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way the globe people only dream about well it's not about me on I was able to achieve this kinda like stop in a tissue you know line that providing they hear what the video number one Dinara free video series so well actually we're in Miami Beach Florida with my family and I was gonna hang out great time just don't let me be a lifestyle that I once was the only man about eight years ago when I got started in like I got started on line with the dream that he was to provide the faster lifestyle from my family as I possibly can lifestyle evangelism you know I tried everything that's right you know promoting other people's products million I tried multi-level marketing at right you don't know %uh direct sales company that's right now what marketing nothing worth it and I was fortunate enough to crack this online successful with affiliate marketing companies and you know what nine days later everything changed when you guys and and you know this is this is what this whole video series is all about just recently this and just recently right I was able to start a brand new campaign glad it went from hero to me and win over seven hundred thousand dollars in 28-day how do you do something like that how did you do it reg if you watching this video you're probably looking for a way to maybe help improve your financial situation like more like right maybe a little just create a better life that we sell family something that you guys chill it was ok right now I'm here to tell you you can't do this not what I want you here with this the New York starting with this video and then throughout the next novel video you actually don't tell you exactly how I did it exactly how they don't have all the battle and tell you exactly what you can do yourself starting to like starting today great apply just a few minutes change a life changer business and we just love the lifestyle for yourself and your family that you guys too little okay so little right now going to take you got to our house here in Miami Beach Florida or actual state can't get up greg is that we are laid out with you and hopefully take action on this kind of stuff because this in the past now that absolutely it's only like and with with my so with that being said let's get home to our house I want to pick up from the revealed to be the secret want to write this big secret to make a lot of all rights to the doc do right so here we are welcome to my Casa now let's not talk about the good stuff where you think %uh not alright so let's talk about the big secret to making a lot of money online right so how was able to go from zero just starting this will pass campaign and and burning over seven hundred thousand dollars in the first 28 days how do they do it well my friend there is a secret came all good don't talk about this stuff most marketers will not they don't know this kinda stuff right I was able to figure this out the hard way and here's what I will tell you it doesn't matter what you got what you have going on in life right now it doesn't matter how many times you fail before it doesn't matter what you have been tryin before when you get this when you apply this K you can decide how much money wanna make you can decide what our lifestyle you wanna help you can decide what you wanna do and you can just go out there and do it hey just a few short years ago I could not have imagined living the high life style that I now live on a day-to-day basis most people only dream about this kind of stuff but it's not about me it's about you so I wanna do in this video series for use on a break this down for you and I'll show you exactly how I went from zero just recently here just in los you know few weeks and earned over seven hundred thousand dollars in the first 20 a date K it comes down to three things now about to walk you through them right now so stop alright so now let me share with you my secret formula that allowed me to you credits rolled past campaign right and turn over seven hundred thousand dollars in 20 aid dates hey just testing this there the just testing this thing out wanna know the secret to it three components like I said right here they are it's kind of like through them here a friend there's there's whole bunch of stuff I can talk to you about right now writing this video a and what most markers are doing is they're trying to over complicate things right they're they're they're putting all kinds of bad on the meat and we're gonna do right now for you don't just got cut out all the fat right was gonna leave them either and just talk about the things that will make a difference for you faster than anything else okay so here are the three components but you need to focus on on the number one II call I is going to be your vehicle time and I explain exactly what this means in in them in a moment tempting number two he is back into the political needs and engine right timing this adjustment and the metaphor but I'll explain to you exactly what this means in just a moment thanks so we haven't engine that's the number two and think number three he is we need some fuel to that vehicle K here's what it means ask internet marketers thanks to think about this logical if you want to make money online we need to have something to promote right I we thought we can't make money you without having to promote what is a product or service or opportunity or something right so logically the very first thing that you need listen there is like I said that there is there's stuff luncheon every single day rain people want to teach you this this this and that and the other at the end of the day you need to find the right vehicle through which you can get from point A to point B okay now talking about the vehicle in our in contact so what we're talking about you know marketing I its basically you need to have a product to promote okay this can be an affiliate product this can be somebody else could buy a product you can be an affiliate you can promote you know network marketing companies business opportunities right yeah you can be selling stuff on ebay I mean that can be a vehicle but there's different types of vehicles right so think about this there are vehicles that can get you from point A to point B fast and their our vehicle that can get you from point A to point be slow K so let me give an example here but if you wanna go from kill from New York to Sacramento right and you want to get there any vehicle can get you there right I mean first thing comes to mind is like you know that the Geo Metro something little something small can get you there but it might take you a week to get them right or you can get on the you know on a private jet and you can just fly there in just a couple hours in just a few hours to see the difference right internet marketing you wanna make you have the right vehicle they would not talk about that morning detail in the next video but right now just wanna then the big picture for you and because this is the exact formulas I followed K to turn over seven hundred thousand dollars in 28 days next thing is you need to have an engine for the Eagles leave the vehicle he is let's just call it an offer right an offer so you thought you you know something that you gonna be promoting and engine and this is what nine-b_ 8 percent of marketers have no clue about K and engine is going to be the system okay I wanted to write this down if you are taking notes this is worth writing down a system is what's gonna drive your vehicle K either fast or slow let me give you let me tell you exactly what I mean by that if you are an affiliate marketer and I'm still use the for example because I think a lot of people can relate to that city promoting somebody else's product I'd think about this if you go to Clickbank and you pick a Clickbank product to promote K do you realize that there could be 300-500 possibly thousands of affiliates just like you promoting that same product K possible to the same you know with the same traffic source something so right now what what happened here is your competing you are basically the same bold work everybody else all the other marketers they're promoting the same thing make sense and so this is what nine this with