Affiliate Marketing For Dummies: The Ultimate Guide – Part 1

Hey guys, in this video only teach you how to make money online with affiliate marketing and hopefully in future you will be able to quit your job and live from the income you earn online alright, let's get started! During this video I will be talking about Web Development, SEO, Email Marketing and various other things It's important to note that if you see a box like this on the screen it means you can click on it and you will be taken to a page where you can learn more in detail I will also put a list of resources in the description below How to make money online is a question that is constantly asked and many believe that it is just a myth and who blames them? There is just so much crap information out there on how to make money online and so many shady sites trying to make a quick buck it honestly drives me insane whenever I see one of those ridiculous Facebook ads claiming that their mastermind course will teach you how to make a six-figure income online within just a few weeks what's even more ludicrous other ads that are selling products claiming that they will build your business on auto-pilot in this video I'm going to share with you the truth about making money online from my personal experience and giving the knowledge you need to succeed online if you execute what you are about to learn is almost guaranteed that you will make money online if you already have it on my business including a store you can use this same method to increase your income by expanding your product range or by utilizing the skills of other marketers here is an overview of what you are about to learn how I've made money online, what is affiliate marketing, getting started with affiliate marketing, adding affiliate products to your website, getting traffic to your website, affiliate marketing is a vendor, the hardships of affiliate marketing and then were going to finish up with the conclusion how I've made money online there are many different ways you can make money online and I successfully made money with Google AdSense Google AdSense was the first thing I tried in my online business career and even though it took me six years to reach the payment threshold I finally received a check for $10243 I personally do not recommend Google AdSense as there are much better ways to make money online network marketing after Google AdSense I decided to try network marketing also known as MLM in just over a year I built an entire team using a simple blog and I was ranked in the top 100 people for the company I decided to drop out of network marketing when I discovered it wasn't for me network marketing is a very difficult industry freelancing freelancing is something I still do by now that my blog has become popular a contract directly with clients rather than using third-party websites eBay and gumtree importing products from Asia and selling them on eBay and gumtree is something I continue to do but it is not my main focus I will create a detailed guide on how to start an eBay business in the near future affiliate marketing this is my favourite way to make money online and it's what I'm about to teach you the reason why I highly recommend it fully marketing is because it's very cheap and easy to start up you are usually paid in USD and it is very realistic to be able to make 5,000+ a month it is also possible to create a passive income stream for example I'm still getting paid at least once a month from a website I made three years ago and no longer maintain I continue to renew the domain each year as it brings in a lot more than the cost of the domain renewal affiliate marketing is something anyone can do you just need to be patient consistent and willing to learn it's almost inevitable that you will eventually make money online with affiliate marketing and whether it's a small or large amount really depends on your effort so what is affiliate marketing affiliate marketing is also known as performance marketing and it is the process of earning a commission by promoting other people's or company's products each time you recommend a product to someone and they make a purchase you will earn a piece of the profit it is important to note that the profit you earn is at no extra cost to the customer there are thousands of products and services that you can promote you may even be a frequent user of an affiliate product and not even know it companies that you are likely to know who have affiliate programs are Uber, Amazon, eBay and Microsoft keep in mind that I have listed these companies as examples we will go into detail on how to find good products to promote later on affiliate marketing is a long-term business venture and it usually takes average person 6 to 12 months to make the first sale, however, it snowballs pretty quickly the first time I tried affiliate marketing it took me seven months to make my first sale but the second time it only took me three months because I had the experience and knew what I was doing pro tips it is recommended that you only sell products that you have personally used do not sell products just to make money sell products to help people you can increase the amount of sales you make by going the extra mile to personally help customers with the questions by helping customers you can also dramatically reduce the refund rate pretend the products you are selling your own getting started with affiliate marketing the first thing you need to do is create a plan and build your online presence choose a niche it's very important to pick a niche that you are interested in and not one you think will make you the most money the reason is because affiliate marketing is a long-term business venture and you need to create a lot of content around your niche if you pick a niche that you are not genuinely interested in you will get bored and quick you don't need to be an expert you just need to have a high level of interest you then need to decide whether you are going to build a personal brand or a business brand to build an online business you need to have a website to build a website you first need to purchase web hosting and a domain name I highly recommend BlueHost as they are very cheap and easy to use I also have a tutorial on how to use BlueHost to install WordPress in just one minute WordPress is the platform I recommend you use to create a website set up your email marketing they say the money is in the list which is true because those who subscribe to your mailing list will continue to receive your emails and over time this will build loyalty and trust it is crucial that you always over deliver in value before trying to sell something otherwise your emails will be seen as spam and your subscribers will unsubscribe just to be clear value is not always educational content it can also be content that is entertainment or escapism basically it is something that another person is willing to exchange their time for to set up your email marketing you need two things a way to capture emails and a way to send emails there are many free plugins that allow you to capture emails but I personally use and highly recommend Thrive Leads Thrive Leads is very easy to use and allows you to create various pop-ups, widgets, in content forms, lock content, forms and much more I will put a complete video demo of Thrive Leads in the description below another thing to consider when setting up your mailing list is what information you would like to collect I personally only collect the user's first name and email as it allows me to personalize every email according to their first name keep in mind that people do not like filling in forms so keep it too minimal to send emails to your mailing list you need a mailing service a aWeber is a mailing service that is used by most of the top Internet marketers in the world and it is recommended if you are serious about your email marketing alternatively you can use MailChimp's free mailing plan which is very limited compared a aWeber but definitely a great way to get started create your social media accounts at the very least you should create a YouTube account and a Facebook page in the description below I will put a link to a video which will show you how to invite all of your friends to like your Facebook page in one go create content now that you have created a website and social media accounts it's time to start creating content you first need to research what your target audience is struggling with and then provide them with a solution so how exactly do you research put yourself in their shoes or even better find various online communities in your niche and take note of the questions that have been asked repetitively you can also use Q&A sites such as Quora to do your research once you find a common problem that your audience is struggling with you can then provide them with a solution in a detailed blog post if you like you can also use Google's Keyword Planner to see how many times the topic is searched in Google each month see how I highlighted detailed blog post this is because most people including myself initially fall into the trap of blogging just for the sake of creating content and you end up making content that is "good enough" unfortunately content that is "good enough" doesn't cut it your content needs to be excellent! The better your content the more exposure it will get because great content is shared on social media and on other websites which also improves SEO it is also important to ensure that your blog posts are search engine friendly so how do you make great content? You spend time or money if you prefer to hire someone to do for you for example are most people willing to spend the time to create a video like this and a blog post to go with it? Most likely not it

