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This video is all about affiliate marketing for beginners hello there This is Michael Burke a co-founder of life SEOs and today I will show you how using Affiliate marketing you can easily start receiving this kind of messages and emails of the console right now within just a few weeks So check this out, I'm into my phone messages right now And as you can see we get these messages all the time check out all these commissions almost $9,000 just within a couple of weeks, and here's the case we are not sales persons We are not the guys and in fact we had no freaking idea, but online marketing when we got started about two years ago I was still working as a cook into my nine-to-five, and I was studying at the same time But probably just like you watching this video right now I got tired of that way of life I literally had just one day a week off and sure I loved cooking but I hated Working and paying budget money to a college and today

I want to show you what helped me quit my job drop out of college And how we created an online automated income stream using affiliate Marketing so there are many ways to make money online but most of them require a lot of time and a lot of knowledge I've personally tried batch of these methods when I could started and I never made any Significant amount of money to try to clickbank free affiliate programs surveys and network marketing or MLM Programs and just name it I've tried everything sure in some occasions I made a few bucks here and there, but of course nothing But they could really rely on as my main income in fact I was wearing a of that, but eventually I found something that here to make thousands and thousands of dollars online in autopilot despite the fact that I was a totally newbie and this comes under the umbrella of affiliate marketing but with a few important differences First of all affiliate marketing in just a sentence is when you promote the products of another business And you get a commission out of which say you can even go to war Matt's website the right now for example Scroll to the bottom and you can become an affiliate and start promoting their products, and then you will get a specific Commission out of which sale another example that most marketers are pretty for me Leah is Clickbank 97% of the affiliate marketers actually got started with Clickbank, so Clickbank basically is a website where you can find various products and Offers that you can start promoting while you can earn a commission out of which sale sounds good, right well There are a few problems that you cannot Avoid the first one is that the Commission um is way too low we are talking about five to thirty percent Commission's out of a product worth an average of 10 to 90 bucks which leaves you with ten to twenty dollars per sale Which is really not the best way to cut your job and make a full time income online now the second problem Is that all you get is just a link of the sales page for the product you get no help no funnels not even landing pages to collect emails which is pretty important because many people will not buy at the first encounter a landing page or an opt-in page is a Simple web page where our only goal is to get the emails of the people before we even Present our products to them so you need their emails and their Messages about the product that you promote if you are new you probably have no idea how to write emails that sell and like make your Subscribers purchase your products so if you have seen any videos that tell you to make money out of click back Then you should know that these guys are not actually quite in you most of them actually have huge email lists with Thousands and thousands of people they know how to advertise and of course they have been in the game for a while now So how can you realistically make thousands of dollars online just as I showed you at the beginning without? Any previous experience? Without having a list and without having any huge following allow me to share the exact same Business platform that we've been using to generate over Fifty thousand dollars in total sales within just a couple of months And it comes under the umbrella of high ticket done for you of affiliate marketing They affiliate marketing for beginners as well as for the advanced at Marketeers so what this means is instead of getting a link and trying to figure out Everything by your own you get a whole done for you online Business you get funnels websites done for you email marketing traffic sources Step-by-step training as well as high ticket products, which simply means Expensive products, so you can earn high commissions just like the ones I showed you at the beginning to get up to sixty percent commission from products worth up to $10,000 you also Did the training in order to learn exactly how to start promoting you will learn about? Traffic and how to start getting traffic to the business immediately, which is really your only goal Everything else is done for you You really get a full online business system But all you need to do is just follow the training on top of that you get a professional Sales team to close all the sales for you How cool is that remember when I said that we are not sales persons? I really meant it and along with the sales team you will also get your own personal Success coach yes You also get a personal success coach you will have the phone of the coach the Skype the email and Everything so you can really get the guidance you need in order to succeed you will also get access to our Facebook group Where you will have the chance in the opportunity to interact with all the members you consider Results of the members you can post your own results you can ask questions and generally It's a great community, so by now you probably already see the huge difference between the average Affiliate marketing and then done for you one with the high ticket products in fact Let's jump into the computer real quick as I want to show you some results of totally Totally new movies because I understand that many of you guys are completely new and you might be on the fence about this but I will prove to you right now that it really doesn't matter either if you're Totally new to affiliate marketing or either if you are an expert what matters is to follow the training Follow the advices of the euro coach and keep taking action That what is all about so let's jump into the computer real quick and let me show you some of the results So here we are guys We are inside our Facebook group and let me scroll down just a bit so you can see a small example of the earnings and the results of our members so Congratulations to Linda boom of earning $1,000 in commission, let's scroll down Just the field just received excuse me my first commission a beginner Almost $2,000 in commission scroll down $400 in commission $700 a commission $400 in commission, this is me by the way

We just had one more sale a yesterday, so yeah as you can see you have $400 days you have six thousand and five hundred dollar days as Jay brown did Yesterday you have $500 Three thousand dollar sale as you can see one thousand as you can see all the members are earning Money guys, this is completely done for you online business platform but Everybody can really win all it takes is massive action and follow the actual steps Just end my first commission Melissa right here another beginner to just a my first Commission I can do this all day guys I can keep scrolling down and scrolling and scrolling and we will same batch of results from all the members of Legendre McAteer and the point is that anyone can do this and No matter what your background is no matter what? Experience you have no matter who you are nothing can actually stand against that success because Everybody can do this as you can see in the Facebook page as well all you need to do is follow the simple instructions Of your coach and of the system, and then simply take massive action So with that being said below this video There is a link just click the link and you will find more details about the Legendre marketeer by the founder David Sharpe and You will learn exactly how this can help you create a successful online income stream using affiliate marketing So that was it guys as you can see using it done for you affiliate marketing these days can be the solution for beginners who want to start making money with affiliate marketing I really hope you like this video if you have any Questions, please feel free to comment below as we answer all of them Don't forget to subscribe Tell notifications on and of course like the video See you on the next one

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