Affiliate Marketing für Anfänger #17 Youtube Kommentare

hello and welcome to Affiliate Marketing for Beginners this new video in this new video I'll show you how we talk about youtube on the day of the day Of course, these will eventually come closer Be interested and then yes if we make good marketing our Buy product or what we naturally promote affiliate marketing for beginners well probably everyone has a google or youtube account and youtube is the one second largest search engine in the world so google right and search here a lot of people after their hobby after their work is depending on which niche in which michaels Affiliate Marketing for beginners on the go of course we have the same thing fishing and fishing and also there are very many hobbies here so yes people around their hobby if they are actually uploading videos just watch videos now That's why I've given examples here and affiliate marketing for beginners yes, we are looking for a video that will be released for example on the canal is we see here in china was already the hand I do this Just pause the video and watch the first as the first Affiliate Marketing for beginners channel so we see here 4400 subscribers has the ak that's really not bad, let's see more show here we do not see any links right now maybe this is what he really does out of the hobby Many entrepreneurs who now have a channel of course have their affiliate marketing for beginners So here you see, for example, no now we are here 71 comments Here, for example, a link to laugh super one are the optical up indicators reacting to vibration of the route So then of course you can see the link and we can do the same So let's take a look at the video and write again qualified beginner Affiliate Marketing So content synonymous this video and can and so so our specific website that we have now set up for fishing and fishing, of course So it's very important to say that I already say every Affiliate Marketing for beginners video then please write highly qualified content to these simple people just say that so follow their hobby they will then perhaps click on the links and maybe also heavy or block and then you have this possibility no longer on the channel something to post of course there is the possibility just create a new account and then continue to post left however, youtube creator also have the option of certain websites or affiliate marketing for beginners certain keywords such as in your page now at 2018 as example punktde it you can simply enter this website will not be yours again Comment with your link on this site really does appear Most importantly we do marketing we are not spamming spamming We really want to earn money and also work professionally with you Professional tools together we want affiliate marketing for beginners to professional packages visitors on our website, our optimized van has gone through it and we Ultimately, making money well, so your job is natural again quite simply makes you a youtube channel if you also no pact and of course subscribe as much as you can with your online channel doing business in this case, of course, fishing and fishing and let's just go for example on the channel of bakijew ski if I pronounced that right Affiliate Marketing for beginners pass this all over here and here we see 19,000 763 subscribers Of course, there is already a huge amount of channels that I am here now subscribe and of course I'll continue and here I want me Also about 20 different channels and if you are now on your city since Affiliate Marketing for beginners Of course you will then see your Affiliate Marketing for beginners or not just suggestions but also your karnickel who subscribed and every one of them every time when the new videos rausbringen you see that their home or because Among all subscribers and could also every day these videos look every day affiliate marketing for beginners Write comments and not necessarily every day your link so Always take care and check your affiliate marketing for beginners ever posted or not this or that channel has that issued then This is not relevant for us because we really want ours channel so our comment is seen with the blinker making this link the Ultimately, on our specific website, we will be earning affiliate marketing for beginners So very important really only raussuchen the channels probably also left well as I said make you a channel looking around you 20 20 25 do not care about it after we find what you like the big one Dig where the links work and then write theirs Highly qualified content and affiliate marketing for beginners will really make you feel really at home the visitors get because of course, ultimately only the meet People on such channels come for the business so or for this hobby And, of course, this is of course an advantage if you are the visitor of the packages visitors to your website sends well after all and we See you then in one of the next videos Affiliate Marketing for beginners until then

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