Affiliate Marketing Strategy 2018

Welcome my name is Stacia Kennedy I'm your online marketing coach

Thanks for being in this group if you're watching this this video live here in the affiliate marketing for influencers with your host Stacia Kennedy and in this training I want to share with you my affiliate marketing strategy and so this Goes all around video I love doing videos I love creating awesome videos and giving value My videos are not even the best quality I'm getting better and better every time I seriously have tons and tons of videos on my youtube channel about all different topics anything that I'm interested in anything that I learn I Create a video about it and you know Tell people about it It's not even in the best structure I've learned over time through different programs on you know what to say to have a script kind of look more of an outline not exactly a entire word-for-word script, but an outline of what I want to say and Quickly, the outline is you know sharing what you're going to work you're going to share in that video the tips the whatever the title Of your headline is who you are share your credibility

I'm doing it right now I'm sharing you the top topics and tips and then at the end of the video I'm gonna share I'm gonna also have a call to action or I want to tell people to do something whether it be to like and share this video make sure to subscribe if it's going on YouTube or to opt-in to Get my free offer when whatever offer that is that matches whatever I'm sharing in that video So that's the script I mean, I've just taken my video At the time when I first started I had this really cool Flip cam all round They don't even make it anymore Right? So I had this flip camera that you would you can actually You know just plug it in had a USB I like option and you plug it in your your your Computer and you can download the photos are the videos Really horrible quality, they started making better qualities, and I forgot what the name of it was Zip camera or something, but it was kind of similar to the flip camera But it had a like an external thing I could have a little mic and I had I I actually Used use it to film my mentor when he when I first started working with him

It was a really like mobile Type camera, but I had an external mic on it was so awesome And now the phones are getting so good at recording video And now I'm finally upgraded to a not the complete upgrade But I've gotten to an iPhone 7 which the camera quality video quality is So awesome So my strategy always kind of revolves around You know doing videos on YouTube uploading it to Facebook You know and just being me on social media Where as where then people will start following me people start looking at what I do They start messaging me on what I do or they start adding me as a friend I start connecting with people and networking with them seeing what they're all about then seeing if I have an offer in it and to provide them to help you know a solution to help them with and that could be offering them a link to one of my my Affiliate links just another program and because I give so much value and offer offers to people or even jump on a call to help someone They're they're so grateful that they're like, yeah Give me your link I want to you I want to make sure you get credited for the you know The referral and so we do this all the time I fear new to affiliate marketing a lot of people were like what is affiliate marketing? Well, if you're in real estate, which I work with a lot of people in real estate I'm helping a lot of real estate agents, you know generate more business in their business and real estate but if you're in real estate, most people in real estate are entrepreneurs as well, and so giving you know and what that's what we do all day is we For a business whether we're referring business to people in the mortgage industry or the escrow or all of our different partners We're referring people all day long and that's what affiliate marketing is So if you're still new to affiliate that's what it is is you're referring people a Product and most of the time it's digital products or now We shop online at all the time on Amazon Amazon has an associate referral partner partnership as well – it's not as much as you know, the Commission is not as much as maybe a You know a digital product that one of my friends sells or a course that someone's created Because as digital products they don't have any overhead Like if I were to say you gotta have this bottle right this life factory bottle You can get it on Amazon and I give you my link to Amazon Well, they're not gonna pay me that much commission because they have to manufacture this bottle They have to go, you know have all these other expenses and the bottle itself is only like, you know Ten bucks err and which is an expensive bottle I can't remember how much it was but The point is that on a low priced item – they can't really give you that much commission, right? So that's why I like Promoting items that are like thousand dollars or you know in-between you know over two hundred dollars to a thousand dollars or even more because sometimes the Commission's even higher it can even be Like a normal Commission will probably be in a normal sales job, right? It's like 20% but online marketing and affiliate marketing of these higher-end products Well, they sometimes will give you 40 50 percent sometimes Just because you know, they don't have to pay for the marketing when they have affiliates like yourself Promoting their products they can give out that much of a commission because they don't have much overhead and they don't have to pay For marketing in other areas

