Affiliate marketing for struggling business owners in 2018.

Hey guys My name is Felix Smotritskiy and some of you who subscribe to my YouTube channel already know me and probably heard my story before maybe not and Today I decided so kind of reintroduce myself to you guys So as you notice I am here in my laboratory I am an optician by day This is my store here This is my laboratory where I actually make glasses

That's what I do And I've been doing this for the last probably 25 years now Had several stores before now I'm down to one and Things were going well I started my profession since 93 I guess and I was progressively going you know From one step to another I went to college got my diploma I got my licensing so on and so forth and then I was working as employee at some of the optical stores before and at some point I decided this was time to Take things to the next level Ok, and so I decided you know what? I was always an entrepreneur at heart and I felt like I could do it myself And I had to start doing that started Decided to try this ok Long story short that I want to bore you with this but Things were going well, you know while economy was great and things were going fine I got married, you know, I got kid I was doing well I was making money things were oh well and in 2008 as everybody know they economy crashed and it almost felt as if somebody just switched the lights off and Things were starting going down, okay sales were going down businesses business was just melting And at that time I decided you know what I have to try something else and I came across with the term of "affiliate marketing" Well essentially being in my own business here in the store selling frames Lenses, contact lenses, sunglasses It's pretty much the same

I am sort of an affiliate of Different companies and distributions and I'm doing selling for them The difference is I selling it retail price and buy stuff with Wholesale prices but affiliate marketing is and is an online thing and This video is for people who feel the same way as I felt really You have your own business and you feel like it's going nowhere Even worse it's really going down It's crushing down and you don't know what to do you're you're somewhere in the border of deciding whether to quit just drop it and Stop doing it, and maybe I don't know the scariest thing is thinking to go and work for someone else and I'm being really honest with you because These were the thoughts that I had so I came across with this affiliate marketing thing and I dove into it and start learning and I started I Became an affiliate of one Internet marketing company, I won't name names doesn't matter this is not about a company's a certain company so I Dove into it I start learning and But things weren't really going well either I had a few sales here and there in that company but nothing to How I thought I'm going to replace this new venture with what I had already Because basically this was the idea Okay the business my current business was going down I wasn't really making money even worse I started accumulating debt at the very High speed rate Okay, and so this was not acceptable It affects my well-being affects my family's well-being Relationship and so on and so forth and plus, you know when you constantly thinking about money It it it's not healthy

Okay So again going back to this affiliate company Internet marketing company I was doing this affiliate marketing for them and it wasn't really going well You know usually people tend to Blame something else on their shortcomings But I am NOT Doing that because I realized that you know I didn't learn enough or maybe You would ever learn I didn't apply properly or maybe I didn't even apply at all but the problem was really not that Partially it was that but I think And I realized that I that was I was missing one crucial component of the success in affiliate marketing and that is a Mentor a Mentor that would actually steer you to the right direction That would actually not necessarily take you by the hand and guide you but tell you look Felix You're not going to the right direction with this approach Maybe you should tweak that or tweak this or This you're not doing correctly at all Or maybe you have to stop doing that back that sort of thing okay, and so Unfortunately, I was lacking that I mean I had people that I was Kind of influenced by but They were very busy they could not always reply to my questions and That was a big issue Until Recently, I did come across with old acquaintances in the same business in affiliate marketing and We started to communicate and that person was making multiple six sometimes seven figures a year and he was really really beneficial in steering me at the right direction and I started to learn more and I became affiliate partner with different internet companies and Things started going well Okay, so Why am I saying all this to you? Well, first of all if you're a businessman like me have your own business current business offline business and things are not going well and You don't know what to do whether you should quit or you should stick it out and Well, maybe you think he have to try something else, but you don't know exactly what it is

Well, maybe you're thinking you should Venture yourself into a new different type of offline business, but it costs an exuberant amount of money My offer to you is an affiliate marketing, okay, and and again I'm not here to sell anything I'm not going to even talk about any particular companies to you I'm just saying I Think that's a great way out of it because I start feeling Much better okay, I'm not gonna tell you I'm not gonna claim bold claims here that I'm making millions of dollars and and You know, I live that Lavish lifestyle like, you know I Drive Ferraris and stuff like it No I'm I'm a very regular business owner small business owner that is on the way to recovery, that's basically what it is and I Thank affiliate marketing for it Okay, so if you are interested If you think that this may be the way to do it Just leave a comment below this video and We gonna, you know come together somehow I will leave you my maybe Facebook Contact information where you can find me and we can talk about that we can discuss this I would love nothing more than to help people because we are kind of in the same boat and this as corny and cheesy it might sound, but I think this world would be much better if everybody would be happy And and a lot of people could say that Money doesn't make people happy On a contrary, I would say it does Not money per se but what money do for your lifestyle for your life in general for the life of your close ones? And so on and so forth

