Affiliate Marketing für Anfänger #14 Trichter Überblick

hello and welcome to Affiliate Marketing for Beginners this new video in this new video I once with you this funnel process through which we now Completely created and automated before me that you insert this original view of the landing page okay we have to Now imagine we have a timed visitor on our affiliate marketing for beginners specific website sent this of course is in the foreground right away Focus the headline again with three simple monthly sales tools from 3,000 once 33 euros and 6 cents scored or ten things that you necessarily for your fisheries examination so need which ever in which niche or in which market are on the go Affiliate Marketing for beginners this is definitely the focus in the video know that you like it so that I then go into it further and ultimately here are the agnes request free members section click now also the button rules therefore personally access Affiliate Marketing for beginners well then I would say let's do that Just take a look and enter the e-mail adress which I have specially created for this purpose if I sign up now for free Now we have to click automatically to the confirmation page be redirected so that works here ever quite Well, I'm positive that the video and now it stands here has now worked yet Affiliate Marketing for beginners a step I just got you an e-mail with the link to the registration page sent well then we just look in our mailbox after that something already arrived is not yet so sometimes it can be yes Maybe it will take a minute for the e-mail to actually arrive Affiliate Marketing for beginners We can already look at this time in our e-mail marketing So we can investigate system here in the contact cloud So now I've squandered ourselves, of course we are not yet confirmed that's why I'm clicking this affiliate marketing for beginners now I'm very good just briefly wondered good now is already him with water in here which we have now entered for beginner affiliate marketing so that's what it looks like shows us already this process works so we Now here are still often marked as floating in parts should this That's because we're here in this Affiliate Marketing for Beginners Confirmed filter and of course not in it well, let's see if this address on the e-mails already arrived is still not not too long now that you do not cut this video he is basically my videos do not cut affiliate marketing for beginners so I think I have now decided to do a little here It does not really have a long way to go but took so that the video stop is a bit shorter and in a flow Well we have the ones we got a click still missing this easy affiliate marketing for beginners Of course, now we also have the e mail that I'm going through here have adapted form and now just have to confirm our address now we'll be automatically redirected to thank you page here where we of course affiliate marketing for beginners Now our free access can be created here in this case Of course, Europe might apologize for dropping the euro or whatever you've got Of course, as a lead profit wanted to offer so here is yours now Start creating now and start affiliate marketing for beginners now You will automatically receive your promised status forwarded member area well as first we look but in the clip even click again on search and how do you see the address confirmed now and now that the address is confirmed Affiliate Marketing for beginners click on this account to see We that we got this day interesting and this day starts Of course, there is an e-mail Affiliate Marketing for beginners campaign we have created our current number of visitors has now been changed to Of course, interesting things also do not turn into a client's turn of course, of course, how you do marketing yes, yes, yes I have say between 3 to 5 or better still create 7 emails and then start Affiliate Marketing for beginners to send information about this product But you also go well the blanket page and just put us here once account Cyclic goods should not be reported in my case right now because it's the Affiliate Marketing for beginners administrator address is there was already an account here now log in here Well how do you get back and let's take a look whether it has come now So in this case I sometimes think back to Kathrein before the video Affiliate Marketing for beginners really then it takes too long so here we are again and as we are now had seen that had taken a short while until they arrive e-mails The e-mail campaign that we have started now also starts Affiliate Marketing for beginners in my case of course module 1 I open this email and that is now Of course I wrote for my campaign in which I start more worth giving or here in this video in this e-mail that good to explain coaching well which it does not matter to me now in my case here is of course the e-mail with the access data because I have one here always that he chooses you already here as an administrator account connects Usually it is naturally there so that one is routed to login side and that is that this page here where you finally Log in to watch this coaching Affiliate Marketing for beginners So the funnel here that is now the video for the funnel overview it works fine and now it's time to start on this specific site days title situations that make of course together in the module 4 so checked and judge but also really technically in perfect condition and you would I say we'll see each other in one of the next videos, then Affiliate Marketing for beginners

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