Affiliate Marketing für Anfänger #11 Klick-Tipp Überblick

hello and welcome to Affiliate Marketing for Beginners this new video in this new video I'll present you quicktipp click-tipps is ultimately the third and last thing we need for our online business so for those who can still remember the headline was year again with three simple ones tools enable sales of 3133 euros and 6 cents so the first one tool is of course wordpress so our website quite important this affiliate marketing for beginners base to have affiliate marketing for beginners as a second course optimally express around to create our funnel pages and now quicktipp as the third and last he does this well since he automates the course well mario wolf can also be seen on the video here is managing director and owner By clicking tips and has a really affiliate marketing for beginners awesome tool on its feet quicktipp is an it based e mail marketing system how can you do that Best Introduce Affiliate Marketing For Beginners Our Visits We Do Our Ones specific affiliate marketing for novice reserve wishing to carry this free gift bear To confirm your e-mail address and then be met one day nothing more than a virtual memo note to our interested parties for starters, so at best, of course, get our interest Get this virtual official interesting on the browker Affiliate Marketing for Beginners Of course customers etc and why do we do the whole thing when we do Of course we want to do marketing professionally make affiliate marketing for beginners let's say we have 100 contacts in our contact cloud and each of these contacts has of course the clock So Affiliate Marketing for beginners is interesting this virtual memo and now we have from These 100 contacts also have two customers including the one more virtual where do you have a note? if we send out a promotional item more that it goes to our customers because if we do advertising for a product what the customers already In the end, having bought it is bad marketing and Maybe it could be that the customers then from the so from the minister unsubscribe affiliate marketing for beginners that is a great pity for us then the customers are the most important contacts we could have had why At the beginning of the day the customers were also the fourth visitors have been registered to be interested have confidence and a product bought and these customers who now also really trust us established affiliate marketing for beginners We can have more products in the same industry from time to time offer and there is the probability of course higher that these also buy these products and we with a customer Of course more sales affiliate marketing for beginners make a good tip here so I have here a brand new account brought here a standard condoms another Affiliate Marketing for beginners account is a lynx account because I also offers several products is not this requires one or more second or more accounts make 1 is completely sufficient for several online business, however As I said, I always wanted to keep it as transparent as possible and everyone individual step consistently good of course there are also alternative such as example is response webber or mail champ, however I have to say I have with the other e mail marketing system no experience so I am since then I worked in online marketing from the very beginning and clicked on it Of course not without reason for this e-mail marketing system really a one time thing that you will see and if you will Affiliate marketing for beginners tried the whole thing the left is just infobox click-throughs applies to me that of course, my opinion is not to top Well, I'll show you here of course a few functions, of course Very many features spoken before others, it is not so affiliate marketing for beginners I do not use many or so many good family of course first of all have our contact cloud here Here, all our addresses will be examined displayed here in this case, of course, no tears because I am account as I said only freshly created the next thing we need is for example, the liszt building here in the overview is of course not yet one I always get affiliate marketing for beginners on new list building and here we see that we can create different registration forms here Such a strong notification form or a light form we can make it time So, as a widget, we had to build in or have a workout Payment providers we can link to the recommendation is natural Again, it is very clear to you or you can click with the store link and we also have different integration in our case is it Affiliate Marketing for beginners of course optimally press but I love you pages or windows or operating presented and of course therefore must here integrate our funnel side not only visually but also technically in perfect condition one or the other works can certainly remember that when we created our landing page The optics box So Affiliate Marketing for Beginners have the form we put where you look enters on e-mail data set but we need one kastenform html oh of course we will finally get here with this integration for optimal price well that was it for the listing then go let's look at automation and we have those tags that we create So this virtual notepad the next thing we have is the double opt-in process the double opt-in process is a legally secure process here in Germany, as I explain Affiliate Marketing for beginners it's best once briefly if we send a visitor a day on a site this itself he receives a confirmation e-mail and as soon as this he has been confirmed to the interested but by this confirmation this visitor who is now an interested first we him Emailing Affiliate Marketing for Beginners may be good if you have clicked the Automatically a predefined one lures in the process you can of course affiliate marketing for beginners but there are also several here and automation concerns but it is enough when you go to your project once he has his side several on the go and You also want this confirmation that we stop here can edit well as we can see we can also confirm a page and thank you so much and thank you for that Finally, the pages we have created for our funnel Affiliate Marketing for beginners a days title visitors come to our website would like this leak so profit has this free gift wears and pushes too the button Affiliate Marketing for beginners then it will be redirected automatically To confirm page this confirmation e-mail and who contains the link automatically clicks devices on our tank side that is Affiliate Marketing for beginners Ultimately what we want to achieve we want our flag optimize and automate that again do not have to do it all but That this process really automates affiliate marketing for beginners automated that we have to work less well that was it here with Affiliate marketing for beginners automation under campaigns then I use the marketing here coupled to create our e-mail campaigns then start when our the visitor has registered the e-mails which have confirmed and one virtual and the note so missed a day gets on the forehead where Send a present and this day this will or notepad will start an e Mail campaign we will invest here well and under my account Affiliate Marketing for beginners always of course our personal information yes adapt and as always I say yes if you make an account here goes really every option through it is not really much what you are doing here But you have to feel at home here, too, so that's it Ultimately, knowing what to do, though, has got me myself Also, no own training program will get you everything show what you needs affiliate marketing for beginners which function excludes what etc and here in this coaching gmbh what we need for our online Business and I show you of course in the next bios makes good you the account look at all this here once and then I would say See you in the next video Affiliate Marketing for beginners until then

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