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hello and welcome to Affiliate Marketing for Beginners this new video in this new video i will show you how we our first days visitors to ours Of course everyone has their own Strategy for traffic also leads agitated traffic anyway I have For quite some time my traits I am pursuing really profitable affiliate marketing for beginners my course to receive and in this case so in this video would like i would like to go through the various blog options as well On our specific website days, visitors will find out about other blogs if we just kept this example and keep fishing I just started to fish and blog affiliate marketing for beginners at google and if we go through the pages here just like Just start here at the top because here is already angel blog news and advice advice on fishing and I click that all Just take a look long now automatically on their side here looks pretty good and affiliate marketing for beginners clearly arranged here, for example, we have several categories that went through once as it could have looked if we now Having a fishing or fishing business site built up where we also blog affiliate marketing for beginners Write posts and catalog these well we'll look Just the one happiness 2017 preview second says but that is probably the latest article of the has now been published and of course your task is now quite complete So important depending on which niche are on the way as here as For example, fishing and fishing, and you have one now website like you want to help sustain the fishing but give the appearance to affiliate marketing for beginners do something in the way we are all times gone through and now of course your task also this blog really to read so do not write anything or spamming or just left to post affiliate marketing for beginners but we have to do the whole course tackling a bit more professional usually means he reads now the whole article looks at this video so it is yes we have in itself it is quite short contribution it is probably more about this video that is has this year's review and that you look at and then Here's a highly qualified Affiliate Marketing for beginners comment on this post has been created in this case so i do that against the whole again by I have this contribution is not read through but I just write in Happy new is indeed very much looking forward to me personally So, let's just say nobody is an example of affiliate marketing for beginners and here's writing just enter my name enter here for example an e-mail address which i have created for this project and magical to sit in addition another website and this and of course you are now packing your website Affiliate Marketing for beginners purely because he wanted that people who also read this blog here your comment see and eventually switch to your side yes and that's what we have Of course now the appetite of the visitors because these visitors are on this blog around here are no people who are guaranteed Now really with cars repair or similar business maybe as well Additional hobby et cetera has these people on the blog are affiliate marketing for beginners are interested in fishing and fishing well i post of course not now a page purely because I yes As I said here have none, so I just copy this url of Add them here and click Affiliate Marketing for beginners then send a comment so now you can see that here is our comment I am looking forward to seeing you personally the trout season and here on the name if we all here now but if we do with the house but we can already see pike below left and hate teja this is the blog of which now we can this page I Affiliate Marketing for beginners at most once in a new day and in our case that would be natural now our specific website on which we send our visitors and Thus, we already have the first visitors to our website and can These visitors also turn into interesting ones again a little tip So not on the edge so that's really a very important tip even you have to You really can read these posts also through these website operators is Affiliate Marketing for beginners Of course not stupid or stupid which for me certainly also money here with the strings and do that yes also many people with their blogs and therefore get these contributions Affiliate Marketing for beginners really through and then write a highly qualified commentary for then are the website operators really I say gracious and say okay that has so Looked at all this he really has a good answer given then i write this comment too Then we turn this comment on Affiliate Marketing for Beginners Free here to read your comment waiting for activation so do the manual I have you ever shown when we wordpress set up there in the look and some do not so do that so that is automated Of course, you should always be unlocked somehow try to give a value to affiliate marketing for beginners to call your attention and where we are already paying attention Of course not only in a blog but you really should have one two or three four hands fully block so I say to 20 pieces is okay Affiliate Marketing for beginners because these 20 pages will always write posts that you will repeatedly write a high quality highly qualified comment to attract attention and ultimately to company-specific website how you help in this business area could and another possibility to attract attention is natural that of course now here is not Affiliate Marketing for beginners nicer out so name is okay and am Well, now we've written a good post this preset picture which does not look good so I'll show you trick how we can easily adjust that of course we get even a little more attention and although there is gravatar here Just rattle a website where we send our email address which we now here Affiliate Marketing for beginners Of course, then you should always take the same picture So, on this e-mail, the link can be saved like always in the info describe infobox just make a free one here account and if you did that will see So it's all here and here is already in July with so, as I said Affiliate Marketing for beginners let the whole thing make you feel at home here so it really is Quite simply this setting can only happen once you have it bold in new image i now click on upload mio neither a picture of mine Folder from here just take 1 form click on next to seek affiliate marketing for beginners click on set rating and have now deposited this image that was it Actually already we can actually do this page again But let's go back here again to our contribution and usually Affiliate Marketing for beginners it should actually work immediately we just have a look I am updating this post and can not see him anymore that's not so nice Okay, okay, I'll do something new myself, either personally This comment was deleted now which I do not think so guess that because you have not unlocked affiliate marketing for beginners this is not is visible because i have updated this page well i personally I'm looking forward to being very bad is no trout fans I can then I just write on the industry, you can see that, of course, fun If we go on oliver it is very important that Of course, also enter this email address Affiliate Marketing for beginners we the message comes that we of course now also registered here at gravatar you'll get on my profile Affiliate Marketing for beginners or that is so here that is yes that's yes this e-mail aces has Now this picture behind you or every time we use this address now to be on a wordpress right now i have a comment like here write then this image is automatically deposited we can see if that already Affiliate Marketing has been taken for beginners and that's what I said we just got the page updated and therefore because this comment is not unlocked has disappeared automatically for us only with the then free is switched for others, or in this case for us then Visible like that and that looks pretty much like GM right now it's Affiliate Marketing for beginners double posted is not that tragic either However, this looks like many providers as if this is this affiliate marketing for beginners small so this default image of this little dream figure because that no attention we have to say in ours Visitors and other interested parties have access to other visitors website and read this block Affiliate Marketing for beginners because of course they are interested and if they say hey this now face is already so often now under the eyes yes so with those with the name oliver on various blog articles who is that what it reads these comments through these comments Of course, it should be high-quality content and then people will start Affiliate Marketing attention to you even if you always have the same picture or respectively Now it's set up here at Gravatar Affiliate Marketing for Beginners there will be posted automatically the people will see you and would say this guy here the oliver the affiliate marketing for beginners always writes good comments knows Probably good I will start looking for an Affiliate Marketing for beginners and I have already attracted more attention and the first visitors sent to our specific website well I really look for you between 10 and 20 blogs where you get that whole imitate yourself and could implement this knowledge for you So you really have to do this to be the first visitor to Affiliate Marketing for beginners and of course they will go through your funnel as well Your task is quite important, look for ten to twenty pages out tag or save them adds them to the favorites allowing their affiliate marketing for beginners because really once a day to see which pages have new posts Join in these posts by taking this time and responding highly skilled and you will see that your first to affiliate marketing for beginners sadly register with you and yes Affiliate Marketing for beginners this is ultimately interesting and well to be customers, we'll see you for the next video then affiliate marketing for beginners

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