Affiliate Marketing für Anfänger #7 OptimizePress installieren

hello and welcome to affiliate marketing for beginners of this new video in this new video I introduce you to an optimal press so we have already seen that When we look under design that we have this many different standard designs have and they are just not nice we have the possibility when we click here to add that we have different other designs also popular among them or latest favorites you can of course also We are looking for an adaptation, but you can with such pages more convenient than preview click however with such pages Not really marketing pages that make our affiliate marketing fun for beginners Correspond because we really need artistic and creative freedom to create web pages that correspond to our funnel and that's why I think that if you really want to earn money you have to work with professional thing because only with professional you can increase your conversion and thus more money To earn in this video, I show affiliate marketing for beginners like you install the optimized press as a plugin and if we do we will Make it all over here I am already logged in here in the members area of ​​optimal price on the myspace is a yes a design Affiliate marketing for beginners so the new that we have a smartphone here we have optimal press as a plug in the whole one can download here as well as I have already downloaded the design itself, and we will Now we also install it once we give as I said here and rider plugins click here to install So what about the designs of course you can also plugins here looking for and installing searchers Affiliate marketing for beginners, however, I only use few, and the less, the better on your side because it can also be the danger that I have some plugins or synonymous science just plugin back designs can not stand Affiliate Marketing for beginners just the free ones are incredibly well programmed or you know synonymous not if there maybe hidden pixel is installed or similar So that's really my personal opinion always works with professional Things together who wants to earn you money then have to you do it right very clearly so there is no half things or I just do a little bit of success or whatever it is mine personal opinion of course you can try it is absolutely speaking Do not mind getting started when you're new to this online business Affiliate Marketing for Beginners business time that you are trying to find something here and then here a nice website builds up however it is very much as mentioned simply with optimal price and also we have really there artistic and creative freedom and can adapt the pages as we do Because most of the time it's like that, that's us always somehow have the menu more what we can not do away with affiliate marketing for beginners and how said the pages we need for the funnel these are whole special, which I will of course show you in the next videos okay we go on plug ins install them magenta upload and now just want the file from you I sure or garden was also called the smart smart team affiliate marketing for beginners i might also be in scene though Although I use is not actually because I created a blog but not Really only wants static pages and these static marketing pages diet judge created accordingly what do I do mainly with the plug-in so click on open and now install this plug-in right there big so what does it mean is quite big, I think 22 mb or something like that Of course it can be a short time that is high loaded and in the At the moment we just go through the alternative through so affiliate marketing for beginners optimal stress the number one is absolutely there I am that is my opinion that is mine I really favor all of my side yes or so yes really me on each of my website with optima express, however, it's a plugin and also what you can use as a house which is chargeable You have a one-time payment and 2 are the $ 97 where I have to say makes that is it is a unique investment he really is So if you think that I personally consider necessary affiliate marketing for beginners you can give it a try With the free designs we can try accordingly to build a funnel side like I did in the next video afterwards But it will not be so good Of course, as if your affiliate marketing utilizes such a design for beginners, there are of course alternatives as well For example, we can just flee Google for three times Enter the whole time here yes, a little longer because I have the plug-in this is an alternative, for example can you look at the Affiliate Marketing for Beginners video another alternative would be to example also like pages where I have to say song pages is more browser-based, of course, you can also link it to wordpress, however use as here mainly tablets we could change that we can synonymous but also do you have but really creative freedom Create affiliate marketing for beginners and yourself yes here is something different especially we have no possibility with paypal or transfer or similar but only with So credit card for those who are new to online business and would I say song page is a good affiliate marketing alternative for beginners I've liked trying out I also really good in both years I used but hang I've just stayed at optimal press this is a one time affiliate marketing for beginner payment 4 yes we will that I get this subject out so hard at the belly but you will see it I would see the pages of the place so if we do not build together so I can see them at 70 percent will soon be ready you can of course song page is you look at you can fly free watching affiliate marketing for beginners but of course I would be optimal for you press recommend the link is how to look in the infobox then look this video presentation and is really considering getting in there because only with this plugin that is at least my opinion we will achieve the best possible pages and also conversions and that was me So we want to make money and when it comes to money-making I say we do not do any affiliate marketing for beginners half things but do that before one correct so 97 percent we have now we may be forwarded so that 's it synonymous already times I see here is unpacking the pakets the plugin is being installed the plugin has been successfully installed for beginners now we can activate it too so now we always go for optimal press here this message error so aero peek turns him that means we have yes optimal press now downloaded and installed and we have to enter our license key so if you on the most purchase price gets the automatically several license key and this would have to enter Affiliate Marketing for beginners then per page here I'll do the whole thing now, but the video just before I do not have to finish this here now censieren and in the next video I'll show you how optimized press works and how we use it to create our funnel pages speak country and that we also have a high conversion okay by then say I think then you really are looking for a good recommendation you look at the presentation and yes it is definitely one voting recommendation because who wants to pay for the money with the best things to work okay i keep going and we'll see each other equal to Affiliate Marketing for beginners in the next video until then

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