Affiliate Marketing für Anfänger #6 WordPress Überblick

hello and welcome to affiliate marketing for beginners this new video should have in this new video wordpress already be installed and have waited a few minutes and There is also a little trick you can do to make sure I am going just on my website sure the whole already made and updated Just your side and you will see that the design has changed now or before knows he can be the beforehand there was only an affiliate marketing for beginners small wave of lincoln even a new internet presence will appear here shortly Affiliate Marketing for Beginners wordpress is installed and we have a standard design of with bus I do not even like what I say where I am it is of course easier blog software we have an example here we have an example commentary here we have a time it was just that standard of wordpress itself yes just yes there is always if you wordpress even well installed we simply call affiliate marketing for beginners times the url to which we are referred I have already copied the password I know user yes and that's just our url so your own domain so I dedicate my website to this case, I just do it here ddp min so now I can of course log in with my username password for me yes one so now we are here in the dashboard of wordpress itself or one or the other who is not familiar with this What has never seen since I would say maybe this is madness just maybe even complicated but i can only say cool stay it Absolutely, affiliate marketing is not complicated for beginners and we do not just go rude diarrhea is to try it out after a few times at home and you just know what you have to do and so much is needed not at all so that's the complete overview we generally have in the dashboard under updates for example designs or plug-ins or wordpress self-updated posts We have affiliate marketing for beginners just seen this is someone here blog article I'm writing here a the again a new tab on and that was you here the dealer that is the standard post of wordpress and if you want to have a blog Of course you can create different categories and contribute Write and also catalog affiliate marketing for beginners in various categories For example, if we have an fishing and fishing business, we have one online business about it then we can write blog article for example in the category rock fish fishing fried fresh other different bait different routes etc here understands what I want out well then we have the media here then our pictures are saved and the fdp for example the ebook then uploads here we have too So, this is static pages Affiliate Marketing for beginners is virtually the same as contributing so you have these in the categories come so these are individual static pages switch it on here too and then we'll see that's just a text part here it's not nice to say it like that and I just think Again on that Affiliate Marketing for beginners, we have the sign and the connection to this site is not safe that of course has the following to do he is not a problem that is what the settings change but comes to it also the same comments that can of course be written to their contributions on pages you can set everything but use it As I said not here you can of course then approve or delete reject etc so now we come to the things where we start so slowly whatever we need so what we find the spoken affiliate marketing for beginners anyway There are now under the so yes I war design on we pull the I'm talking about all the different standard designs that are on it automatically Sometimes I do not like one of course we would be later in another module to install your own or to sue for paralysis huber will be in our marketing pages and in the funnel set up and the marketing Technically, of course, set up so customizer affiliate marketing for beginners is quite a view of where to go then can see the design and change I can do that once briefly so then you can customize the stuff here and watch it live as well I do not use that at all because as I said here I do not work at all It's slippery, of course, that's the cyber we do have seen then the menus would therefore be as set and would have is just to the specific design what should be designed here now this standdesign we do not need anything plugins are so small helpers programs that you can install yourself in your wordpress and they have different functions depending on what you can 1 install for contact forms you can for example is 1 against Affiliate Marketing for beginners anti spam installed that there are many different plugins I play you he then videos again explain neither nor how we install this so the users have so far only one and the only one we now Of course this is the administrator, that is the one we did earlier here at the installation stated affiliate marketing for beginners and now have your password short Of course, here too change how we but go down and here generate a new password or brother or write good tools I do not do anything for example except I am a plug in install what an automatic seems the only thing we do here now so it works maybe it's maybe back really complicated at first but believe me after a few try it is really home native here her will know you and have no problems as we said contributions we need No more we do not need it so we will automatically take the pictures Affiliate marketing for beginners so so we do not really have much to do we edit and I here we do that too with a different plugin We may then not have any comments Of course, plagge never install user tools the clique new settings and that's really the only thing we do now Well, first and foremost, make the wordpress address and the website first address so the url we will only change with https that's the first thing we do with our websites always contents the ps are stored here so there are only contributions for example so the rest of the time zones is right right now is Affiliate Marketing for Beginners week starts on monday this is now the only place Under normal but simple that is only behind it because it is very important https a click on changes take over so you have to We will log in again to ok settings also write For example, I do not do anything here Affiliate marketing for beginners go back that's one i had a little bit alright everything is there since https has been taken over credit here I will not change anything under Of course, our main page is now the home page so read the home page appears as last posts plays there we will be static here Add page but we could create for now, for example a static site from vienna and then use this simple page but the like we will not say so we will not change anything here of course, if you have a blog Affiliate Marketing for beginners to decide example uses whether we now more hooks sits here For example, users must be registered for commenting register It's best to read it through and decide for yourself what you are for rights or not, so I read that everything is just here also standard click here once on the media let the year on standard perma left I will change and create a page yes and that simply our site would just be an id the days and name so for example a contribution or say a page then create it automatically as long as poses So our url here with https hna

de because the date Affiliate Marketing for beginners and then as the page So that's way too complicated and if you look later decides, for example, to use the search engine optimization so Of course, if you do that, it's always better If you click on the name of July, that means if we have one now This means that the fishing and fishing business has the online business we create a page long then this page is simply your url punktde for example and then predator instead of date or ids in between So very important contributions only click on Apply changes so that's what the plug n does now and that will be gone for the first time so we clear the infrared press itself We know from above that we have the contributions only in the trash then we have the side I have also a trash and a commentary but gave it now with disappeared because that comment on the post and the post already deleted as the comment is also expires so the plugins i will Now, just uncheck the one in another one after another delete affiliate marketing for beginners because I do not need them So go on attitudes now we are these two links that we have just now and are now too disappeared and thus the wordpress cleaned up first and set up the way we need it so just ask for a short form once roughly go over home government does not need everything I will not use contributions, for example, I wish that, for example So far away so media here will be our pictures saved pages However, we do not create it all over surprised he made it later via a plug in I will delete this page completely Comments are yes it's all gone so often that designs that we leave everything here as well if the Swede over as I said about the plugins do the we have now also annoying standard user quite important you have to We do not do anything to change your password tools Attitudes we have already made very important really here first pure and here that is also pure otherwise is the time zone correct that the format is right time format so why is Affiliate Marketing for beginners starting on monday though really pay attention to that had the ps set up so completely safe can save that it is leached afterwards as I just now doctor you log in again a the rider was saved click also back and forth so you see well transition and there it goes on to say that we read that on standard Of course, discussions could of course decide whether or not if you're making a blog or not, if you change that or not so me yes all by default on standard and permalink center I only on contribution name so saves the whole I've already done everything go on dashboard and so is the wordpress dashboard itself as well as web press ap associations fully furnished as it is not difficult maybe at first glance just for beginners okay maybe a bit much to read a bit new impressions etc though if you could just imitate these steps, it was very easy you can just run the video do the steps and if you did that then she was us too soon in the next video where we start to build our website and the funnel accordingly yes so we build our site now so on how you have to imitate this so that it also fits your product so I am pleased me on it makes these steps and see us already in one of the next videos Affiliate Marketing for beginners until then

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