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Hi guys, how are we doing today? Welcome to today's video which is about affiliate marketing for dummies now this is about how you can start making money today and affiliate marketing for dummies – start making money today I just wanted to sort of explain to you kind of what affiliate marketing is and how people You know start making money online affiliate marketing for dummies – start making money today Because originally it was it was quite difficult and there was a lot involved but it's got a lot easier these days So what what to do was just talk you through? Generally what needs to be done And then I'm going to give you a solution which is much easier I'm going to talk you through that solution I'm going to show you exactly what we do with a Dunfield system what an even sort of what traffic to send to it on that sort of a daily basis and That's going to get you some quicker results with less work

Ok, so generally You need to find what we call affiliate marketing for dummies – start making money today A niche or initiative to say in the UK What a niches are a niche is an area let's to say affiliate marketing for dummies – start making money today That your niche is gardening or gardening for a certain type of plants or flower it might be that you're in the make money online niche and you You want to be an affiliate marketer in to do with gambling or Selling golf clubs or whatever it is That's it So that's your area now with Indonesia They need to find a product so you would need to join something like let's just say affiliate marketing for dummies – start making money today JV zoo affiliate marketing for dummies – start making money today And in within JB zoom you can just find all sorts of products and any needs your niche that you want to And I've been approved first sort of Millia affiliate marketing for dummies – start making money today Over nearly sort of 200 products, but I've been doing this quite a long time So you have to find your preferred area

Then you need to find the product that you want to sell Then you need to choose what we what we call a key word and the key word is something like well Let me let me show you so I type in Affiliate affiliate marketing for dummies – start making money today Okay affiliate marketing for dummies – start making money today Now I use a little keyword tool so let's say that your keyword would be something like Affiliate marketing Amazon if you want to set, you know make money using products in Amazon affiliate marketing for dummies – start making money today the Shopify if you wanted just to affiliate marketing for dummies – start making money today Do a thought you know help affiliate marks in UK Probably a good one I would think is something like let's say benefits of affiliate marketing and a new founder product that was going to was going to show the benefits of affiliate marketing and maybe given an example of a product for your customer to use that would be a Key word there philip marketing examples affiliate marketing for dummies – start making money today Philip marketing amazon would be good because there are programs which show people how to make money through Amazon and their product so that would be like the keywords So If you said you could say that your knee should be make money online Your product would be an Amazon product for affiliate marketing and the new keyword could be affiliate marketing Amazon So you'd have to do all of that research which can be quite Time consuming then you'd have to build the site and have a landing page You know something like this affiliate marketing for dummies – start making money today And then you'd have to drive traffic to it So that would mean, you know making a video like this Thomas people on facebook going on Quora more videos and that sort of thing or you could you could go to somewhere like you to me and You could pay for traffic and send People in the make money online these to your landing page in order for you to get subscribers and sales So really, it's quite a big affiliate marketing for dummies – start making money today Set of tasks that you have to do and if you are a beginner and this The title of this video kind of alludes to the you are a beginner You just not really sure what's going on or what to do Then I want to introduce you to a jaunty program called the Commission machine so this this little what color London page would get someone to make a selection here then put the email address in the other page and then They would come to Commission machine now I've actually bought the Commission machine and I wanted to show you the members area and show you how a product like this Could really help you Let me just So what this does is It's a protocol the Commission machine have to set and This gets you started in affiliate marketing and it kind of just goes through You know, how you research in Asia? Providing incentives for your customers to buy through your landing page and the no list method, which is a Facebook method But really it's in this bit here The done few section where you've got done for you promo So I'm just gonna click on this now This is use these Dom for you Thank you Michael

So what this is going to do is this is going to give you a few origin few promotions and affiliate marketing for dummies – start making money today Products for you to to get your thumb in so it lets the works Alton Oh, you don't have to actually put all this stuff together So what I'm going to do is I'm going to show you some of these done for you for overseer so the first ones called Patrick's now I'm not going to go through them all I'm gonna show you couple but This is actually something that's on sale That was only launched last week and if I go into So therefore pair tricks review There we are so we know that it's quite this review was posted a week ago Yeah, I mean you could look this up yourself, but so basically we know that it's current it's fresh people are into it Let's get rid of that we don't need that Back here So you've got Patrick so it you click on there and it will go through you a jvzoo page Now under this under this video just down here where the text is I'm gonna put a link to jvzoo if you don't have it because you'll need an account so you click on that set up an account for free and Then through your commission machine Done-for-you promo section here You would click on request approval It would take you through to you jbz page there Shows you what? Your commission rate is So be eighty percent of twenty seven dollars There are upsells in pay trick

So Potentially you could be only an 80 percent of maybe a hundred dollars per customer To do that and then it's toises and download these promos here now that is just a link to the sales page And pay tricks, okay Next one now This sold very very well This is really good actually And again you get your own Your affiliate link now that would be through warrior plus And again below the video you can find If you don't have a warrior Plus account get one Anyway, it's free You'll need one

If you're gonna be an affiliate marketer and then Just see what's in here Yeah assist the sales page It's just a website link some skill to that Do you got all these this was a brilliant? An absolutely fantastic product called stealth Commission's I know then this is a really great YouTube course To getting traffic to your collect promotions, so Really really good stuff really great products actually That was a really good one filling funnel So now this gets back to this gets topped up every week every couple of weeks or so So you're gonna get fresh Promotions to get involved in so again all the works done for you, so it's a case of just you know, getting involved in these promotions sending traffic there and Collecting some sales That's basically a so that is Commission machine there is On another upgrade of grid to there are seven more Commission machines here So this is seven more Products for you already sourced These have got bonuses already made for you as well, so You know, it's just a really great program for you for anyone that's doubting out So that's your core training comes with the front end products Then you've got all these done for you promos here and you've got another traffic Little traffic cost there just to help you with your Facebook Okay, so So what what we've basically done is we've given you the niche You've got the products You can also promote Commission machine itself Which is a really good idea to be honest with you, you can get your Commission machine link through jvzoo It's Commission machine Michael Charney you would click on get links and apply feeling can you be approved straightaway pretty much So as you can see the Commission machine is gonna save you a lot of money time and effort if you're a beginner theist someone new and you don't maybe at the time or even inclination to you know, create pages and you know like this and You know researching products and do all of that stuff you can just go into you don't view promos there he's happy and Just get involved in all of these It's gonna keep you busy

I mean, you know, there's a few here that Instagram is very good one there My in fair advantage is excellent Omer and Linda Martin, I mean There's a lot here a commission code That's another Ben Marcy mom You're not going to run out of stuff Look at all of this Commission ology that's a Michael Chaney one Another Ben one, you know, it's all good stuff So you're gonna have loads and loads and loads of products to promote for yourselves Old Anthea get stuck in you can use YouTube you can use Facebook

You can use karo you can do you can do press releases You can do your own blogs you can do anything But at least we've found the products for you and the products that are converting really really really well So Hopefully that's helped I hope it has again all of the links that you're going to need under this box You can also contact me on Facebook You can email me can get in touch if you need any help or any guidance or any assistance Getting touched that was affiliate marketing for dummies Your quick start to earning money potentially today And I hope that that helped and I will be back in another video tomorrow Thank you

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