Affiliate Marketing For Beginners 2017 | How to make money with affiliate marketing in 2017

hello JoAnne Mbonigaba here from freedom mompreneur by design com So are you considering getting into affiliate marketing and you want to understand how you can get started in earning income as an affiliate marketer in 2017? or perhaps you are a relatively new affiliate marketer or perhaps experienced and you're looking to understand and improve your results? Well in this video I am going to give you 10 what I call digital marketing hacks for those looking to get started in affiliate marketing in 2017

You know affiliate marketing has been proven to be a strategy for anyone who is willing to do the work and have the right mindset to plug in to the booming digital economy and earn income in a relatively short period of time with little to no risk, so in this video's as I said I'm going to be sharing 10 digital marketing hacks or life hacks for those looking to get started in affiliate marketing successfully in 2017 Now, I have some notes here with me that I will refer to from time to time just to make sure it cover all the points i want to give you today Let's get started so life hack number one imitate and then innovate You know there are thousands of people online making hundreds thousands or even millions of dollars a month online so there is no need for you as a person new to the online space and affiliate marketing to go and recreate the wheel first find someone who is having success who you can imitate who you can duplicate and as you imitate and achieve the results and really understand from A to Z what's helping you to achieve the results then you can start to tweak and innovate to improve on your results number two I call it "nichify" rather than casting your net wide think about casting your net deep and getting very targeted in terms of who you're speaking to and who you're marketing to online yes the digital economy is a booming market for anyone to plug into who's willing to do the work yet it is also competitive so the best way for a beginner to achieve traction and results quickly is to really think and targeted about who yours speaking to and who you are looking to help number three always be adding value when you come on to the digital space you want to be someone who's seen as a valuable resource so create quality content look at the niche that you're looking to serve and see how you can provide better quality content that really addresses the needs of your potential clients within that sphere number four consider offering high-quality recurring products you know the best way to achieve and maintain your income as an affiliate marketer is to offer high-quality reoccurring or subscription based products for example within my business I am able to offer to my clients an integrated digital marketing system that they can do and host all their online marketing and business needs as an affiliate and have high-quality services to help them achieve the results they desire and in doing so that allows me to earn an income on a monthly basis number five diversify your traffic sources don't ever rely on only one source of traffic I think there are many ways that you can attract potential clients and followers to yourself and to your products or services so when you're getting started I encourage you to pick two or three types of traffic sources and really understand and master them so you are diversified but not over diversified in terms of getting the results you desire quickly number six Mobile is where it's at so as you come on to the online and plug in to be digital marketer really consider how the content that you're putting forward be it a blog be it videos be it ads on different platforms how they will show up on a mobile device be it a mobile phone or iPad about sixty to seventy percent of the content being consumed now online is being consumed on a mobile device so you want to make sure your content is mobile friendly number seven when you're getting started really consider focusing on programs that pay you for leads and that are relatively low opt-in costs programs at start I would say now why do I suggest that first of all to really convert to the final sale takes skill so if you're new to affiliate marketing focus on the front end and plug into an existing program that has those already skilled people on the back end supporting you to close the sale and as your skill grows then you can move to take over the entire funnel secondly in this point I talk about focusing on low-cost conversion items and why is that you then if you focus on low-cost conversion items versus high to get conversion items what happens is you get a higher volume of transactions to analyze and learn from because more people are likely to opt-in at that price point while say if you go say twenty dollar product versus right up front a thousand dollar product so you get one sale to earn a thousand dollars and you get 50 sales so all that all of those people you get the demographics you get the statistics you get the split test your landing page your message to really figure out what really was working so you can scale up faster and get better results number eight oh I already said this actually so I combine two points I was going to talk about focusing on these programs is number eight so I made number 7 and number 8 the same or combined them so let's get to number nine you know at the end of the day success as an affiliate marketer is based on relationships so as you produce your content as you engage with your customers think about relationship first right develop that relationship where you show that you're dependable that you're trustworthy and that then they will want to do business with you also really consider it's not only relationships with your customers but relationships with other affiliates and relationships with those companies and the corporate contact that you're an affiliate for, you know there are ,can you imagine that what if you had a really great relationship with that corporate contact who is running that affiliate program and there's something new coming out and because you nurtured that really great relationship you're one of the first to know and benefit from it,, same thing goes with other affiliate marketers with the masterminding or them have an access other information or you having access to information that can help them when you build those relationships we all win number ten track track track I know it's not sexy I know it's not interesting or exciting but at the end of the day to really pinpoint and scale up quickly and we achieve results as an affiliate marketer you want to be tracking everything so for example say you do a blog post and you include your affiliate link five times in that blog post you actually want to include unique links for those five links so you know which time in your blog posts do people more often opt in, do they opt-in at the beginning in the middle when you were doing your case study or at the end or in the PPS so you know in future maybe you can pull out three or two of those placements and focus only on those placements where you have originally seen more traction and the only way you knew that, the only way that you'll know that is if you track track track track and with tracking it allows you to pinpoint what's succeeding and scale up quickly so I hope these ten points were of value to you you know I started with affiliate marketing just last fall and I've been really blessed to plug in to an amazing community where I have amazing mentors also masterminds with other affiliates again building those quality relationships and also having a suite of tools and systems to help me focus on the lead generation part and someone where I'm still a beginner is taking over and helping to close the sale at the back end now if you are looking for a community such as this to help you get plugged in and feel supported and have the tools, the systems and support to get started as an affiliate marketer then I encouraged to take a look at our community by registering for our complimentary 7-day video training series in that video training series my mentor Stuart and Jay gave the five key secrets to being a success online and you'll also get an exposure to what our community is about and see if it's the right fit for you, all right so JoAnne Mbonigaba here from freedom mompreneur by design com I encourage you to comment if you have any questions or if you have any tips or hacks that you want to share, also I encourage you to subscribe to my channel i'll be sharing and reviewing some digital training courses in the next little while as well as highlighting 10 top affiliate marketing programs that you can join in 2017 and speed up your results and the income that you earn, all right so JoAnne Mboni- gaba here, thanks for listening and remember as always it's quality versus quantity see you next time

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