice here 1% click 1% click that's 80 visits so these clicks that we're talking about that's free clicks to my sales page that's my cell she said to myself page for free so with that being said guys that's how you guys build 100 100 leads plus per day for free the first method is obviously with organic traffic building and organic traffic method big enough to where you're driving enough traffic meaning if your cell phone is converting at 50 percent then you're getting 200 visits per day that's the first method second method is the hack and with this hack is simply by cost per click marketing building an email list at break even or even profitable up front by knowing your numbers and track being and Catman your numbers to where all the emails that you send out and you market to your list he starts generating cells gonna be pure freaking profit so with that being said my friend that is how you earned a hundred free leads per day is very simple you just go ahead and calculate with math if you're doing cost per click marketing to make sure that your funnel is break-even so that way all your the leads are literally paying for themselves and then pure profit on the back end or if you can manage to generate enough organic traffic which does take time building a following and then redirecting that following to where you can get two to three hundred visits per day you'll be getting literally freaking a hundred dollars or a hundred leads per day in no time now if you enjoyed that's freaking video make sure to hit the subscribe button join the family I do drop videos every single day to help people crush it as a digital entrepreneur and make sure to any questions comes concerns dropping below because I will be answering them and I do read every single comment and last but not least my friend if you are trying to take your business to the next level if you think this was valuable I actually have over forty hours of video content that'll teach you step by step by step how to actually get results within your affiliate marketing business at jump start a Philly dot-com or you go to the link description it's going to come with my personal mentorship as well as over 40 modules 40 video modules and continuously adding and optimizing to help you Carson in affiliate marketing now if you do want something for free I am actually going to go ahead and give you access to affiliates playbook right it's an e-book that it literally help you crush it in the game and you can go to a Philly's playbook calm or link the description I appreciate you so pretty much thank you for setting your time aside to actually watch this video and I will see you on the next video my friend Eric Ellis jr

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