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Do you want to learn how to make money without having to invest hundreds or thousands of dollars? Well watch this video to learn how you can achieve this and how I made $4000 doing it For the best advice on side hustles, budgeting, and more, make sure to subscribe to my channel and hit the bell to be notified when I post a new video every week

If you're looking for ways to make money but don't have much to invest, then by the end of this video you'll learn about affiliate marketing, which is one of the best side hustles out there, and how it can help you generate lots of income fast Make sure you stay tuned to the end, because I'm going to tell you exactly how I made $4000 through affiliate marketing Now let's start off with defining affiliate marketing Affiliate marketing basically consists of people promoting other companies' products or services In return, the company pays you a commission for every person that you refer that buys the product or service

Now as far as the commission goes, it ranges anywhere from 1% all the way to 75% or more, depending on the product or service that you promote The company tracks your sales through a unique link called an affiliate link, which is basically created for that product or service that you're promoting But you can pretty much refer people to anything from places that you visited, restaurants that you've eaten at, products that you maybe like or have used, or maybe products or services that you made a review for on social media The sky is the limit Before I keep going, I just wanted to mention that this is not a pyramid scheme

This is a legitimate billion dollar business Now let's talk about the pros of affiliate marketing First pro is that companies are relying on affiliate marketing to increase their sales instead of using the traditional way of promoting their products or services through TV commercials I mean, companies recognize that people live and breathe social media and are always on their phone Some companies that offer affiliate programs are Amazon, Walmart, Ebay, ClickBank, just to name a few

And you can pretty much sell anything from high ticket items like maybe online courses, all the way to small products like a blender The next pro is that it's a low cost business You mainly spend money creating a website, which is pretty cheap if you use WordPress or Wixcom The next pro is that you don't need to be an expert to promote any products or services, you just need to give your honest opinion

And the last one is that you don't need to worry about customer service So if they have any issues with the products, they do not contact you, they contact the company and that is it All right, so now let's talk about the cons So depending on what you promote you may not have repeat customers A good example of this is a customer that buys an online course where they have lifetime access

Another con is that you may run the risk of generating little to know income when you start But I feel like this has more to do with how confident you are when you promote things Now this con is extremely important and you should definitely pay attention to this Promoting a negative product can negatively affect your reputation, which means that you are no longer credible and people won't trust you So when you pick a product, please make sure that it's something of quality or something that you believe in

All right, so now it's your turn If you can please comment below and let us know any side hustles that you've done that require little to know investment Please share so that way we can help everyone succeed Okay, so now the big question How did I make $4000 through affiliate marketing in one day? Here it is

I accidentally fell into it when I started selling products on Amazon But let's back up a little bit So before I started selling on Amazon I bought a course that basically teaches you how to sell on Amazon I literally followed the course to the T, and I instantly saw results In the first two months of launching my product on Amazon I basically made thousands of dollars in sales

Anyway, I was so satisfied with what I did that I started telling other people about what I accomplished and about the course So then they became really interested in buying it, the only problem was that at the time the doors were closed, which means that they were not able to purchase it, at least for the next six months So I told them that I was gonna notify them once the doors opened, and months later the doors opened again and I also got an email explaining how I can earn money by referring people to the course I got an affiliate link that I gave the people that were interested in buying the course Once they got the course, the company sent me commission for that

I was pretty shocked on how easy it was And I'm not gonna lie, I was pretty skeptical But when I saw the money coming in that was when I fully believed that it was pretty legit And mind you, I didn't have a website or a YouTube channel to promote anything For me, it was the best feeling ever because I truly believed in the course

And basically it was like a win-win situation I got commission for referring people that were already interested in the course, I made money on top of already making money from selling on Amazon, so I guess that's a win-win-win So if you guys want to get started, the best advice that I can give to you is that you have to be 100% honest about what you're promoting So if you guys haven't tried the product or service yourself or done extensive research, then don't do it Because the last thing you want to do is to lose your credibility

So there you have it, now you know exactly what affiliate marketing is and how I made $4000 easy You don't need a college degree and you do not need experience And basically if I can do it, then you guys can do it too If you want to join a community of people just like you, then come on over to the Fab & Focused community, where I will share up to date side hustle advice to help you navigate this space The link to join is in the description below

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