Affiliate Marketing Introduction for Beginners | Earn money from Amazon in Hindi – 2018

Hi Friends you all are aware of Amazon, Flipkart and Snapdeal but are you aware of this that you can earn a lot by using these E-Commerce sites Today we will discuss on Affiliate marketing So if you guys are unaware of affiliate marking or having less knowledge then this video is for you only because this video is for beginners as well as for those who are using it but wants assistance so watch till end to know complete process There are many E commerce site who are supporting affiliate programs but Amazon is best in this category So in today's video we will see complete setup, link generation and earning process of Amazon affiliates So lets start todays video and subscribe our channel Free of cost to motivate me and press bell Icon to get latest updates Also requesting to share topics of new videos in comment box so that i can cover those topics in upcoming videos

First lest understand Affiliate marketing Lets say you joined Amazon affiliates account and you like any of their good product then you can create a custom link of that product and share it on various platforms and if anyone purchases from your custom link then amazon will give you good amount of commission of that lets understand complete procedure of this on amazon website First you to open Chrome and type Amazon affiliates India Dont miss to type "India" as suffix to avoid opening any other side To get confirmation you can cross check our National flag at top right side Its showing as normal amazon website but as Amazon affiliate link You have to click on "Join now for free" to start registration you will get login/signup page You can use you old amazon account also but I suggest you to open new account Its very simple to register you only need to enter your name, email id, and password to register Click on create your amazon account On next page you will get 4 main tabs Account information, Website, mobile app Profile and start using Amazon center

First fill account info in this you have to pay "Payee name" it should be the same as per your Bank account name After that fill address, city, state postal code and Mobile number Please fill these details carefully as it is directly linked with your payments At last they are asking " Are you a US person" Select accordingly, in my case its "NO" Click on next to proceed further Next page is of Website and Mobile app details In this many people are having confusion that they cant do Affiliate marketing in absence of own website so i would like to clarify that Anyone can do this in absence of own website also they can use any social media network platform like facbook, twitter and Instagram etc if you are having any youtube channel then you can use the link of that also I am using my youtube channel link here also adding facebook, twitter and Insta pages link you only need some average or good networking platform to spread your link at right side there is mobile app option,if you are having any mobile app then you can use fill details Then click on next to proceed to third tab of Profile

Its asking for preferred associate store id in this also many people are having confusion what to fill In this can put your name only and they will use the same to create a unique id using your name Next they are asking, What are your website or mobile app about? you need to fill details about your website or mobile app like topic and content of same if its a you tube channel then what type of videos your are uploading give small description Next they are asking topic of your website/app there are 2 options "Primary" and "Secondary" there are many options coming select accordingly Since I am making tech videos so selcting Computer/software/Technology in primary I am selecting "Travel" as secondary because i am making few videos on travel

Next they are asking what type of amazon item do you intend in your website/app select all options in this Next they are asking what type of your website and App? Again 2 option are there Primary and Secondary select accordingly in both Then they are asking how do you drive traffic to your website? There are many option select accordingly as per your website and App Then its asking how do you utilize your website and app to generate income There is one option, Amazon associate is the only option i use select that one only In secondary you can take Subscription services then its asking how do you usually build links? Select accordingly as per your situation Then they are asking how many unique visitors do your website/app got per month, so as per my Youtube channel I am taking between 500-5000 Then give "to monetize my site " in primary reason to join then fill captcha and click on finish Now they have given success message On the screen they will share your unique associate store id at Bottom there is one option Enter your payment and Tax Information You can fill it or skip it also for now This is welcome page of your associate account Click on get started to continue First we will see the commission percentage of referral against each category of Amazon to see that click on Help tab Click on advertising fee schedule Then it will show you the commission on each and every category of amazon product there are all categories like kindle device, books, electronics, mobile phone etc But on men's apparel there is highest commission of 12% you can check %wise commission here and take the decision that which product you should advertise, always select best product Now back to our home page and enter any product id it will show you the list of all amazon available item against that product against each product you can see the "Get Link" option you can click on get link to see your custom link you will get 2 option under get link, 1 is full big URL and another is Shorten URL suggesting you to select short URL because it looks good for Advertise first we will check the short URL by opening in another tab Its the same product which I am looking, so now I can share this link to anyone and if they will purchase from my link then I will get commission Lets see another option if you are having website you can create ad page here also for your website you will get HTML code also along with some custom design options you can create ad page and link it to your website Now we will fill these payment details otherwise they will not release payments from their end First they asking for PAN details

Enter your PAN Then select organization type as Individual Select pay me by NEFT they will release payment on reaching 1000 INR Then you have fill Bank details You have to provide your name, Bank name, Account number and ifsc code here at last press submit it will redirect you to another page to fill Tax information Interview Here also you need to fill Tax related details Like name, Address, occupation Country, TIN number etc After filling all details press save and continue Then it will show you Sample Tax certificate on behalf of provided details Press save and continue for final confirmation after review details On next page it will ask for some declaration Give declaration for providing paperless activities and digital signature select all relevant check boxes Finally you have to provide your full name for Digital signature

give email address and select individual under capacity Press submit and it will generate your digital Tax Certificate I hope you will get clarity on affiliate marketing and their registration process, creating links and sharing for earning If you like the video then Please like and subscribe my channel to motivate me Also share the topics on which you want to see videos I will try to upload in coming weeks Thanks a lot friends for watching 🙂

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