Affiliate Marketing für Anfänger #12 Klick-Tipp Grundeinstellungen

hello and welcome to Affiliate Marketing for Beginners this new video in this new video I once with you the basic settings of qliktech Throughout or ours, the affiliate marketing for beginners is part of our fandom link quicktipp once so that they finally stop synonymous automated works and not only visually but also technically in one impeccable condition is good the first thing we do here is we go on automation go on a new day so we understand now for the first time one virtual notices and if a target of the visitors on our Of course I would like to have this specific affiliate marketing website for beginners visitor if he becomes interested a virtual gets on the cd and I simply call these interesting, so I just leave everything like this klika order concerns and that was already for now by the way you have today The first first in 2018 is happy for those who are new In the next few days, yes, yes, anyway Affiliate Marketing for beginners are still and good let's continue the next thing we do is continue under automation on this overview there needs to go in processes once on predefined thus also the process and suitable designer or once again change the confirmation with the confirmation email I have here in my case stanglpass to the video not too long to make Affiliate Marketing for beginners, but I have hardly anything here changed except that i could shape it into tufa so before that stand here please click on the following link and the e-mail is Of course I have continued to say that I have just had a form adjusted so that it is a little more personal you can the confirmation email Of course, write as you want, but you have to do something generally also pay attention if you send a newsletter or if you are automated create campaigns you have to pay attention that the spams affiliate marketing for beginners choir always under 4 is so that has the following reason your visitors so those who are interested in the Mainly, of course, use gmail with yahoo or webde hotmail address no and these addresses or this oster of course have a spam sco that means if you have your emails as Example, for example, would only capitalize or many keywords such as for example, free or several tens of thousands pay affiliate marketing for beginners pay with many zeros and yes then that will spur the spams chorus and if it comes across the four so depending which mail provider interests has it can be that this e – mail does not end up in the mailbox but in the spamfilter so spam folder that is of course not so good and therefore always make sure that your mails have no higher spams chorus than 4 has good I'll click here again to get there at all in the process and affiliate marketing will be for beginners now once our confirmation page which we have already created insert here I just go here to look at the button and click on the address of the left copy for the ma here a taxation and v and of course I do the same thank you site where affiliate marketing for beginners will ultimately be our new free of charge gift download can show so thank you page add this here and save that now we have our double ob den Affiliate marketing for beginners process of course automated and now we have this automated so of course the process with our website so our to connect funnel there is really now works fine here we go to liszt form new list Building affiliate marketing for beginners of course choose the integration of Optimal price and say this should be interesting again I should click on the registration form Affiliate marketing for beginners so the processor of course now here that is adapted to the db so have the confirmation e mail out because we have announced and also on this confirmation page as well as the thank you page be forwarded and in addition to our interest of course, a virtual note will be covered on the forehead gets missed and although this interested and how have created this This day, or notepad, with Affiliate Marketing for Beginners will eventually be this e-mail campaign Of course we will start working on another video as well I'm saving up now I'm getting in lifeboats I then click the left mouse button to copy media very easily and go there here under landingpage on the live editor and of course landing page The very easy to edit with the mindbreeze go here too Pen symbol Affiliate Marketing for beginners and change it all now so that's him only then once again gone and end the whole now of him on Affiliate Marketing for beginners box form add our copies 56 just got here click in st safe in class and that was already We have click-throughs impeccable well linked with our funnel pages our days third visitor who comes now on our website wears once Affiliate marketing for beginners who would like to have a free click on the button on the landing page will be automatically confirmed by the process on our confirmation page He will receive this confirmation e-mail On the thank you side can join his gifted Affiliate Marketing for beginners and during that he enters now marked with our notepad of now also an e-mail campaign launches which we will create in another video together Well, as usual, these steps make affiliate marketing for beginners and then I'd say we'll see each other Again, in another video, the whole thing again Affiliate Marketing for beginners is good then

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