a lot of people are doing this is what majority over marketers in our community are doing is they're just doing the exact same thing with the other guys do in with the other guys doing right in with 10,000 other people are doing and this can be with with you know again affiliate marketing companies direct sales company network marketing companies affiliate marketing companies so you need to you differentiate yourself the big secret my friend that I did not realized and why did not know this right here I was struggling I what you need to do if you need to raise yourself I watched him closely because this is important you need to raise yourself as a marketer K above the competition you need to put your so everybody's here K you need to be right here so how do you do that we're going to talk about that in great detail and I think you'll be pleasantly surprised with what I have coming up for you in next video K talk about that and then third thing years a few and a few is going to be you know getting traffic getting traffic to your offer and believe it or not this part is actually really really simple most people think that if they can just learn how to get traffic they'll be successful right I can just learn how to get the founders understood why offer right I'll be successful rock if you can get a thousand visitors to your system that's promoting this offer then you'll be successful because what you doing here is your gonna be a raise yourself above the competition like I always add right and there's been nobody else like you you gonna be unique and that's my friend the reason 26 the you know that the secret to success that's how I was able to make over seven hundred thousand dollars and broke the industry's record in the in a network marketing industry I as far as I know there is nobody else in the history of the right marketing or or Network Marketing rather a who was able to generate over seven hundred and ten thousand dollars in 28 days from a list about 1300 people I'm so what I was able to do among them you know I don't wanna I want you to get overwhelmed with all the stuff because this is that with simple so these are the three pillars right to your success three pillars three things you need to focus on nothing else matters you know that the shiny things that does been lodged all the time man none other stuff matters not other stuff is important what I was able to do right with now that I have figure this thing out for sure right when I was able to do that was able to create a system and basically build a machine around the secret okay machine not another promotion you know not a guideline I was able to literally create and build a machine that takes care of the vehicle the pics you know the system but that given the traffic K what it check this out what if I told you that by the time you get done watching this video serious you can actually have the very same system that very same machine that I was able to use for myself that just in testing mode brought in over seven hundred and ten thousand dollars in 28 days what if I told you that I can actually give it to you about a thousand bucks now just getting I can give it to you for free K my friend this is what I intend to do for you in this video issues again my goal is to help you become successful my goal is not is not to make an extra know a couple hundred but whatever money is no longer an issue for me right now what my motivation is how many success stories can I create can't believe it or not on what I want to do for you right now as I wanted to again the for the big picture hey this is what you need to know understand kinda what goes on behind the scenes in the next video I'm gonna dive into more details about each one of these three components okay because I want you as a marketer for long term because if you were here you know my goal my my my thinking my host nation you probably you want to be here for the long haul right you'll probably want to treat yourself a lifestyle right there that that most people can only dream about and let me tell you this this industry is the best industry hands down bar not the best industry in the world to be a part of tell me any other industry where I can go without being a college you know without having a college education mean a college dropout without any special skills K having English be your second language and being able to go out there and just literally create just just little the print seven hundred thousand dollars in in a min a month in a month with no product no website right at No no special launches no JV partners no promotions right just create that passed like that's what about this is what this this video of you is all about and so this is what the Big Idea mastermind is all about and again by the time you get done with this up you will have an opportunity to get this machine for yourself for free years or wanted to do hopefully this is starting to make sense to you a little bit hey I get I did not want to go into the too much details on this right now I want to get you to get the big picture okay next video which has not come out the next couple days or so I'll let you know in the next video we're gonna go into the details and then by the time that you get done with this video series are going to be a huge opportunity for you to get your hands on this very system my friend not then you've been other not let a carbon copy but be exact system that brought in over seven hundred thousand dollars for me personal what can you do with a condom I get I can promise is going to be the same thing for you right but I can promise you this: if you can't make money with this machine that will will give it to you for free right you might as well just pack your bag and go someplace else because you will not be able to make money anywhere in these affiliate marketing companies with anything else thank I hope you get excited you I hope that you said that you see something that are you know I hope that this I was able to open your eyes a little bit right to what kinda what's going on why the $098 per some people failing and 2 percent of people are making about 98 percent of all the money that's been made in this industry K we want you to be in the top 2 percent the and so in this video series I will actually not only tell you but I will actually take you by the hand and I can actually what you through this bad K and actually help you go from wherever you are right now to where you want to be I may be opposed to make thirty thousand dollars a month you can do it may be opposed to make 15020 a fifty thousand dollars a month you can do thank so years we're watching you right now in this stuff is Mike ancestry K if you are getting a site I wanted to let me know about K because in the next video I I will I guess at I will give you something special I think you'll be pleasantly surprised with the with with what I will actually give you in this video as a free gift okay so you definitely want to watch for that and here's the best way to be notified I guess to you know if you wanna know it as soon as I really second video gotta let me know what you think about this video right below this many others comments right let me know what you think about this stuff and also met you hit the like button when you do that you'll be notified via Facebook as you know that both the next video so you can come back and watch the next video okay so I again I'm just gonna cut this short but for now because I don't think about your attention up you know in in the first video in about two days or so play will be back here and I'll give you something that no other guru give you before thank we'll talk about that stuff thank you for watching appreciate you again my goal is to help you make money with this is my goal is to make sure that by the time you get done watching this free video series by this is not I don't %uh you know among you to sell you anything hey I want to help you become successful in this industry I can help you become my neck success story that's what's important from cell with that being said I look forward to seeing you next video thank you for watching this is an exciting out see you next time well do

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