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I'm back guys you know one of the things I don't get is why people in affiliate marketing make it seem like it's some secret society that's so elusive and only the top 1% can know about it I know I'm probably blowing this out of proportion but I seriously felt that way when I try to figure out what affiliate marketing really was well this is why this video is dedicated to all of you guys all my freedom all-stars who are listening right now we're gonna give you a crash course 101 on what affiliate marketing is at its most basic level because it's really not that hard the concept anyway over time it has evolved and yes it has turned into something else now it's time to head back to the lab the lab no matter how hard people try to make affiliate marketing sound it is truly simple and I mean that wholeheartedly so affiliate marketing is simply selling other people's products Pat Flynn said it the best he writes affiliate marketing is the process of earning a commission by promoting other people's products you find a product you like promote it to others and earn a piece of the profit for each sale that you make Big Ups flat Flynn now with that being said affiliate marketing is literally as simple as that it's simply selling other people's products that's it so your next logical question would be something like so Drew How exactly does affiliate marketing work? affiliate marketing has been around for ever since the dawn of time if you've ever made a referral for anything in life you are at one point or another an affiliate marketer the only difference was you most likely didn't get paid for the referral that she made perfect example when the Black Panther came out now depending when you're watching this video it was recently released earlier this year Black Panther was one of the hottest movies that came out in a long time and for me personally I'm a comic book fan I love my Panther I enjoyed the movie thoroughly and the first thing that I did was to go out and tell somebody about it I went a way to my friends say hey if you ever want to watch anything remotely close to action has you know the jokes and everything in there you gotta watch Black Panther that's exactly how I pitched it to them the good thing about it is if they have enough trust in you and they know you as a person they have that relationship with you they are more inclined to go ahead and take your word for it and then go and promptly go watch the movie so but when they do that you've officially made a sale for the producers and the directors and for that theater itself but the only difference is you did not get paid affiliate marketing can happen with anything and I mean anything if I just got a new pair of shoes and you feel super comfortable when I'm at the gym and someone says hey I know she's comfortable I'm like the most comfortable shoes I've ever had in my life man and what they're gonna think is you know what I've been thinking about that I think I'm gonna go grab that the only difference is you didn't get paid you know if you go to your favorite restaurant you heard friend we're committed to a friend you know it's the same idea same concept the only difference is here when you're doing affiliate marketing online you're finding a way to get paid for each or fro that you make and of course that's the simplicity of affiliate marketing so to boil it all down essentially when you're into affiliate marketer you're the connect you're the middleman you're the one who connects somebody to a solution to a problem that they have it gets a little bit more intricate when you start to think about digital affiliate marketing when you're all mine presenting digital products or services to someone online you have to capture their attention you have to well first off you have to find a product that's going to solve somebody's problem find the people who has these particular problems get enough eyeballs in front of the product that you're trying to sell to those people with problems and successfully warm them up enough to get a sale all these things take practice and they take learning and they take skill and you have to take the time out to educate yourself about the psychology of buying the psychology of you know customer acquisition that's so important because if you don't understand how us we as human beings are so curious individuals and how we like to click on things that catches our attention or makes us wonder you are already at a loss especially if you're doing affiliate marketing online now your next question is probably yo Drew! where do you find Affiliate marketing opportunities well these opportunities can be found anywhere really literally anywhere so many companies online offer affiliate programs that it's insane and it's free to join most of them if you find any of them that requires you to pay I need you to leave a comment or just send me a message showing me that because it's most likely a SCAM and if not you know we can learn together on that one I'll take it out but most likely they're all free ok in big name companies like Amazon which is the biggest one in the world Amazon Nike Adidas any of these name brands that you know very well even Walmart like these these stores that just would love people to go out and be the middleman for them and to allow people to be connected to products that they need in their lives and so keeping that in mind you understand now how the idea is simple but attracting the customers is not and it's really gonna be difficult if you're not understanding how the human psyche works but drew I want to be an affiliate marketer too where do I find a product? you can find a product either by contacting someone who has a product that can solve somebody else's problem or you can join an affiliate network an affiliate networks popular ones such as clickbank's CJ affiliates max bounding jvzoo these affiliate networks will have a plethora of choices for you to pick from of products organized in categories such as health and wellness financial services digital marketing and advertising anything that these people that they know what customers may need or buyers may need to solve an issue that they may have so going to those networks is an awesome place to start I started with quick bakes and I find found amazing products that you can give to people one of my favorite ones is to help them on this niche because it allows people to you know who doesn't want to feel good who doesn't want to be healthy who doesn't want to live their best life so affiliate networks in general is an aggregate of products and so what you website like to talk about ClickBanks for example this is a perfect example its very popular it's a large website that has a plethora of the digital material and also physical products where you can go and scroll through per category and pick one that you know a little bit about so for myself I have history as being a nurse, I'm an RN by trade and that's what I do and so I would stick to the Health and Wellness niche because in that niche I am well versed I know that I you know I understand the workings of the body and the mechanics and I know some things that people may struggle with on a daily basis based on the things that I've seen throughout my career people being overweight people having trouble trying to keep the weight off if they lost it if they did it properly uh what is you know intermittent fasting which is a really hot topic as well and how to unlock your hip flexors like this these are amazing things that people need access to but they don't because the word is not getting out and that's our job it's like markers to get the word out there and so what I do is I hone in I'm like okay well if I had weight issue problem which one these products would be the best for me and not only that there's data that shows exactly which ones sell the best which ones are marketed the best which means a lot especially when you're going to affiliate for them and in this essence you're associated with that company for that amount of time that you're you know delivering information about that product or service saying hey you should get this product because it solves your problem but you also have to understand you know not doing it for the Commission but doing it because it will genuinely help someone and that is my goal in affiliate marketing okay Drew, so I want to be an affiliate marketer right now! How do I start? I so if you want to start to become an affiliate market it today down below I have a free cheat sheet that I created it's called the affiliate marketing one over crash course and it's made for people and viewers like you if you're new to affiliate marketing and have absolutely no idea what it is it is a simple like easy to read cheat sheet that I made so that way you don't have to really wonder anymore what is this affiliate marketing thing about okay it's an awesome way to kind of get your quick definitions of what they are what different things means in this entire industry it's been around for a while don't let people confuse you any more so go down below click on the link below and just let me know that you got it by commenting affiliate marketing okay so that way I know that you guys are interested you got the cheat sheet and that all the efforts didn't go to waste guys also we talk a lot about affiliate marketing in my private Facebook group if you want to join there's a link below if you click on it and click join we'll have somebody accept you in immediately and then you can start asking questions to start engaging with everybody that's in the group they have you know some people who are brand new and some people with experience and I'll be in there answering it every and every question that I can do you have anything just tag me in it now answer the question you know the best I can and we can work through it what I want to do is create a community where everybody is learning about affiliate marketing remove the veil remove the you know making it sound complicated so we keep most people out I'm trying to make it a free game for everybody there's no reason why there should be there's plenty of pie for everybody to eat so if you guys like videos like these where I go into affiliate marketing a little deeper I have plenty of topics that I want to talk about that I've been organizing for the over the past few months that I feel like had confused me for a little bit but I also want to know what confuses you what questions do you have that you think you might need or want me to go over or make a video about I will do that just go ahead and even comment below guys don't forget to like it subscribe this video I'll see you guys on the next on PEACE!

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