Affiliate Marketing für Anfänger #9 Bestätigungsseite erstellen

hello and welcome to Affiliate Marketing for Beginners this new video in this new video We will create the confirmation page that is the page automatically after the landing-page comes on the day our offender books has entered so We continue to work on our funnel and our marketing Well the whole thing will be back with an optimal price Affiliate Marketing for beginners as I said we just have the most creative freedom you can get here so i can love to work with it and i can really do it all I recommend now blank pages select myrad content template again click on the template and Just call the page confirmation page so checa on the back is free of course it is free because the page hd it is of course absolutely brand new and There are not many sites here except the one we are now in the recent video Affiliate Marketing for Beginners well together i click create again and now get back here my blank and blank page so the first thing of course I'm doing a new line and this time right me even the Einzeller Affiliate Marketing for beginners because I will leave this side well here element here is for example in things that I would like to show you once we Now do not necessarily have to write the text block because we have affiliate marketing for beginners now At the headings we can also give you a headline here raussuchen and then of course I have here too again different possibilities we can use however I am rather So, as you say, never change a running system and I have the right to get used to working this way and do all this here Actually, it's almost the same when you say headliner headline As well as showing sk that since affiliate marketing for beginners I stand over it one can the cetera and that's just something I do not need because it does not need that I do that in a very classic way and the text block like that and we do it like that write in here that worked out mark with the whole Affiliate Marketing for Beginners text and say heading 2 so that's bigger so this time I can actually too I do not know that it is not left too I am not not centered again because I want things so what I write the same About the video Affiliate Marketing for beginners is that I'll show you then the whole goes too they just say inside pages now i have to put all this in here so now But I do not click on element again and raussuchen the things or maybe even write headline again because then I say okay I work here in the line with these strokes or what you have there can choose anything because I make it easy and I just press On copying affiliate marketing for beginners so that really is like them now I'll get you in here or I'll just click on this pencil symbol to edit and make the whole thing first and write the next sex is now a step mark the whole headline also Affiliate Marketing for Beginners three that's a bit is smaller and I want but again such a small eyecatcher sitting make the once colored with my color code Something like options I watch but it has been copied so it is left flush it is just everything stayed as well as the previous one also good affiliate marketing for beginners now I copy the whole thing again in Iraq is of course as easy as make possible the whole thing away again and I reduce I have you with the link sent to the registration page point look at the approximately 118 rooms Affiliate Marketing for beginners is of course everything as it should be although no she is now I almost made a mistake so no made mistakes that is of course yes so look once again something options and I said yes I can Affiliate Marketing for beginners a normal pacemaker always against the 17 So off to bed and is that I'm already doing it better but I do not like it great so best No, I think I'll take that in our new page have a little more with me we could do some affiliate marketing for beginners herewith Then again, this would be Affiliate Marketing for beginners to see it for a test Of course, we'll do the thing here, of course there you are Well, there breaks the arm so sometimes it is difficult exactly the point to find affiliate marketing for beginners though it actually It is quite easy, so to speak, that we are doing away with this second one now so it looks better there then well then I will be back a video Add affiliate marketing for beginners the video player and this time I also take the normal that is not now a landing page where I have a really high conversion what it is a little info page that has one of our tactics visitors say that worked out Affiliate Marketing for beginners the entry has worked please but now confirm a terrace so we do not give you a free gift can pass so and there is enough for me completely normal videoplayer from that I have to briefly repeat the embed code So here's gonna be tight again Affiliate marketing for beginner kohl performed the one again is on again a preview video the rest I leave here now and that I do now of course also left on inside Affiliate Marketing for beginners but without it all, let's take a look at what affiliate marketing looks like for beginners So I'm going to publish so I'll publish it all the way already and click on safe in the continium So let's have a look at the link to it, so what does that look like now has Affiliate Marketing for beginners of course this video will run automatically again so by itself and I have to say that as a confirmation page that's enough again we have the download content template very small held that worked now one more I just got an e-mail with the link to Affiliate Marketing for beginners registration page Sent and in this video we show once again what she looks like with this fold as we just confirm it as comfortable as that possible and posed to make visitors above ultimately also move in to that he, of course, confirmed his race as well, that's about it with the confirmation page so of course now really fast that is yes, not really Affiliate Marketing for beginners have been consuming here the whole thing so I could really take it one to one even if you do not think product is supposed to be confirmation page just a confirmation on the part of not really much behind me that can say that while I just always optically that way less is more that's what you hear so often and yes it's true really good as I said that with the confirmation page builds the whole after and how they then us in the next video Affiliate Marketing for beginners until then

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