Affiliate Marketing Companies & Top Affiliate Programs Review – Carlos

There are many Affiliate Marketing Companies that offers great Online Affiliate Marketing opportunities Do you know which one will work for you? You are hearing a Live Call to Carlos from one such Top Affiliate Programs to inform him he has just earn a $1,000 commission

Carlo: Hello Trevor: Hi Carlo, my name's Trevor Finchip (0:15?) I work over at MOBE Carlo: Okay Trevor: Hey, so– Carlo: How's it going, Trevor? Trevor: I'm pretty good, how are you? Carlo: Doing good sir

Trevor: So I'm actually calling with a bit of good news You might already know, but I wanted to share it regardless Were you aware that you recently made an MOR sale? Carlo: MLR sale? Yes, I am Trevor: Okay great Well, I wanted to call you anyway to let you know, make sure you were aware

It's nice to have an extra thousand bucks in your pocket, right? Carlo: I appreciate it Trevor: Good, do you happen to know how you made this sale, or what marketing you did to get it? Carlo: It was through a solo ad Trevor: And is that what you typically market with? Carlo: Actually, I just started MOBE maybe – I'm thinking 2, 3 weeks ago Trevor: Great, right, now you've got your first sale – very nice Carlo: Yeah, it was pretty – I was just lazy about it

I just wanted to check the system out, and I just took my affiliate link and threw it into a solo ad Trevor: Got you, well it's good to see it's already paying off then Carlo: Yeah, yeah definitely But right now, I'm just working on my sales funnel So next traffic I buy, I can start building the relationship with that list, and then start directing them to MOBE

Trevor: Very good Carlo: My goal at the moment– Right Trevor: So I have just a couple of other questions for you, with that in mind now I guess, is there anything else – is there anything you'd say to another MOBE affiliate that's in the same position? Where they've just started out Is there any suggestions you'd make or things that you're doing that you think would be good to share with them

Carlo: The main thing I would share is that the process works You've got to stay positive and believe in it, and drive quality traffic towards our offers Trevor: It's good to hear that you started off quickly, and I know for a lot of people, it's a tough process to get started But once you get going, that's when the MOBE system really kinda kicks in, and you see the success Carlo: Yeah, I mean it's an awesome system, but it's not a magic pill, you've definitely got to treat it like a business

Trevor: Absolutely, you have to work for it I mean, there's no easy money At least not in most cases Carlo: Yeah, yeah Trevor: Maybe over time, you'll get to an easy money situation here

But when you start out, you've got to work at it Carlo: Right, you've got to build your systems up Trevor: Okay, so you kinda already gave me a little bit here about this But is there anything else you're doing to promote your business? I know you started with solo ads, and then – can you elaborate a little bit more on what you're going to do going forward? Carlo: Right now I'm going to – I'm going to focus on the solo ad So I move on to other traffic (2:46?)

Trevor: Okay, cool, cool Carlo: Hopefully with this little test I did – and I already made a licensee sale, so– Trevor: Very nice And are you – have you been working in internet marketing before you started with MOBE? Carlo: A little bit I have a little bit of experience Trevor: Okay

Carlo: Actually sell – I run a digital marketing company Trevor: Okay, very nice, cool Carlo: That definitely helped Trevor: Yeah, yeah I bet

So it translates well into this position Carlo: Yeah Trevor: Is there, I guess – pertaining from that and your first couple of weeks at MOBE, are there any secrets or any specific strategies that work well for you, that you'd want to share? Carlo: No secrets Everything I've learned was from the MOBE system I mean I definitely believe in the system, and I'm just going to keep promoting it

Trevor: Right Carlo: See how it all turns out Trevor: Well you're new, obviously You just started So I'm sure when I give you lots more of these calls down the line, you'll have even more to share

Carlo: Yeah, definitely I'm working on getting fully positioned That's my main goal Trevor: Yeah absolutely Thank you so much again for taking the time to talk with me

And best of luck to you going forward It sounds like you're off to a pretty good start Carlo: Thank you Trevor, appreciate it Trevor: Thank you Carlo

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