They're hoping that these affiliates will will promote them More and then thinking about more of a commission So sorry if you're already Advanced and you already know this stuff station, you know like get into what is your strategy? so my strategy is I do the video I am you know create an attraction marketing I just like myself and attract people but then The mistake I was making years ago was I'm putting in my affiliate link I have websites all over the place I have my affiliate links all over the place I could put in the video I always put like I always tell you capture the lead right have that free offer Well, I have the first link in the video is your free offer And so sometimes you know I've been getting lazy where maybe I don't I don't always capture the lead first right because in certain situations, yes I want to generate leads and sales So I have my freebie offer there and so depends, you know, that's that's what you want to do, but in affiliate marketing Sometimes I was getting lazy and I was just putting the video or putting the affiliate link directly to that product In the video, which is there's nothing wrong with that I've made and hundreds of dollars Doing that on some of my videos but the new strategy I want to do here you guys listen closely Listen, really closely here the new strategy and hope maybe this is not new to you But it's kind of something I'm redoing everything and this is secret is you create Valuable video but what I do is I'm creating a landing page and I'm gonna switch the screen over in a minute You create a Click funnel

I have a I use click photos You can use other other programs, but that's my favorite Is that create a landing page or? It's kind of an opt-in flash landing page and I'll show you here on my screen But I put the video that I created about the products on that page And then when someone opts in to that page, I'm actually seeing in the copy, you know The reason why they should get this product but in the copy in the opt-in before they enter their email Address I'm saying if when you enter your email address you're going to be sent to the sales page of that product and so it actually captures their email address into my list and then forwards them to My affiliate link so when they click Submit, it's a it's going it's being cookie to me So they're going to the landing page and then when they purchase that products or even if they change their mind And then go to the products I've already captured them and they were some at one point somewhat interested in that product Hopefully they are entering their email address because they want to purchase that product and they're going through Entering their email they purchase the product But even if they change their mind, they get to the landing page and like no it's not for me I can email them in the follow-up email series and saying hey, did you get your product? Make sure to get your bonuses from me So that's another thing on that page I'm also showing him that if you buy this product in Number one the video is share is sharing the what value that that product is given by I'm promoting that product This is how you use it This is the data and then below that I have bonus offers So this is why I like to give lots of bonuses lots of of that free value like if you purchase this product from me and I'm also being upfront with them that I'm an affiliate and I'm Showing you how to use this how this this product helps me in my business But also if you buy this product from me because you can buy this You know from anybody else or just go straight to the website, but I want you to know that if you purchase this I will give you this this and this I will give you if you're first starting out

Maybe you're just offering them the you know a 30-minute consultation with you, or you can get a bunch of PL ours, I actually like doing PL ours PLR is private label Um Private label rights And so what that means is that you can Take someone else's product and you can give it away, you know Or you can actually even charge a minimal amount They give you the license to do that So just like my affiliate bonus method in a box I'm giving you the right to take my videos take my whole funnel and Recreate it duplicate it yourself and just change out your links, right? So that's the same thing with public rights public licensing rights And so in this page in this landing page you can put other Products and and and bonuses on there So if you're new and you don't have anything One thing is you do have time You do have the ability to consult with someone that might be coming a little scary if you're kind of new But you have more knowledge just remember that you're an expert you have gotten so far as to learn the things that I'm sharing with you and you can you know Share this information with other people as well and take the time to walk them through it And if you come across something that you don't know yet Let them know you can you know find a way to help them? Figure that out at another time

If you get on a call with someone and you you're not really sure so Those are that, that's that's my strategy I'm gonna jump in and you know you if you guys I see there's a couple people here comment below Let me know if you have any questions about this so far Some Okay, so what you're gonna do now is I'm gonna show you my screen Hey Anna, there you are so hopefully you have Gotten you're with me You're still with me here, and hopefully this stuff is exciting guys because I learned this from From well, not necessarily strategy but I've seen other people join the strategy a few times and Then also I've heard this concept of four by John Chow who's a affiliate marketer and blogger So I felt like I was missing out, you know, so I have all these videos to recap for anybody who's just jumped on And I put you know the affiliate link to the product and I'm you know, promoting and you know You you post it out there You share it on this video You share it on your blog you do a product review But what else right? I feel like When some of the MEA that worked I have lots of videos that still all of a sudden pop up and I have you know Commission Chuck's from these products but what I'm missing here is catch capturing the lead, right? So someone who buys that product they click on my affiliate link, they buy the product They're gone

