Affiliate Marketing für Anfänger #8 Landing Page

hello and welcome to Affiliate Marketing for Beginners this new video in this new video we conjure because I have just now from here entered optimal press is successfully activated we see yes too already some bullet possibilities with dirk one will make and me everything on standard class Affiliate Marketing for beginners or a thing we can do and indeed the since lining so adjust the copyright setting once the whole already on 2018 made is only a few days caught 2018 so have virtually only the copyright now once in German and already adapted since we will have to save the whole thing once in a few days anyway in 2018 and that's it so now Affiliate Marketing for beginners, we'll make a comparison once Although like the standard design of optimally not on the ice but of So wordpress itself would look like the normal design thing here By default we are going to click on create and create pages Of course, affiliate marketing for beginners is the only option here, I'll go if he does page 1 How can I use the media in the editor? to either write texts to insert images or even if we want blog posts to write so I'm a headline like normal Maybe you already know by 38 o'clock probably about 3,000 separated 16 cents I score the whole just click once center it here so that you look over it and affiliate marketing for beginners do this once fat and here is so as said we can you have still a toolbar where you have a few more in things you can of course, even plugins was installed, of course, even more things yes but I can use what I have available here and that Affiliate marketing for beginners is absolutely enough for me because I already know my color code and I know already copied me published so seldom times or as an example I do not do any pictures or anything else in there and that would now look like this in my case I open the whole time in a new one window i can already do that, for example and now we have this here so naturally we could be here now maybe a video or a video was below similar or then from our e mail marketing system here a no yes a place in the middle of form but we still have quasi that affiliate marketing for beginners harmony as the page means we have the top half of the picture proudly up here presented by wordpress if we still have a menu which we have anyway will insert later in which also create a member area at least here for this one for this coaching caught that also something stand somewhere you can not hide that's why then I'll show you right now because it's me the same way we do the Affiliate Marketing for beginners all over now and get it with optima espresso the whole time yes and of course have many different here now possibilities as soon mentioned pages have different templates here to use yes so I click preview I look at the whole is easy Maybe he was picking a new picture and maybe the color here adjust a bit and yes yes, not affiliate marketing for beginners Not from but as I said at the optimal price I like here is that we this We have artistic creative freedom we can really create pages as well as we want and that's exactly what I'm showing you now namely a blancpain and I always choose the round content design from so these are actually all blank pages i click on preview yes it here one example page and the difference here for example from the spot border template is that Affiliate Marketing for beginners we have the green edge here at my example what I always like to take this route we could see down here even the small gap or this raised raised where we each area Saying something else, of course, everyone can do the way he likes I of course like to pour this space has content I just click on now views the template and said the page to the hot landing page for that is now the first page on which we will later be visiting visitors Affiliate Marketing for Beginners send a solution to their problems and what should I click on check and knows okay the page is free with this url so hhde / landingpages clearly that is not free and we do not have affiliate marketing for beginners created but now new page that is called yahoo

de new page really on create page and now have absolutely an affiliate marketing for beginners bare and blank page so the first thing I do I click on s level so I can add a new time of course now choose how they differ if I am here now single assume a two-line is the fifty fifty or a twelfth but a third as all it is first no that I can here confirm affiliate marketing for beginners on island intro page or by simply double-clicking and waking up Now I can add the line here in the elements so I can click on element and now we have a large list of elements here is so much there I really have to take the time and really times because it is very very extensive so I like optimal Price but so I am already with it yes I would say very well know I know exactly what I'm looking for Let's get text over there I'll be a WISE example of affiliate marketing for beginners text will do the text block and now I can write like that again again a toolbar ok and here I write the same holds I just finished just like you with three simple sales of 3130 euro 6 cents achieved You can do it all you can test it but as I said I leave that First of all here so that is probably affiliate marketing for beginners as well as the most headline So you should know everything you want to test yourself and also adjust everything But that's a lot of the case the first headliner I'm here for the new one coaching selected and that should be known to some of course, of course So I'm going to make it fat here I do that again in color as eyecatcher that is very important just on the landing page Affiliate Marketing for Beginners We want visitors to sign up and Eventually, then, the interest will be good Now I could click on islands I'll do it just like that Show now we would have this feeling here looks small of course affiliate marketing for beginners but nothing special because of that fits The whole day Herbert knows if we can not of course now here also mark everything and here has the headline take but no me that now as it is and always use the most as an option because I went out a little bit more centered and so for the first time say then that is in size 40 I use mostly for my pages and then I very much liked to have a different font for the headline For those who are at the top I like to use Affiliate Marketing for beginners the railway I leave the rest and just click on island and now we have already a headline that looks much better so the next thing I do now I