Affiliate Marketing For Beginners | 3 Top Mistakes That Are Hurting Your Results

affiliate marketing for beginners in this video I'm going to go over three things that you should avoid if you want to be successful in affiliate marketing now in this video I'll be talking about those three things that you should be avoiding to be successful in the affiliate marketing so if you guys want to learn those things make sure to stick around in the entire video because I'm going to give you some incredible value in this video so you can go out and be successful in affiliate marketing now before that if you guys want more videos like this about making money online and online marketing make sure you guys hit that subscribe button take that notification belt to receive new videos that I upload and if you guys want a free ebook that shows you the affiliate marketing secrets it's the first link in the description it's completely free I'm giving it to you because you're watching this video so if you guys want that free ebook click the link in the description you can get it but by saying that guys let's get into the video Oh what is up guys so in this video as I said in the beginning we're going to be talking talking about three things that you should avoid if you want to be successful in affiliate marketing so let's get into the video let me put myself in the corner as usual and we're gonna get started from there so affiliate marketing for beginners three things that you should be avoiding if you want to be successful the first one is being a prey of shiny object syndrome so what is shiny object syndrome sign shiny object syndrome is basically where you go from one business model to another to another to another searching for that one thing that's going to make you a millionaire in five minutes so those things don't really exist they're just a way to make a sale people do that to make a sale they're always giving you the newest strategy on how you can start making a million dollars in five minutes of work those things don't work so don't and I was one of these people that fell under shiny object syndrome I was trying to find the one thing that was going to get me to quit my job to make residual income as an affiliate marketer and I was buying like a product every week trying to be trying to search for that one product that I was going to help me make money and a lot of money fast so those things that claim that you're going to make like five thousand and like one day those things don't work you have to actually put in work if you want to succeed if you want a long-lasting income if you want to be a successful affiliate marketer you have to put in the work you have to go through the process of failing and just not being able to process everything and then realizing what you need to do and just going through the process you have to go through that knowing it's like a law you can't short cut that log because if you don't go through that process then you're not going to have whatever it is that you wanted to have so don't become a prey of shiny object syndrome I am still a little bit a prey of that but I'm starting to realize that those things don't really work and I need to just put my mind focus on it and start like these doing these videos every day I have to do these videos so I can get more leads more sales more views so if you do that it's not going to produce any results from me so and whenever a new thing comes out that's that says get five dollars every minute making one minute videos that's not going to happen you have to make videos you have to grind you have to go through the process think of it like cutting down a tree do you cut down a tree just let me actually draw this out for you guys so you guys see what I'm talking about so this is a tree if you want to cut down this tree do you chop it right here and then go chop it right here and then go chop it right here and then go chop it right here and then go chop it right here no that's not what you do that's not gonna cut down the tree all you have to do is just chop it right here like 5,000 times just chopping and chopping it and then eventually it's going to crack and then the trees gonna fall down that's how you cut down a tree so it's the same thing for affiliate marketing for dropshipping you focus on one thing and keep doing that one thing until it produces a result and it is going to produce a result because you're doing the thing you're supposed to be doing focused on and keep doing it so that's the first thing you should avoid is signee objections so the second thing you should avoid is dabbling in all traffic methods and I'm the biggest example of this because when I started affiliate marketing I was going from Facebook YouTube Instagram Twitter I was just going through all these different traffic methods nothing worked not that those traffic methods don't work but I was just not focusing on one of them and I wasn't producing any results from your shirt I got like one or two leads from Facebook and Instagram but nothing major so if you are starting and if you're an affiliate marketer just focus on one traffic source get really good at it produce some results that are consistent and then after you do that go to another traffic source so the the traffic source doesn't matter pick whatever you like because if you don't like that traffic method you're not going to stay consistent with it and produce a result in it so my main traffic source is YouTube and I like doing videos sure I'm not the best at it I'm not good at it but it's producing results I'm getting leads and if I do it consistently it's gonna grow and grow so it's the snowball effect it's going to grow and grow and grow so pick a traffic method stick to it focus on it don't if you see this hot new traffic source don't go towards and it's being you're going back to shiny object syndrome just stay with one traffic source master it be obsessed with it until you get a result and until you master it so I like YouTube I recommend YouTube if you guys aren't on YouTube what are you doing so get on YouTube start making videos even if you don't like being on camera you have to get out of your comfort zone just go and watch the first video I did oh my god or the second video I was horrible so I'm still horrible but I'm getting better I'm getting better at talking in front of your camera so pick one traffic source that you like and you're going to stick with and master it producer result with it stick stay consistent with it and that's the second thing your you should avoid so the third thing you should avoid and I'm another example of this is getting attached and emotional on your numbers so affiliate marketing is a numbers game so it's all conversions and ROI and everything so if you're getting too attached to your numbers and emotion of them you're not going to follow through so let's say you're doing Facebook ads or YouTube ads so and you run an ad and it doesn't produce a result your numbers are crap and you're not getting any results and you get emotional you don't follow up with YouTube ads you don't master it and you just leave it at that and then you go to Facebook Ads your numbers are crap again because you don't know what you're doing you're you you haven't tested enough to know how to work Facebook ads and you put Facebook ads away and then you go to Instagram and everything and then you just put these away but you're not following up so what you have to do is just analyze your numbers and don't get into emotional so let's say my landing page converts at 20 percent landing page 20 percent what if your landing page converts at twenty percent what you need to do is tweak some things to see if your let if you get if you could get your landing page to convert at 30 percent and when you get your landing page to convert at 30 percent you can tweak it more to make it convert at 40 percent so you just keep getting better and better and better and better and then let's say your sales video doesn't convert it converts at 2% you keep tweaking tweaking tweaking until you get the best ROI or best numbers or the numbers you want so don't get too emotional from them keep tweaking until you see the results you want so if you guys like this video make sure to leave a like make sure to comment down below what you thought of this video or any other tips and tricks that we should avoid as affiliate marketers and so make sure to subscribe to this channel take that notification belt because I release new videos every day and if you guys want add a free ebook it's going to be the first link in the description I'll give it to you for free just being just for being a viewer of mine and listening to my videos and taking in all the value and I'll see you guys in the next one

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