There are one-time buyer if I capture the lead now and they buy the product or even if they don't buy the product Maybe they change their mind I have them on my list They're mine now I can send them other offers that Potential of that lifetime customer goes up because I can send them other awesome Offers once a buyer is a buyer is a buyer, right? Okay, so let me get into showing you my new landing page for this So go to share my screen So I decided I need to I wanna up level my affiliate income for Aweber and a weber is an autoresponder you guys I've done a few videos about Aweber, I'm I'm updating my Doing more videos about it So that's that's my strategy I'm doing to do more tutorials and I'm actually going to give away a series of tutorial videos about a way where how you can use it and Here is my landing page that I'm gonna start doing for all of the offers that I have And I kind of already been doing this with click funnels I have a bonus page and but I want to show you how easy this I saw someone else to do this and this is a common template I'm going to show you what it looks like They you can use its in click photos and if you want this guys, I will I've been moving things around but I will put in my share link for this this This funnel

So the funnel is this you probably seen this if you're in click funnels before it's a very Simple template but I put in my logo I put in Learn how to manage your email list with Aweber video course So I actually took a PLR and took some of the copy and put that in the top part here I put in grow your audience This is a headline and here's the key here Enter your email here to be taken to the sales page to get Aweber and all of your bonuses I have given you below so in this video I share with them about why a what or why they should use it why I think you know You know a weber is the shit and you know kind of like a review also told them well The in the con of the program is that you still need to know how to use it You still need to have some technical knowledge You still I mean you can go in and anybody who's beginning like I like myself I always like go in and just figure things out but Later on, if you want to be more advanced and you want to know how to use it better, you know I have to go watch a bunch of YouTube videos or buy some programs right to get become a better email marketer So in this video I kind of share Why you need a weber what it is and the cons and then tell them like, you know, you should also if you're considering Generating more leads and sales You should this is what you need to get You need to have an autoresponder and then I tell them that You can get it, but if you get it with my link, you can get all these bonuses So I'm still adding more bonuses, but I this is a Pilar that I'm basically I'm duplicating I I know how to do all these things but I just wanted it I got any you know seven dollars for it for this this PLR and I can duplicate and I just like that they had these bullet points and And I can go over and see if they have any more tips that I don't know about and I can redo all their videos Right, so it comes with all these videos Explaining each of these things in their voice, but I want to brand me So I'm duplicating these videos in these topics in The steps and then there's so there's a beginners course and then there's an advanced course and Then I'm probably going to add more stuff, but I just hid all the other sections for now And then I got to change the the copy there But here's the secret right you're created an opt-in form in Aweber or clickfunnels in this case because I'm doing a video about Aweber I'm going to create an a weber list and then Let me show you here In the editing what you do is you add the list but then when someone opts in you have it go directly to your The page skip the Thank You page and go direct to your affiliate link So the way I do that is Obviously go to settings integrations and this is how you set up your email list, right you go to Aweber and Actually, I need to go and add the list I don't think I added the list in my area I Didn't add it No, I didn't do it yet

So let me go do that but then for the advanced people Here you go to Believe it's general Yeah, so so, um so you go to General so you go to the settings you go to general and then I'm gonna put my affiliate link right here on submit go to this link Stacia a weber comm just for tutorial purposes I'm just going to put that link but later on i'm probably gonna go get my click magic link So if you're a little more advanced I like I'm trying to make sure that I do more tracking so I'm using click magic to track my My links everywhere that I put it So now I know that if someone purchased from Aweber Through this landing page offer I can track that using click magic, but for now I'm just gonna put that there You don't have to click save pages template you basically you just click outside of the box and it saves it And or you click on the top right hand corner to save the entire page? but You don't have to click on anything in that drop out menu So you go to settings go to general and there it is So I want to make sure I wanted to make sure that you saw that where that is So that's the important part

You can set up your form on the landing page You on the integration so that when they submit their email address and I'm just adding their email I'm just capturing their email and I'm gonna change this where it says email address to unlock Bonuses Offer Bonus offer click Save no, I use their template just changing everything out So this video right here is a video I put on YouTube, but I'm putting it in here as the you know Welcome page offer So on YouTube I'm gonna put the link to this landing page offer when someone opts in this is gonna go directly into the To the sales page of the product that I'm promoting I'm also telling them again below here here the bonuses that you get and Then what happens is that I've captured the lead so in the first welcome email I can say did you grab your your Your products please I can maybe say something like please Reply back that with your receipt for the product if you want really want to be a stickler about you know, that they've got the product or Just you know, something like that and then you can reply back with the with the landing page of of where you put the bonuses right so you can either You know just have like a page where you send them to get the free bonuses Or in my case I'm actually recreating all the videos and I'm gonna put them behind a membership site So I was gonna charge for this I was gonna charge for all the videos what I decided No, I'm gonna really want to up up level my bonus up level my affiliate income from Aweber so I'm going to send them to the members area to sign up for the The membership