could add more here but I do not do it because of me Now a new time is needed because I have affiliate marketing for beginners two different times of the war can not be element and this time I choose the 35 025 time because I want to have a video here and quite often, of course in the area where the visitor finally enters to the Affiliate marketing for beginners to become interested because he wants to have a free gift as well I click here element make the text once and we here about video clips videoplayer and of course I have many different options for Select Affiliate Marketing for beginners and I just like that here what looks like a way blocked was also a laptop and the Most conversion I had mostly always told with this here or This works quite well laptop for you Affiliate Marketing for beginners but better so now I have the possibility here to insert a video in the form of a mbit code a url just a youtube videos affiliate marketing for beginners which is ultimately a pid me too have to go here for a moment on one screen the url copy or the embed code wants here also in the vip code out for him with control almost a small preview video was the video for the landing page Turned Affiliate Marketing for Beginners is because I have this coaching once in a slip want to turn off and then finally the subtleties again Adding good to that later when I click on them and I have too already a nice petra now i can click here for stay controls or we'll see that the elemental Affiliate Marketing for Beginners disappears here so we're about Nuclear power is out of the moment when we turn the page up here in our browser to Affiliate Marketing for Beginners For example, it also seems that the whole thing is here it's not too tight for me, of course, but we have too Here are the other things in between and the way they look for affiliate marketing for beginners then I do not like it online so I'll click here again elements and so take a small space so small distance here I wear also disagree that he is the way he is now their affiliate marketing for beginners already spacer the Of course, this is not the time of the publish I do the whole Now we see that we have a bit more space So do not let it irritate here, of course, therefore, will not stand later Of course, this is just about those placeholders here Affiliate Marketing for beginners I show the whole again and again I just copy this once and drag in this drag into this next element as I totally I know exactly what I will use and at the same time just later okay i go back to elements clique again on text take the text block freak out and write here, for example, a free Affiliate Marketing for beginners Members area war again on about the option so I was like I said knows Affiliate Marketing for beginners already exactly how I mean the neuter construction because I do not do that For the first time, we are, for example, stepping the largest 24 makes it whole of course again centered I want to have the fat Klika brush and Affiliate Marketing for beginners cost the headline in the kilo range now I go again to the text block and here I write for example now another request now click on the button and imagine yours personal to control Affiliate Marketing for beginners now click on the button and create your personal access well that I have such options and me usually take the font sizes 17 Affiliate Marketing for beginners of course lacking centered if we did not do that the whole way it just does not look right so if we do not look that nice Now all this time centered on Affiliate Marketing for beginners he says and lakes much better it is just such a nice rounding off I do it all for a short while Affiliate Marketing for beginners anyway, it's just a lot nicer and clear everything is better for the eye and just as if the Visitors will remember the visitors and that will be Affiliate Marketing for beginners already on the conversion the main ones to show okay the next thing I do is of course the sacrifice area I just write in and click here often in of course I have so many different Affiliate Marketing for beginners possibilities what I can use and of course I always like to use this one but there are tons so that's it really trying what suits you or how theirs is then it suits how when you move, for example, you chose my product of course you can find this affiliate marketing page for beginners one copy the same video and use that i use that when i do of course one inferior yes but of course I have That's why I am all in an affiliate marketing for beginner module partner area show you how it works here and how it could actually be one too do one thing and finally use the traffic strategies that I use to send visitors days to my specific website and Affiliate Marketing for beginners With that you can earn money so I use now as usual here mine favorite my favorite on the castle so and what we do now is Normally a box form has the form html here as from our market access team did not go through that yet we'll just fine tune here and decide on affiliate marketing for beginners e-mail data yes So very important, we have to change later Of course I'll show you that, then click on custom here form and copy here our special code renndebüt now too not have because of that just get on e-mail there okay For example, I'll click on Affiliate Marketing for beginners here that one is so that I also do that for example I cover that is namely standard and should be synonymous Affiliate Marketing for beginners each clear that one such data are victories treated well here i write Affiliate marketing for beginners point by point was as little information as I have tested times and although I have written in the first version only your always enter that in the second version enter your inner dot point and point In fact, Affiliate Marketing for beginners have registered several visitors only because of three points so As I said later in the form of split tests you can hear pages test and measure and then you can see what works better for your visitors And really the one higher conversion actually, three points have it affiliate marketing for beginners managed to achieve their conversion which really amazed me the button now we do not take the success button Affiliate Marketing for beginners here but we take create your own and click on create box so that's natural Now not so nice for us, I do everything lids so first textile and away kropp shadow I do away in shadow always right and must Actually Affiliate Marketing for beginners only this and that so text us this I am writing now for example register for free