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hello and welcome to Affiliate Marketing for Beginners this new video in this new video We are the last page for us to create a funnel and this is the Thank you page we have our talented visitors Sent to a specific website which was the landing page and on the landing page we offer our free gift for the entry of Affiliate Marketing for beginners e mail address of the visitor the next page the the the visitor has seen days is the confirmation page on which we said have his registration was successful please confirm there an email address and then you can thank you for that 1 a free gift and thank you page we will now again with the most press create because the Respective ones say that we have creative and artistic freedom many other designer plugins can not achieve Affiliate Marketing for beginners well I go back to blank pages again wants my bed content temple from click here on views as templates and write a thank you page the whole again but it is clear that this site is now free clique Affiliate Marketing for beginners so again on create and have again my absolutely empty mostly So because we are good at the teaching plate side I select a new line again and stay with the one again as on the confirmation page third 35 1 503 fifth one fifth so that was on island page i Just try to keep the pages relatively alike the landing Of course, page has also been nicely centered then we had the affirmation page Affiliate Marketing for beginners where we rightly ask for it have and that makes me now you have well again I'll be back click add element and click here again and say text and search again the text block out here writes purely your access now created so do the same as on the confirmation so here I am first again headline 2 Affiliate Marketing for beginners try again to find an eyecatcher and access sounds so completely Affiliate Marketing for Beginners After that, my color is okay again advance announcement left is okay I leave it here as it is on heading 2 I have already asked and now click on inside me is already with me again I want you to target these placeholders and now I copy that whole again Okay we all control that and write now and start affiliate marketing for beginners right now standing there and starting right away is definitely a good sign do it to me again headline three that the whole thing is a little smaller with mainz auctions left it was set correctly warriors in set and good is okay i like Affiliate Marketing for beginners just fine Now I will do it all over again and write a text now because I know exactly how I mine free gift so this member area would offer and to start with Affiliate Marketing for beginners, I'm writing a little text to get the condition then automatically to members forwarded that's the way I'm going to get it now so small exactly Affiliate Marketing for beginners the normal write and sure like I said this relationship that is also the strength in the office So let's create access now our board give your e-mail address An affiliate marketing for beginners to get the access data then you're automatically redirected to member panel okay that's pretty good and now of course you know yes already do with the member area but depending on how you profited your song expensive song magnets so the free gifts your clocked visitors really wanted to avenge it could be affiliate marketing for beginners even a pdf could be the whole thing too Just click on elements just enter here so for download click here files download and I'm looking for something nice now that she looks, for example, quite good click of it new choose Affiliate Marketing for beginners just like a picture and if it fits a pdf that anyway or an audiobook could be synonymous here is a video for example to download how about times the pdf say participate ten things never the one for yours engagement as an example now at description here comes a description Affiliate Marketing for beginners For that we do all the wise back then in something we forgot oh that is a very is that I have not even there okay Affiliate Marketing for beginners is just one example if we would fill it out like this of course this would just look like this with a different picture and of description et cetera and then of course you can now pdf file or the picture or the video or whatever was what you always wanted download picture as a free gift in my case that works not now because I would now have to choose a file Affiliate Marketing for beginners but I do not offer any pdf but a free area and I will sell them here in a different way than next, why me once again mean embed code because I will This affiliate marketing for beginners was to re-adapt the video player again in the picture fender here take in the whole again so this time again left aligned and left flush in so and I will here So between the text and the video I'll just enter embed form where you can really get your e-mails Affiliate Marketing for beginners can david of course I'm playing with another coach Sounded the German side is of course like that built or similar built as the confirmation page so on the Bankerseite is really about your visitors who has registered his e-mails has hopefully confirmed an affiliate marketing gift for beginners and how to do that In the end, of course, your creativity is in demand, of course not so bad or wrong if you like the whole had shown as download offers you can also do a video that would be like this I can run the video just like Affiliate Marketing for beginners that's like I'm doing this here now but I just like that again to give a detailed explanation because I prefer to watch videos to read as and many others do the same of course that's why I hold really everything always very short and sweet what did you see on the Affiliate Marketing for beginners landing page on the confirmation page as well as here on the thank you page So we have here really briefly on the short rewrote the access jens create and start immediately now enter an in let to his access data to get affiliate marketing for beginners then you're automatic pretty much redirected to you and in this video I have of course now here i just publish this again my researcher viewer wrapped Ultimately, this video explains how to wear one here Of course I will integrate the form Affiliate Marketing for beginners and show how It works that you can free your personal account easily turn it on and how you do that yourself, that's natural you have an e-book you have a video or in the light area an audiobook There are really many ways a digital product is available to the visitor affiliate marketing for beginners yes really registered his interest has confirmed he has now It is interesting to hand over your gift and as soon as that happens starts already in the second level of our funnel the Next step, namely affiliate marketing for beginners, the emails are sent out and that will be We also discuss other modules so as I said builds these pages ever Affiliate Marketing for Beginners After we made it we can do this whole page again I have already gone through it three times without a win on pages once the landing page on the confirmation page and thank you side by side so and of course, affiliate marketing for beginners are now followed now timed visitors looking for a solution A particular problem is on a specific website in this case it is now what we have built together here as you said You can do that one by one when you promote my product You can get Affiliate Marketing for beginners as well of course similar build if you market other products so try too market then of course they have to watch what a song profit or what a magnet offer offers just write a little e book for example about affiliate marketing for beginners this team the course we saw We've got on the 24th and that's what we're talking about here and wanted you to clock that of course visitors here Enter the next thing the day visitors come Of course, this is what affiliate marketing for beginners has worked for now I just put you an e-mail with the link to the registration page here in video shows again how the whole will look like and as soon as the Visitors opened the e-mail or clicked on the confirmation link on the thanks and is now the average visitor to the prospect Affiliate Marketing for beginners has been turned on the thank you page in my case stands there and immediately state now enter next trance to your then you are automatically to the game area redirected here in the video I show in the country again how that works And here, of course, is affiliate marketing for beginners, but this area where you give your life can and will eventually continue to be coached so I hand over My Affiliate Marketing for Beginners is a free gift that of course makes that stay yours leave and, as I said, with optimal price affiliate marketing for beginners to make it work wonderfully well kept short and concise and so far so good now, we have at least the first part of our affiliate marketing for beginners trichters finished and now of course it's about this in this Visitors who have turned into an interesting one have interested ones Continue to feed with tips and tricks and affiliate marketing for beginner information and try trust build up and that are to be further upgraded so that we have this interested parties later in another module can also manage to the customer And with that, of course, making money well, everything builds up and we see Then in Affiliate Marketing for beginners another video in which we continue ok then Affiliate Marketing for beginners

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