Affiliate Marketing For Beginners with YouTube – Create YouTube Channel

hi friends this is our first video tutorial so now we are going to create a professional YouTube channel ok open youtubecom and click on this profile picture and click on my channel so if you already created a channel you will be taken to the channel page and if you want to create another channel simply go to switch account and more accounts and click here create the new channel ok so I already created the channel so now we have edit the channel go create the channels as I mentioned before and click on this photo upload okay actually this is my personal Google+ icon you have to so it will show Tik Tok Affiliate Acedemy reason why I selected this name is actually my viewers should able to understand that okay this YouTube channel is about affiliate marketing and something related there if I displayed my name They will think this is just an another channel so I created a brand account so I recommend you to do the same if you named your YouTube channel accordingly to your niche

okay now I am uploading cover photo actually I created this cover photo to my youtube channel but I am using here okay ! fine go back to YouTube so remember this this will take a lot of time to update so it's very fast okay now we can go okay this now we can go to customize channel Pardon ! Forgot to edit this part 🙁 can start the no we have to upload away YouTube channel on YouTube channel not so YouTube is recommending us to 2560 pixels by 1440 pixels so I usually use canva to create YouTube YouTube channel but if you are a beginner you have to use you can see the preview so it will show how it will look like on TV so login and create YouTube YouTube YouTube channel we can choose this this is just one example but for creating YouTube channel sniper is better than candle because in canva you won't see these options TV area tablet max desktop so this is how a channel art will look like on other devices this so in mobile and tablet it will show only this part that will be based if you add a text here I mean here here here here so use this tool and create a custom YouTube channel so I want to create so only this part will be visible to others so if a vertex here go here here there will be waste so you can design you yeah see you see so this is the channel orbit way to apply blue desktop and TV and so if you are a beginner you can use napa instead of canva if you want to not create YouTube channel I mean you read thumbnail sagas you can use canva otherwise you can and select save okay know what we have to do is add a channel description okay let me go write a good description I will show how to write it okay and a like they passed the video so here we created a YouTube channel description so I like to use emojis nohe now go back to creator studio click on channel socially you are not eligible for monetization right now so YouTube asking for thousand watch hours and thousand subscribers so now we can verify submit okay yeah I gotta go and okay YouTube account is verified right now continue custom you are I knew your channel should be 30 days old and you should have at least hundred subscribers to get your custom URL so now we can use YouTube standard and now Jimmy may be accompanying videos yes we can focus on how to create live streams and how to go viral regulation and we can see now go to advanced so it will ask entrie I'll get you YouTube get got get go to the you to add new property honestly mr celli desolate this ad and we will link our website later also we can link because I will explain this India will be create the YouTube mass maybe and branding actually if you write anything you write anything okay now go to branding add watermark actually asked to add some water to some water because it will show say like this you can see these people so you have to create a transparent instead of using test you can use on photo with no background to be transparent so I will do this later that's our movie created a YouTube channel now this picture will take over six hours to display here so what you have to do is stop the video and go and create your first YouTube you

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