Affiliate Marketing für Anfänger #5 WordPress installieren

hello and welcome to Affiliate Marketing for Beginners this new video in this new video So the CMS systems count the content management system It used to be that way you had to program the website yourself with html php css or possibly also javascript depending on how extensive and affiliate marketing for beginners to program a website wants my first website I think this was over ten years ago built as html so I was really proud of it but there Nowadays it is so that you can build a website with just a few clicks can and that one does not really ask much okay one last short message again to the previous video Affiliate Marketing for beginners there we have the ssl certificate set up and and if you return from the previous window we see that here is a lock under the rider domain now and here ssl is active and our domain is now Affiliate Marketing for beginners and the https reachable so speak our site is encrypted now it is secure and now it is affiliate marketing for beginners time of course to install the crm system and that is what it is WordPress may have heard of the equipment knows it out and for those who do not know it is really only now few clicks and it's on it so it really is Affiliate Marketing for beginners Everything is so great here with lincoln usually at other servers For example, at strato I had to do that, if I'm not mistaken, for beginner affiliate marketing you have to believe in the guest from Strato I think so too but I'm not sure anyway you have to postern press wordpress first download then upload via ftp on your own server before there start a setup exe and thus set up press here is another circus of oracle that I really like we have the possibility with few clicks Affiliate Marketing for beginners here again simply in the cadre is in the Customer service ration system in the field of software installation easy Click on affiliate marketing for beginners and then here we have our different systems and cms our blog is our favorite so we exploited the wordpress If we click on continue the domain drive will be out and that is yes our website we have created click on so that with the database that I set here as it is affiliate marketing for beginners and now I give Just a username then I'll just take it up front has and an extra e mail I have extra for this a poem so confirm that here at best, of course, read through I know that already and now just to strengthen installations so that whole can now take up to ten minutes usually it is already after a few minutes active and we have here once the world press surface that we can reach under this url Affiliate Marketing for beginners so this best Add to favorites you can also easily remember because it's just your own domain so here is my domain and then if you stand well the username is still there so that we have one password to get this we also get sent by e-mail and now we have again safety notice Affiliate Marketing for beginners please change Immediately after the first successful registration the password we of course I also do this in this case because this coaching course viral go and see some people and you do not want that in your own pages from foreigners a little cash so very important for your side the note safety note simply change the password later well, we leave that here in hollow trunk call her then this url However, now it's time to get back to https so now affiliate marketing is available for beginners http written we try that but with https and if that is so far and wordpress is set up we will look at it once well, these steps and then we'll see you soon next affiliate marketing for beginners video until then

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