So basically I'm giving them free access to the membership site where I'm putting all the bonuses inside of it So I created the members area access area with the videos You can see here just saying Hey, you know, this is your this is where you create your your login and so When you create a membership site it looks like this here and It has all the different ensuing This is a secret signup URL So this is the URL that you give them To so that they get free access So that's this one

Not the membership access signup area so this is the area where you customize you put your logo and your video and Let me show it bigger to you so you can see it but you don't ever give people that link whoops Because I'm already logged in you can you see this one? Oh So I'm not showing you the login page one So that's why you don't give them that link you can you give people this secret link to four it just you know sign up and then This is if they're already logged in and they'll get to this page I Think this because I'm signed in whole lot So they would get this page if they first, you know When they first get started so you send them to that first secret signup link you'll get this page then I basically You don't have to create a video but I like to create a welcome video like hey, make sure to you know Bookmark this page because this is a page you're going to use to log into your account and get free access You can do it differently like a lot of people just have a page like a one landing page with all their videos or If you only have a couple videos But I sometimes I think feel like it's not exclusive right anybody can just you can send anyone to that page It's easy because people can get access and and it's like a you know You can create a page It says step 1 step 2 or you know, these are the different bonuses But I like having a membership site because it makes them feel like they got something right They they feel like they have to create an account for it to get any access to it So they're getting access to this awesome membership site where I'm sharing with them all these videos about Aweber and I'm about how they can use it Importing your contacts like if they get stuck at any point, you can go back to parts of these really short term 3 minute videos Down here is the advanced Videos I'm and so I'm I'm still in the process of recreating these videos and I'm gonna put it in here and then you can put You know access to you So I have I'm gonna have a link to my facebook messenger link if they need support And then I'm actually gonna put in more advertising in here for other affiliate market products that I like so I might have another Section or picture saying if you need help with copy You need to get you know funnel hacks If you need help with this, you know Make sure to get Russell Brunson some secrets book that or have a section with all of my reviews to other products to other my other affiliate products and I put Another section here with all reviews of other work my other products and links to those products So it's free advertising right there getting this bonus But they also might be interested in other things too Right and so in your follow-up series you can do that, too You can follow up with them and say like did you purchase the product? Ok reply back to get your bonuses and then in the follow-up series you can also say you know You can for the first five series you can make sure that they got their stuff make sure that they're going through the videos did You see this part? did you see why this part so but you know awesome that you need to make sure to implement into your Email marketing and then once they go through that five series and I can also start selling them other things, right? I can put them into another sequence of hey now that you got this Done, you know like have you seen this? you know tool that I use and this is how I use it and you put them into the next funnel into something else and That's the amazing part you guys once the buyer is a buyer the buyer So once they got in here you gave them all this bonuses to get one product now you can show them other products that can help them as well – It's all about sharing It's all about giving value Mmm, so I hope you guys really got something out of this Make sure to comment below let me know if you guys have any questions

Let me check in the group on my phone here If you guys have any questions so far let me know Know if there's a delay as well, too Awesome so My awesome friend and coach Kevin is also on here Thanks for watching, hopefully This is stuff You already know all this stuff, but maybe one thing I can have Kevin Come on here as well and do more advanced affiliate marketing email marketing Strategies and I'll put it in the bonus area So you guys this is awesome Stuff make sure to watch the replay if you're jumping on At the end here, I think it's super early

So not a lot of people are on here, but this is my new strategy I'm going to do it for everything that I promote and I mean technically it's new I've been kind of doing it but kind of running in the sloppier way like I want to be more More concise about these things and I'm just offering more value to and and in making these pages awesome, so There is Alright thanks for watching this video make sure to If you have any questions next and you know, let me know I'm gonna start doing these more frequently, maybe even twice a week And we'll see you in the next video watch love and aloha

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