It would be much easier for them to just share my video blog post or just linked to them from their website "Successful people do what unsuccessful people are not willing to do" when creating content you should check to see what already exists out there and then make something better slightly different for example there are so many amazing tutorials on SEO for beginners that I simply can't compete with for this reason I decided to make my SEO tutorial a step-by-step video series to visually show the basics of SEO in detail is my SEO tutorial better than the others are there? To some people it is to others it isn't but because it took a different approach it appeals to a different audience to my competitors once you finish your blog post you can re-purpose it to extend its reach for example you can turn the blog post into an image video and/or audio file which then can be posted on your website and on different social media platforms such as Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, Vivmo, iTunes SoundCloud, and so on the more content you have spread out around the Internet the better and by recreating content in different media formats it allows you to dramatically increase your traffic by attracting it from different sources it doesn't matter if the information is the same because different formats attract different people Adding Affiliate Products after you have made some awesome content for your visitors you can begin adding affiliate products to your website think about what products and services you personally use that are relevant to your niche and check to see if they have an affiliate program to check simply go to Google and search for company name affiliate for example if your content is about graphic design and you use Adobe products then do a search for Adobe affiliate once you have exhausted the products you're most familiar with you can branch out and find more products to promote by using affiliate networks affiliate networks are websites where venders can add their products so they can be found by Internet marketers and promoted there are many affiliate networks to choose from but I'm only going to recommend the ones I tried Commission Junction, PaySpree, ClickBank, ShareASale, OneNetworkDirect and JVZoo the user interface of affiliate sites are very similar once you login you will have your dashboard if you other things on the menu called affiliates, advertisers or something similar this is what you need to click on to see a list of products you can promote each product tells you how much you will earn in commission and a few other details some products require you to obtain approval before you can start promoting which is usually pretty easy affiliate terminology can be confusing at first so let's take a minute to go through some terms you will often see Affiliate Link this is the link you need to share with others in order to get paid EPC EPC stands for earnings per click and it represents the average earnings per 100 clicks EPC is used to show the ability to convert clicks into commissions Grav Grav is short for gravity and it is the number of distinct affiliates who earn a commission by promoting the vendor's products during the past 12 weeks, it is not an actual number of affiliate's Cookies in affiliate marketing is quite common to use cookies so if you prefer a customer today but they complete the purchase a few days later you still get paid different affiliate vendors have different cookie durations so it is a good idea to learn more about their cookie system before promoting the product this information is usually listed in their FAQ section once you've decided on the products you would like to promote grab their affiliate links and start placing them within your content keep in mind that the products you are promoting need to be relevant to the content pro tips make the affiliate products part of the process for example I have made BlueHost part of the process for building a website and making money online, BlueHost is an affiliate product that I use if you are teaching people how to get fit create content showing how you use the product and how it has helped you reviewing affiliate products is a good way to promote your affiliate links you can even create content comparing two affiliate products against each other create a Resources page and add it to your menu having a Resources page will boost your earnings significantly because people love good resources if you can recommend something that will make someone else's life easier they will be very grateful for it you won't just earn a commission for loyalty as well use bitly to shorten the URL of your affiliate link or the WordPress plugin ThirstyAffiliates to change the link to include your URL this is how the original affiliate link looks like this is what it looks like with bit

ly and this is what it looks like with ThirstyAffiliates Google recommends that you No-Follow affiliate links ThirstyAffiliates gives you the option to do this but if you are not using it then you can use another WordPress plugin or do it manually by using HTML

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