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There are many Affiliate Marketing Companies that offers great Online Affiliate Marketing opportunities Do you know which one will work for you? Here is Clement to share his success story with you on one of many Top Affiliate Programs that works

Hi, this Clement Choo from Penang, Malaysia I'm here in Cancún, Mexico, and I'd just like to share my story on how I built my online business with MOBE – and how you could do the same thing When I was young, I was taught to study hard Find a job and work hard I studied really hard, till I graduated from University of Ottawa, Canada

I began my career as an engineer, and worked my way up to become the General Manager of the offshore operations of a US based multi-national corporation Before I retired at age 55 – although the remunerations were decent at senior management level in the corporate world, it was very stressful having to handle all the operations and human issues of a big organisation Not only I had to report to work 9 to 5, I was on call 24/7 with the smartphone given by the company I told myself, 30 years in the corporate world was more than enough, and I wanted to do something different for the rest of my life So the first thing I did after my retirement was to spend quality time with my 78 years old mother and my family

I bought my mother together with my family for oversea holidays, which I only managed to do once every few years while I was working in the corporation I went for 2, 10 day oversea trips with my mum and family within 8 months They were the best travel trips in my life, without having to worry about work I felt really good that I was able to take my mum together, since this was the least I could to do to repay her while she's still healthy enough to travel I do not want to regret for life, for missing this opportunity

The next thing came to mind was – how could I do a business that I could leave it to my children as a legacy? The ideal business would be one that could give me time and location freedom, with residual income I spent more than $10 000, attended a few courses – like stock and currency trading, and internet affiliate marketing In the searching process, I was fortunate to run into MOBE, that met the key elements of the business I was looking for Number 1, MOBE utilises licensing business model, where I do not need to create products of my own Number 2, MOBE is extremely scalable, depending on the income level that one is looking for

Number 3, it has high residual potential, where I find a customer and I'm entitled to making commission of all purchases from the customer for life Number 4, MOBE is a top gear business, where I only need to market low cost product The phone sales team will do the upsell to make me top gear commissions of up to $10 000, depending on my positioning I do not need to even pick up the phone to get those commissions I started with MOBE since January 2015, and it has been a wonderful journey

With MOBE, not only I'm able to build an income stream after my retirement, I'm able to leave this legacy to my children Because they have the option to continue with this whenever they are ready I have also attended MOBE live events, and it was – incredible experience where I met a lot of friends and business partners that support and motivate each other In the recent Platinum Mastermind, I learned how to create wealth management and preservation strategies The best part was, I attended the event with my daughter, where all this mindset and knowledge are implanted to her while she is young

I also go to spend 7 days quality time with her, to learn and enjoy some outdoor activities, like zip-lining and discovery scuba diving together It was truly valuable time I will treasure for life In short, I have attained my personal goal to leave a legacy to my children, and early retirement lifestyle, with location, time, and financial freedom that I am longing for I do my favorite exercise, mountain biking, every day And work 3 to 4 hours per day, anytime and anywhere I like – as long as I have laptop and internet connections

If you are thinking of creating alternate or an additional income stream, or you are thinking of retiring from your 9 to 5 job and live life in your own terms – click the link below to join MOBE and get started

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