now So that has always proven itself quite well I will leave him soon the text drive I do then like always in white the font size to 20 So the button nor Affiliate Marketing for beginners is not quite so big here I can for example make it a little smaller play well now come the colors namely, of course, again I copy my color again and I mean I do not say that because I'm good Now I have to go to the screen take my color code again because we have just copied affiliate marketing for beginners against the video a nice blue what is almost back and come to our buccaneers man and I would say okay, it's not quite good, look how it looks when we take the bowl off well i would say it is i would say this is a thing you can do right now I'm trying to say Affiliate Marketing for beginners visually I like that so much Okay, but most importantly, that we think of e mail data custom shapes it may even be that we are next to me need to go back but first let's see, I'll get it on the island yes, I'll just give it again It's only a good test and you button is still right here on the island ok now we have our nice if because form in here and I have to say that's actually really good yes it works Of course not now because affiliate marketing for beginners we have no e mail marketing system here Of course, that would of course be done later That's why we have just given e-mail data here as a city Of course, our custom html before affiliate marketing for beginners but the first get in Our email marketing provider and I show you one in another Model good and if I go back to already or heiko schulz then we see something is not right there but Affiliate Marketing for beginners that's why I have this spacer made earlier over here so i know that because i mean the pages always make similar and I have the things already all In my head and I really want to look at this now Affiliate Marketing for beginners and says eye it's all that is somehow wrong and a bit come that is just not fancy the eye that's why I've already said Affiliate Marketing for beginners I simply copy the spacer here with the here and if I the whole now that often makes then sees that because you have to be there for Thinking away now this looks pretty good We can do it easily check by clicking on view public and somehow zx affiliate marketing for beginners well we do it on publish so we publish that click now and continue and then we do it all again Now he opens this one but here we see this video what I have previously been an Affiliate Marketing for beginners felt but is only a preview video and that my friends is one landingpage which converts very well with me we have a simple one headline like you with three referents monthly sales of 3130 euro and 6 Of course, our 10 will also be fishing and fishing online business like you have something with this or this one or something Something makes me fall spontaneously nothing and of course Affiliate Marketing for beginners always do some brainstorming And yes, it is about the visitor of the day visitors now on our website comes Affiliate Marketing for beginners as I said we have to think that is natural but it would just be here in wordpress logged in normally is that gone now that's what these days titles really see so far as well as triple tools enable turnover of 330 euro or affiliate marketing for beginners a headline that suits his problem yes that I go fishing and fishing or the decrease is whether that is about this tinter dating money whether it is about that product what you want to market via the gate 24 as a sales partner yes So you look at that I showed you on the side of the product itself why do I like it so I can associate myself with it for beginners of course, and then of course builds a landing page similar Of course, Affiliate Marketing for beginners is of course also the product you are promoting and of course sends the day visitors to it so very important Of course, the headline is what immediately focuses on Affiliate Marketing for beginners and this video this is only in preview video that is just that that is not empty from you well and city that video launches affiliate marketing for beginners, of course, and there a video which of course showed as solutions to the problem your visitor has and Affiliate marketing for beginners, of course, that's often in the form of so that's the area Also free each area now placed on the button and gives you Your personal access is a solicitation of affiliate marketing for beginners we tell the visitor hey get in and get the free gift what we praise here in the video to affiliate marketing for beginners so, as I said the headline let's say we can handle that we can do it here in the video Let's say what's up and here we say a request for action wear you and get it free affiliate marketing for beginner gifts so that's the landing page We are, of course, the first to build affiliate marketing for beginners and our talented visitors Send this is the specific website or a page that the landingpage we need to make real sales to affiliate marketing for beginners yes ok builds the whole and as I said if you a traffic so that this product You can copy this page one by one you can also get the video what affiliate marketing for beginners then come in here that is of course, there is not yet turned off for that, I would also you the Of course, url will provide the embed code the exact affiliate marketing for beginners Here is a movie you can do that almost exactly as I do this did and all updates and of course so i am changing something the conversion works with david or does not want to be any better is natural keep posting so i could always go up that good Definitely a lot better and more attractive than being with one design works so really are worlds between affiliate marketing for beginners And that's just the tip of the iceberg right now but it really can Also do more with it and if you really have the corn price artistic and creative freedom you can do with it know a bit about playing and you are there too home feels so like wordpress even then they can with it really beautiful things that have a very good conversion and With that you will definitely lack money for beginner and affiliate marketing within the three months ahead the seven euro 95 start from oracle for the websites themselves well builds that The whole thing builds it in a similar way as the page looks like the product of yours mode or boot is one on one if you mean promote product and we See you then Affiliate Marketing for beginners in the next video until then

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