Affiliate Marketing für Anfänger #3 Webhosting

hello and welcome to Affiliate Marketing for Beginners this new video in this new video I once imagine all incl also left is the webhoster of mine I have been trusting for several years now and mean mine there online-business costs so now a product from d & g store 24 has picked out and you say ok this product I like it so I can I want to identify with that now Sales partners work to collect commission For now, the next step for affiliate marketing is to build a specific website We also send visitors our days later and I recommend you here always two tariffs so I go once on details because I think the first question is hey what does it cost that I have to invest a lot in there and so I can say no, I can not say it's cool right from the start simpler and more ingenious yes, because it sounds or when you think about it ok or grandchild has a great German support we have fast server and a great price ratio yes so we have three months absolutely free We have no setup fee, the affiliate marketing for beginners are usually 14 95 and we have no minimum contract term that means if you are now Okay I would now like to start a business affiliate marketing for beginners building a specific one website is to create this product I can only recommend this to you Of course, within these three months, we are guaranteed money for the and then of course this fare costs four euro 95 So yes for 3 domaines we have here 3 domaines means a eur 65 per month for a domain and that's either left over here anyway we will so within those three months we earn money after those three Months do not pay out of pocket but that simply ultimately affiliate marketing for beginners only deduct from the commissions so we have 50 GB of memory that's more as enough traffic flat and we have customers the silver 100 and we have here many things so that can of course read each time however, affiliate marketing is more of a novelty to beginners than we have in the normal private rate and that is that the network in kripp the ssl certificate who does not know exactly what that is that is nothing else that lea büser encrypts the website so that the Encrypted page is your browser's side marked as safe and under affiliate marketing for beginners https is available earlier it was http but now you should go the page though Also, if you do not do that, the following could happen browser will not mark your page as safe we ​​have here because not sure sign crossed out the https and here it is no safe connection under sparkle third could try any information from your web site to stand for example affiliate marketing for beginners passwords news or credit cards and is it really only logical that if your day visitors on your specific site special wanted to send and saw such a message i would say 99 percent close the page again and not on Click Advanced and then leave the non-secure links to Affiliate Marketing for Beginners if we have a look at my website here because we see that here is not a green sign and no were so green Not because I have not yet activated the Affiliate Marketing for beginners ssl certificate I really want to show you every step here with you can easily copy now and it is also reasonable message Do not come here maybe because nothing is really on it However, we have this exclamation Affiliate Marketing for beginners, then we get it usually there is also the connection to this website Affiliate marketing for beginners not sure So what can we do about it? Of course we can do the oracle here Private rates take these last crypt ssl certificates easy to book These cost 1 euro per month and if we have 3 domaines makes that because 795 Each month after these three months which are free anyway affiliate marketing for beginners that means 795 so I recommend the private plus right from the start The tariff of the costs is also 47 eur 95 per month and is also free for three months no setup fee we have no minimum contract term and if you Affiliate marketing for beginners still says after three months ok and a business is not so my thing i have not earned any money yet i cancel this easy and absolutely no cost so here we have a total of five dements and the last crypt where do we have them since ssl certificates are included so really my absolute affiliate marketing for beginners recommendation winkl is a genius anyway webhoster of course I do not want to talk bad or blaspheme One does not do that, however, I had my first website about strato and was also satisfied affiliate marketing for beginners so strato also has a good support i could not really complaining, however, the site has failed twice and that also tens for half a day and if you earn a fee through a website Since Days Get Attendants on It Affiliate marketing for beginners would like to earn money for that's it of course a pity and not quite so fields not okay the link is as always in the infobox you can just your wish domain Enter here and sub item let everyone check or you go right away on the private plus then I already know how your domain should be called and she is also free to click on order to give your domain with affiliate marketing for beginners Endings you want to have, of course, Affiliate Marketing for beginners also clicks continue to pay Deposits that's just like registering somewhere certainly done again and if you did that then it works even further then we will turn on the ssl certificate so that our Affiliate Marketing for beginners side sure it will go and then we will step by step build our specific website so we also play ours talented visitors also schinkel so I wish you a lot of fun makes this After that, then in the next video you will find Affiliate Marketing for beginners See you

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