We all know that but nobody wants to talk about this Okay, so lack of money is not gonna make you happy No way no how it's just not gonna happen Okay, so if you are interested if you want a way out of it, you know you can contact me and will discuss that and Maybe I can help you Okay? Now, I don't want you to think that You know It's free I mean, obviously if you if you're watching this video and if you're still on my video here And we're and you were listening to me Intently I said I was a businessman and I still AM and I was appealing to business people that are in the same situation with me You understand that nothing is for free businesses business becoming an affiliate marketing marketer involves investments not anywhere close to Would go for an offline business and It's a fraction

I would say a penny on a dollar really maybe even less But again, it's it's it's going to be a learning process You're going to have to have tools you're going to have to Invest in certain things and the tools of the trade so to speak there's going to be Learning courses that you would probably need to take some things I would help you with and so on and so forth It's a process okay, but you are investing in yourself not so much into in in the business But in yourself once you get the knowledge The how Then everything goes well, okay obviously you have to be in the right mindset and that is also part of the learning process and If you don't have the will if you don't have The faith, let's put it that way if you don't have the faith in The fact that affiliate marketing can help you with your current situation Then maybe it's not for you look it definitely is not for everyone and by the way, when I was talking about the fact that it's only for business people the people that currently have businesses their own businesses That's not entirely true I mean if you're working a feel that way if you're an employee and you feel that way It can also be a way out of it And by the way, you don't have to quit what you're doing right now You can do it part-time and Still learn and still progress Okay It will not Take one day to achieve Success okay for some people that sooner than rather than later For other people it take years and years and years I mean I've been doing this for this is my sixth year and only now I start seeing successes and the reason being is because I met people that actually helped me which I can genuinely call my Mentors Okay and Doing it on your own and you you know is almost futile I have never seen a person yet That got to be successful and earning Good money By doing it on their own I don't care what they will tell you if they tell you that they learned it their own they're lying plain and simple Okay, or maybe they're just geniuses, but I have never seen anyone that learned it on their own Okay That's why I'm saying investing in courses investing in Tools that will help you to succeed Attending events attending seminars

It's all part of the Business part of the affiliate marketing business, okay maybe some of you already know what affiliate marketing is and you would think that All you have to do is send traffic to the link that Internet company or digital marketing company gives you or whatever the company is They're they're doing business online gives you a link to their product and you're just gonna send Just gonna send traffic to it You're going to achieve successes I think yours or your success is going to be short-lived at some point is going to end at some point The well is going to dry and if you don't know how to replenish the well You're gonna crash okay, so it's always a learning process even the people that make millions and millions of dollars In this business learning On a constant basis, it's always a process Okay, I mean if you're gonna take doctors if you're gonna take scientists if you're going to take You know any skilled worker? Throughout their career they always go and they study continuing education courses and So so on and so forth, okay, so Again I'm trying to be as transparent with this affiliate marketing thing as I can be because I don't want Anyone to think a it's a get-rich-quick scheme because it's not okay, there are get-rich-quick schemes there which are If they work they work for a few days and This is not it, okay And so if you are interested again Contact me and we will talk about this and I can I can steer you to the right direction because I was steered to the right direction and If you know if you have ideas, you know, if you want to do something on internet if you want to become Online Entrepreneur, that's the way to do it But before you can actually call yourself an online entrepreneur you have to learn a lot before, you know, run you have to Walk Okay you before you walk you have to crawl I guess right If you're gonna start revers engineering things you're going to come to an actual essence of all of this okay, and again Starting from the ground zero and going up You will see the progress and the progress will be there if you are committed to your success and again commitment is really a Faith you know if you don't have faith you can't commit So basically if if you don't think that affiliate marketing can help you Then I would suggest you don't even try but if you think that this might be the way out of it if you have if you would take and put your faith in it and Give it a shot and give it like a real real shot You'd be surprised where you can get okay, so I'm gonna end on this and I Hope I I brought a little bit of a value in this video for you again I don't put any links here, except my facebook contacts This is where you're going to contact me if you want this, okay Again I'm not selling anything here at all Okay They're going to be videos where I would probably recommend something, but this is not it I have a phone call to answer to and I wish you to have a great day and I'll talk to you later Okay?

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