Affiliate Marketing für Anfänger #4 SSL Zertifikat

hello and welcome to Affiliate Marketing for Beginners this new video in this new video we install the ssl certificate together or set up ours page is encrypted about and is safe and should not be a problem For example, our browsers might get an unsafe connection indicates if you have ordered now over all incl your domain gets the first an e-mail with all your access data and domain is then free Affiliate marketing is switched for beginners so it is said within 24 hours but usually can I have some experience saying that it is between 30 minutes an hour Maybe it could take two hours so that you always different for me but it is quite fix and I hope that it is so is it so we go here on customer login and like i said i got an email with all your data affiliate marketing for beginners so for the members area for the customer administration system and for all other area of ​​course also and we are interested as first of all that client Affiliate Marketing for beginners administration system so i am giving my data one where quickly copy the password again after we are logged in we already have a pretty good one clear detailed yes so an overview of us on tarif so we see here affiliate marketing for beginners domains we have an applied 5 we have free we have memory 100,000 mb so say 100 gb in the normal private rate 150 gb private it is 100 gigabytes it is more than we need we yes not really many things upload up to a few pictures you can somewhere else, I knew that, of course, I would give you all this step by step show and as I said, of course, each so every area looks Once on, it is always good, of course, if you really are feels at home if you say okay I know that here but also from but affiliate marketing for beginners otherwise the only thing I really need is just domain affiliate marketing for beginners e mail maybe if you want to set up your own e-mail for example info at o matde otherwise software installation and that was actually good we want to set up the ssl certificate so that our website is encrypted and also marked as secure That's what we do here: we just go to Affiliate Marketing for beginners domain then we see our domain click on edit not on surfaces So very important that you always fit in there and then we see here already ssl protection and editing of course we click on it and wants Every affiliate marketing beginner network and crypt ssl certificate from what's in our rate of course is free of charge so here we just click the disclaimer accept and click on a recent tip certificate and refer So of course we are now waiting for a short time affiliate marketing for beginners and wait until the whole is confirmed The certificate has been edited will take several minutes to complete the change Of course, there is no need to do more now we leave here so we will change no attitude so what reads It's up to you through affiliate marketing for beginners otherwise you can unsubscribe now and We are just waiting for our website to be changed from http https in other words our website is encrypted and then we will continue make and install our software so of course always step by step progress and finally our specific side to ours product what we have chosen you to finish ok i am looking forward to seeing you and affiliate marketing for beginners see you in the next video until then

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